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Foxwoods Trip Report

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  • Foxwoods Trip Report

    December 27, 2002

    Well I try to make an annual pilgrimage to Foxwoods – I just love that room. Although I am from Texas, I have family in the area and my brother is always a willing participant. We are cheap poker players (well we are cheap in almost every respect) and find the low limit games at Foxwoods pretty tame. We aren’t looking for the big win, just hours and hours at the table with a goal of breaking even or better. We are hoping to meet the infamous gatorhb, rumored to be on the mid-morning ferry.

    When we get in the car my brother explains that we will average over 75 miles/hour; 90 miles/hour in Massachusetts (where he has friends who fix tickets) and the speed limit in Connecticut. He is good to his word and we pull into FW by 11:00. By 11:30 he is seated at a new 1-3 stud table. I was hoping to get into a 3-6 O8 game, but the only one playing is a 5-10 Kill with a waiting list, so I wait until almost 12:00 for a new 2-4 HE table to form.

    Our tables are just how we like them - many regulars, a couple of aggressive players and some relative newbies.

    Within an hour my brother is starting to panic – he figures he is dropping about $40/hour – at the 1-3 table!! But the rest of the day has him pulling in about $30/hour and he attributes the bad start to chasing sub-optimum hands and a little pre-game anxiety.

    I have just read Zen and the Art of Poker, so I am low anxiety all the way. I figure I will play tight for awhile and try to sense the rhythm of the table. But my second hand is pocket Ts and I call a raised pot from late position. Board is 8 high and the showdown reveals the raiser’s flopped set of 8’s – but I show my Ts – I want to present a tight image to the table early. Folding, folding, ever more folding. I fold the 84o in the sb only to see 3 8s flop. I see the poker gods will be toying with me today.

    AQ in the sb with 5 players on the flop. Flop AAQ. Check by me and checked all around. Turn brings a bettor and I check raise. I win the showdown to the bettor’s trip Aces. Folding, folding, folding. Next hand I play I flop trips and get callers all the way. My image is now established. Soon after, I am able to bet pocket 8s into a board with two overcards and get the table to fold.

    Three new players cycle in – and the dynamics completely change. Bingo Bob, All Bluff and Trash Talking Girl commence to mix it up. We are seeing many live straddles (yes Bingo Bob was able to turn his 47o straddle into a winning straight) check raise bluffs and a whole lot of cursing, muttering, and card tossing. My tight image is almost a mockery in this environment. There is damn good money in the pot for a 2-4 game now, and we are all just a little over eager to get at it. I chase a few and make myself get up from the table to gain a little perspective.

    It is then I see gatorhb, the fair haired vision from Long Island. She can’t get into my game and settles for a 4-8 HE. Early at the table – she raises with pp 6s and gets a caller. Flop A6X. She bets gets re-raised and the betting begins. Little does she know this guy cold called with rockets. Little does he know she catches the case 6 on the turn. Gator brings in a big one.

    Gator moves to the table just behind me. She is already a drink into it with another on the way. She looks at me with great disappointment. Falling to peer pressure I start into it – but she outpaces me 2 drinks to 1 the rest of the afternoon. We call back and forth to each other. She yells, “I’m playing geezer’s hand” and I yell back “I’ve got a New Jane.” And I have to say I played that damn AJ 4 times, costing me each time. We PSO gossip. This works to gator’s advantage as all the young studs at her table hang on her every word, forgetting their cards. It doesn’t do much for me as Bingo Bob is up $200 in less than an hour and a half. But he plays it smart and cashes out a winner. The table starts to settle down and I start to recoup my losses.

    Gator leaves for the 6:00pm ferry. Gator is shocked that my brother and I are taking this whole poker thing so seriously – we’ve obviously let her down. My brother and I make a pact on the way home that we will dedicate the next outing to frivolity with a goal of entertaining gator.

    I am still down from the Bingo escapades and know I only have an hour or so left to make it up – so I loosen up (oh you silly girl – that was the wine giving you that advice – I almost never drink while I play). I finally figure out that only time and patience will get me even and decide to get up from the table – down about $50 in seven hours play – not a good showing for me.

    My brother is still having a good run. So I take a spin downstairs and zone out on the best paying video poker I can find. After less than an hour I’m up about $20 and cash out.

    My brother has called it quits and we catch comped meals in the food court before heading home. The dealers and floor people seem much improved from my visit last year. My brother’s lesson for the day – a little early patience. My lesson continues to be – which is hard for me to accept (cheapo that I am) – that the kind of ring game poker I am most comfortable and able to play is better off in higher limit games. Either that or I should just stick with video poker – ha!

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    Great Report! I was especially impressed by the names you gave the other players as I tend to call them "the butthead in seat 1, the butthead in seat 6, etc." Your method is far better and I will take the lesson to heart.

    I keep hearing rumours about a small pokerschool thing in Tunica or something. Think there will be a report or two from there?

    Trash Talking Boy



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      sounds like you had a good trip.

      HB told me about it, and i was planning to meet you guys down there, but i was throwing up sick in the early morning, then again mid-morning and nasiuos all day (teaches me to go out drinking BIG a night be4 a casino trip). Plus I endedd up having to take my daaghter to the doctor (her ear infection returned). Hope i can meet you the next time.


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        Of course if I wasn't in such a drinken stupor when I played, it would be a lot easier to remember things to write about when I got back :roll: ...

        Kidding aside, it was great to meet oildoe and her brother. DO NOT sit at a table with the two of them, then can concentrate on poker for 24 hours straight without blinking an eye. Oil's description of her patience and her knowledge of table dynamics are valuable pieces of information, I am glad she takes the time to report back on her experiences.

        From reading her other posts, I can see that she always takes away some knowlege about her experiences and I for one do not want to be at the table when she pulls it all together :lol: Don't let that Texas charm fool you when you see her....

        Obviously next year oil, there will have to be a "gator" day AND a poker day...trying to combine the two can be hazardous to ones health....


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          SUPER trip report, Oil. Like I told you on the tourney chat, I signed a disclaimer on the AJ and it's sometimes miraculous powers. It is all in how you hold your mouth, I think...AND, it is preportional to the wine.

          Can't wait to meet you in Tunica!



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