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Spirit Mt PSO Live Tour

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  • Spirit Mt PSO Live Tour

    It has been a good long while since i had an excuse to write a trip report. I guess I have forgotten how. Not a whole lot of lunacy happened, I must be slipping. Or, as several of the PSO folks made a point of telling me, maybe I am just getting old.

    In the 1-2 NL game, I was told that, in my sunglasses, I looked like Phil Hellmuth's bas terd stepbrother. That comment was so off the wall, it actually drove me to silence for a few minutes.

    Should I start with some bad beat stories? How about Friday's rebuy tourney, where, in the course of 1 round of the table, I got all my money in as a 3-1 or better favorite 4 times and lost each hand? After the 3rd time, the dealer actually asked me to move a little farther away from her, because she was pretty sure a meteor was about to come through the roof and land on me. Proof that I share no Hellmuth DNA? I just kept rebuying, smiling and finally busted out 17th of 79. Lion made the final table and eventually made a deal with the last 5 players that paid them all fairly well.

    By the way in Thursdays tourney, I was 18th of 86. My ranking percentage for the trip was pretty darn good.

    Nah, no one wants to hear bad beat stories. How about a deep philosophical discussion about Karma, as it relates to seeing your neighbors hand at the table, with side trips into whether the Universe and or supreme being cares about the current state of your Bankroll? I had this discussion with lion and his wife and it was far more interesting and entertaining than the description might look.

    Nope, I think I will just talk about the PSO Live Tour event on Saturday. 100 buy in. 1 100 Rebuy allowed. 2000 starting chips (2k chips for the rebuy as well) 25 25 blinds, 30 minute rounds.

    10 PSO'ers started out of the toatal field of 136. Lion and NakedBird were the only two familiar faces to me, however djiron, queent, charcoalf, pdxchamp, allinbigtime, manofthehouse and Clus all checked in and were quite fun to chat with prior to the tourney start.

    Spirit Mt has a tendacy to start tourneys with 11 players per table. So we started with 13 tables. With only 10 PSO'ers in the tourney why was djiron three seats to my right? And why did he double up on the second hand of the tourney? He then raised four of the next five hands preflop, got no callers, and didnt play another hand for 1.5 hours. Well he wasnt quite that tight, but it was close.

    My table chatter had the poor guy in the 11 seat on tilt from the git go. He soon started coming over the top of my every play, forcing me into a tighter game than I like. I guess my strategy backfired. :lol: In fact, I managed to double him up in the first 1/2 hour, when my TT somehow managed to lose to his KK. Like he needed the additional 2 kings on the flop. I rebought and settled into to card deadness.

    At the first break (90 minutes in) we had lost four of the PSO'ers, Along with 60 others.

    Chip counts for the grand final seat were as follows.

    nakedbird - 8400
    djiron - 5500
    manofthehouse - 5500
    lion - 3200
    wildbill41 - 3100
    queent - 1400

    Early in the 4th level, my table was busted, since there were 7 tables left, and 6 Pso'ers, why was lion seated in the 1 seat waiting for me?

    Although sadly, we would not play together for long. He got snapped off and busted out about three hands after I got there. Ouch for him. Great for me however, as instead of storming off in search of many beers as I might of done, he stuck around long enough to pass along some great intel on the other players at the table. I used this intel (along with a nice series of good hands) to build quite the stack over the next hour.

    Just before the second break, we got down to 4 tables. With 36 people left in the tourney (and 5 PSO'ers) why was I at the table with 3 other PSO sharks?

    So the second break came. PSO chip counts

    manofthehouse - 38,200
    wildbill41 - 35,600
    djiron - 11,900
    nakedbird - 8400
    queent - 6000

    And yes, the top four names on that list were seated at the same table.

    After we came back from the break, manofthehouse was quite the aggresor with his big stack, he was to my immediate right, and given that I wasnt seeing real good hands, didnt want to tangle with his big stack. However, when he wasnt moving chips, I was, and we were quite the bullies for an hour or so. Manofthehouse busted djiron in around 30th place when his 77 stood up against AJ. At another table, queent took quite the bad beat to finish 26th. The top 25 players received an invite to a 20k guarenteed freeroll tourney in September. Bad bubble.

    Speaking of the bubble, the top 13 in this tourney were paid. So who managed to finish 14th? That would be our own nakedbird, who had been shortstacked for quite a while, but hung in to not quite finance his own Save the NakedBird Foundation.

    Down to the final 10. 2 PSO'ers at the final table.

    wildbill41 with 83000 chips
    manofthehouse with 65500.

    There are just under 500k chips in play, so the two of us seem to be in good shape. However the blinds are 2k 4k with 500 antes, so no one has a real comfortable stack to ladder climb with.

    And in fact manofthehouse loses 1/2 his stack pretty early, playing cop to a short stacked all-in with 66. Sadly the all-in had TT and now MOTH is a short stack. Then the bad mistake happened. In the small blind, with one of his friends talking to him from the rail, and MOTH failed to notice that a player in early position had made a raise. When he checked his cards he saw A9 and thinking that there was no one else in the pot announced "All-in". The guy he had failed to notice quickly called with KK and manofthehouse finished a disapointing 10th.

    With 9 players left, I was #3 in chips and thought I was going to do really well. However, I suffered a little letdown when I realized that I had just won the Grand Final seat, and my head dropped out of the game a little bit. I got a little too frisky and shat away about 1/2 my stack by making real donkey plays. Then, finally got all-in with 88 only to have someone wake up with AA and bust me out 7th.

    8 hours of pretty good play wiped out by 5 minutes of asshatted ignorance. Pretty much what I did in the Bay101 the last time I qualed for the Live Tour. Sometimes I really hate myself.

    Oh well, it is a pretty nice poker room. They spread 3-6, 4-8, 10-20, 1-2 NL and 3-5 NL pretty much daily. I will report that both lion and I did pretty well at the 4-8 game and in the 1-2 no limit. 3-4 times a week they get a 4-8 Omaha game. The staff is as nice as can be, and I had a great time interacting with them. They do not serve alcohol in the playing areas of the casino, and lack of beer at the final table might have been another contributer to my dumbassery.

    One final note. Carrie (lion's wonderful wife) was not a poker player prior to this trip. She took advantage of a free poker lesson offered by the casino, and stepped into a 1-2 limit hold-em game. Where over the course of an hour or two, won 15 bucks and announced her retirement from poker. Congratulations Carrie, you are one of the few who can say they have won every time they ever played the game......


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    Nice report & game Bill, and congrats on your Grand final seat! Most of us are still trying for one.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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      To the victor go the spoils ... and the Trip Report writing duties.

      Good report, good game, Bill.


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        it was a great experience for me and a great showing for PSO. it was really nice to see the hardwork that i have put in over the last year and half work in real life. never once did i feel uncomfortable with my play. i went to several tables and dominated them. when i would go down, i was never concerned. at the end i made my final move on 50/50 in order to try to get lots of chips or bust out..... i lost.

        it was great to meet everyone. it was really great to get to meet wildbill......btw bill its


        as in

        but spelled differently!

        oh yeah and stop lookiing down my girlfiends shirt




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          Well a BIG WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Thanks for a great trip report, and I am so very proud of you all! Thanks, Bill, for shoring up the PSO LIVE TOUR duties and congrats for coming out on top!

          Be on the lookout for interview info from Me!



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