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Twigg at WSOP Event #2

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  • Twigg at WSOP Event #2

    Hello All,

    Even though I've been a member of PSO since Sept. this is my first post on any forum, but since PSO was kind enough to pay my buy-in for the event I felt that I should write a little about the experience. First I would like to thank Mark, Tina and PSO for making a dream of mine come true. I never would have played in the wsop without PSO and although I did not do as well as I would have liked to I still really enjoyed the oppurtunity to play in the WSOP.
    The tournament started out pretty well for me. I did not find my table particularly tough, although Mickey Appleton was two seats to my right in seat 3 (This would be a problem later). I made a move early in the tournament that worked great for me. the blinds were 25-25. I purposely threw in a $100 chip from early position with 76 suited but did not anounce raise. I then told the dealer that I meant to raise but I knew it was only a call since I didn't announce raise. My thinking was that since people knew I wanted to raise they would let me see the flop for cheap. This guy three seats to my left raises to $100 and the button calls. I quickly announced reraise and through in $500. Both players folded. At the break the original raiser told me he laid down pocket 10s. I told him it was a good laydown. I use the move in live cash games a lot to get cheap flops but this was the first time I tried it in a tournament. It was also the first time I reraised when using this move. I think I have found a new weapon for my arsenal.
    I doubled up right before the first break. The blinds at this point were 25-50.This young guy (he looked to be in is early 20's) limped in from under the gun and it folded around to me. I looked down and saw A10 suited hearts. Normally I would raise here but I did not like the limp in from under the gun so I called. The small blind folded and the big blind checked. The flop came 9-7-3 all hearts. The guy under the gun bet $300 into a pot that had $175 in it. I knew then that he had an overpair (Ks or Qs) and one of his cards was a heart. I decided not to slow play so I reraised to $750. He thought about it for what seemed like an eternity then move in. I quickly called and he showed pocket Qs with the queen of hearts.
    I started after the break with about 2950 in chips, but things went downhill for me. My cards went absolutely dead. To make matters worse Mickey raised any pot that folded around to him thus preventing me from stealing any blinds. Twice I got decent hands in the small blind but had to lay them both down. First, this guy raised to $500 from middle position and got 2 callers. I looked down and saw pocket 8s. Now I hadn't seen the original raiser show anything smaller than AK and everyone knew he was playing tight so when he got 2 callers I knew my 8s were no good. I was right. The original raiser had AA. Mickey called with pocket 3s but he was chip leader so he could afford to gamble. The button called with pocket 10s. Mickey ended up breaking the guy when he flopped a set.
    Second, This guy moves in under the gun for 1900 and immediately gets called by the guy sitting on his left. I'm in small blind and I look down and see AQ offsuit. I have about 2100 in chips at this point. Now at this point in the tournament I had literally not played a hand in 75 minutes. Now I haven't played in a lot of tournies on PSO recently because I've tried to focus more on cash games but for those of you who have played with me know that I'm an action player (or at least that is the image that I try to create) so it was really fustrating for me to have to fold so much. But laying down AQ right here was obviously the right decision. The guy under the gun had 99 and the guy who called him had AK suited. It was right after this hand that David Williams sat down at our table. So now I have a really aggressive player on my left, the table chip leader on my right and dead cards. The folding continued.
    About 10 minutes before the second break my day ended. The blinds were now $100-200 and this guy in early-middle position raised to $425. I was in the big blind, looked down and saw KQ offsuit and quickly moved in. Now I know the play seems really bizarre but here was my thinking. The blinds after the break were moving up to $150-300. I only had about $1500 in chips left from being blinded out so now my stack was only a little over 7 times the big blind. Moreover, based on how the original raiser bet I put him on middle pocket pair. He had been betting much stronger with hands like AK or high pocket pairs. I also knew that he was good enough to lay his hand down and I had built up an extremely tight image. So I figured at worse I was in a race for all my chips but he could lay his hand down and I would pick up some much needed chips. The guy took forever to make a decision and I really thought he was going to fold. Eventually he decided to call and I think he did because of my stack size. He had about 55-6000 in chips and losing to me wouldn't have set him back too bad. He flips over AQ suited. To make matters worse the guy next to me told me he folded my hand. No king showed up and I went home.
    Like I said I wish I had done better in the tournament but I couldn't control my dead cards. Generally even with my misread on the last hand I played I don't think I played any hand poorly. And I will definitely play in the WSOP again. It was an amazing experience and I owe it all to PSO. Thanks again.

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    Good job man. You had a good experience and took home a little knowledge. If it helps I still fear you :wink:

    Great Job!


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      As a good friend of "The Twigg" me and a few friends went to LV to support him, check out the scene and celebrate my bachelor party. We rooted him on, saw him push all in to Mickey and make him fold his pre-flop raise (so at least he didn't get completely punked by Mickey), then ultimately saw his demise. It was an awesome weekend, the room at the WSOP was the most surreal poker experience I've ever seen...just a total zoo of people and poker superstars. We watched the Devilfish for a while (he finished 3rd) which was awesome to see. He was a master, and everyone at the table was clearly intimidated by him. A guy to his right made an absurd raise to a very small pot, the 'Fish looked at him for 5 seconds, re-raised the guy all in. The guy mucked, and the 'Fish showed him his 7/4 off suit. The look on the guy's face was priceless. He looked like he got punched in the stomach. 10 minutes later that look hadn't really changed a whole lot!
      Anyway, after Twigg's final demise we hit the cash games for a few days. I lost a couple of big pots to Twigg in a game in the MGM Grand poker was on purpose of course! :wink: But I think I still finished with more money in my pocket by Sunday! 8)
      My thanks to PSO as well, as Twigg's qualifying was the driver to motivate us all to fly out to Vegas.
      Nice job Twigg!



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