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Holland Casino Amsterdam

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  • Holland Casino Amsterdam

    Hi this is nothing major just my 1st live tourney report.

    A friend and I just went on holiday to Amsterdam and decided to check out the casino and sign up for the NLHE tourney but missed the sign up so decided to play the PLO rebuy tourney as a freezeout :lol: just for the live experience. It certainly was an eye-opener. The tourney began with 4 tables comprised mainly of Russians and Dutch so no English at the table which was slightly offputting, but what can you expect when your in thier country. Starting chips was 500 blinds 10/20 1/2 hr increments. We knew it was an uphill battle playing it as a freezeout but I never expected 1 guy to blow 600 euros in 30 mins before getting up and leaving before me. BTW buy-in was 60 euros. I limped a few speculative hands early and hit nothing b4 I was dealt 8JQKds clubs and diamonds flop was 3Q9 2 clubs which gave me top pair and loads of outs so I pushed all in my last 240 chips got called and rivered a 10 for the nut str8. Then I folded 33JQ to an all in that was over half my stack flop was 355 ida more than tripled up winner had 3 5's. All in guy had KKxx. I still think it was the right decision. At the 2nd stage the action went nuts with almost all ins every hand till I got AQ88 managed to just call a bb raise so 120, flop was 5AQ now this is where Omaha just gets cruel lol. I got all in with a guy who flipped AKxx turn and river both 5's giving him 555AK and me 555AQ. I think the only time I unterstood what was being said at the table was when the round of oooh's and aahh's came after the river. lol. But all in all I lasted well over an hour and finished 23rd I think (there was no way to find out,but almost immediately they were down to 2 tables). It was a very enjoyable experience I mean what more could you ask for in your 1st tournament in a game you don't play. I rivered the nutz and doubled thru, I folded a full house that would have tripled me up and lost to the typical bad beat. Sounds like every tournament I play Was hoping to see Rolf there but I don't think he played that 1. It just finished the holiday off nicely tho as it was on the last night. Amsterdam is an awesome city ooh and I got 2 issues of cardplayer europe within 2 days at the casino, and an issue of Poker Europa, good timing huh

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