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Details on Bellagio Win

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  • Details on Bellagio Win

    Here is the blow by blow of the Bellagio tournament.

    They hold $130 sats ($1000 chips 15 minute rounds) the morning of the tourney and give away 2 seats plus $60 cash. In my opinion the Bellagio runs the best tourneys and sats anywhere. I have to include my sat experience in this post because it was pretty funny. Because two seats are rewarded instead of one tight play is the name of the game. With nine players left I get pocket Qs (blinds 50-100) and I raise to $400 (I have about $875) in middle late position the guy to my left moves all-in. He is a loose player and I have him covered. I call and he turns over pocket fives. The flop comes 5-Q-2 and the turns is a 5. I am now left with $175. Five hands later I am in the BB ($100) with 93 off and they are announcing that they have one seat left in the final sat of the day. I tell them I will take it and give the floor person my $130. I throw in my final $75 and have three callers. The flop brings a 9 and the river brings another 9 and I triple up. They won’t let you play two tables so I end up playing another hour and fifteen minutes on this table and finishing 4th all the while being blinded off on the other table. Long story short, I qualified on neither table and end up having to buy in for the full $540 against my better judgment (Down $800).

    I took the hour or so before the tournament off and went to my room to relax and clear my head a little. I was assigned seat 2 at my table ($2000 starting chips and 40 minute rounds) and only saw two players that I knew to be tournament players (seats 7 and 9). Three players were newbies (Seats 1, 5, and 6) and the rest looked like vegas regulars. Seat 5 was the first to go and to give you an idea of his play at one point he raised pre-flop got three callers and then after the flop (first to act) he proceeded to fold. Seat 9 turned out to be the super aggressive player at the table and he raised any unraised pot in which he was in late position. I always try to be very patient in the opening three rounds of any tourney I play and held to this plan pretty well. Seat 6 meanwhile went on a tear playing tons of hands and amassing chips. The first big hand I got involved in was against seat 9. The player in seat 1 was extremely tight and was folding all of her blinds to seat 9’s raises. By extension I was getting a lot of raises from him in my BB when she was the SB. I knew if I was patient I could capitalize on this. Finally with the blinds 50-100 I got a dealt AQ in the big blind (had about $2900) and everyone folded to seat nine who made it $400 to go. Everyone folded to me and I reraised to $1200 and after a lot of trash talk he laid his hand down. This had the desired result; he no longer raised my big blind. Meanwhile seat 6 had busted two people and had about $7000 by the end of level three and the first break. This being said he was not a good player and he was extremely annoying. I was holding steady at $3,400 and liked my position at this point.

    Level 4 began at 100-200 and I began to catch cards. I was dealt Kings twice and AK once and while I did not get a ton of action I was able to build my stack up to about $5000 by level 5 (100-200-25). Seat 6 had continued his wild play and he was also experience huge. He would from time to time call my pre-flop raises and fold to a bet on the flop and at times reraise me pre-flop. I was waiting for my chance with him and it finally came. Two hands earlier he had lost a big pot and I finally had him out chipped. He limped in UTG for 200 and everyone folded to me in the cut off. I had A8 suited ($5200) and raised to $800. Folded back to seat 6 who called. The flop came Q-8-3 with one of my suit. Seat 6 immediately moved all-in for $2400. Now this guy had done this time and time again with players folding to him. In addition he had been calling preflop raises and then winning pots with hands like k-4 off and various other crap. In this instance I just felt my 8 was good. If it wasn’t I knew I had some outs no matter how slim (flush, an eight, or an ace). I called and he turned over K-10. The turn was a rag and the river an ace and he was eliminated. Needless to say he was pissed that I called (he looked like Vin Diesel). Early in round seven we were down to the final 30 players and had to redraw for tables and seats (I had $7,700 in chips). I drew seat 4 at what would eventually be the final table.

    At this point I new I had slightly above average in chips but there also some mighty big chip stacks out there and the average preflop raise was $1600 to go with the blinds 200-400-50. I have made it this point and beyond in a half dozens tourneys and everytime I feel like I am short stacked and get impatient. This time I made the same mistake again and was saved only because I had the guy covered. I had played one round without getting a hand and was now down to $6,300. I was in the bb ($400) and the short stack in seat 10 makes it $800 (new player didn’t have any info on him). Everyone folds and I look down to find AJ. I know this is a stupid hand but for some reason my brain loses out to my hand which proceeds to reraise to $2,800. He proceeds to move all-in over the top for $3,100 and I call the remaining $1,100 knowing I am in trouble and feeling sick about it. He turns over KK and I am happy to have a live ace. No luck however and now I am down to $2,800. The next hand (SB) I get A10 off and the cut-off calls 400 and the I move all-in. The BB folds and so does the cut-off and I am back up to about $3,900 and then I get nothing for about four hands. Then my prayers are answered I get AA and the player to my right moves all-in. I move in (I am covered) and she turns over AK. My aces hold up and now I have a little over $8,000. Now I have a little talk with myself about being patient and relaxing and not forcing action. About 10 minutes later the break comes and I am in the mid $7,000’s with 15 players left. I am the shortest stack left and it is about 6:30. I use my fifteen minute break to run to the room and get changed for my 8:00 dinner reservations with my wife (anniversary weekend) figuring I am probably going out soon but I will need to be ready to go directly to dinner.

    Back from break the blinds are 400-800-75 and I am just looking for pocket pairs. I pick up a couple of blinds with nothing dramatic happening. Remarkably 5 players go out in the first 18 minutes of the round and suddenly we are redrawing for seats at the final table. I get seat 3 and I am by far the short stack at $8,600 (average is 17,400). The tournament pays 9 spots with 9th getting $845. Remarkably the chip leader suggests we all put in $50 so that the 10th place player gets their buy-in less the $40 back. I am all for this. Play starts and I sit tight for a few hands until getting dealt 44 in 8th position. I move all in and pray that no one calls (the blinds and antes will be just fine here). Everyone folds and I pick up $1,950. We go another round and finally a guy gets knocked out in the 9 seat. So now I am in the money. I look down in 7th pos and find QQ. The guy under the gun has just raised it to $4800 (third time in four hands he has made a huge prefop raise and picked up the blinds and antes). I move all in for about $8,700 figuring there is no way he won’t call. Remarkably he folds (he tells me later he had Q-10). Now I have a little over $15,350. I get AA two hands later and move in and get no callers.

    I now have my stack up to just under $20k and there 8 players left. The blinds are now at 600-1200-100. The button goes by me and in the cut-off I get AK suited. The guy UTG calls and I raise to $4000 to go; the chip leader in the BB reraises $20k and without much hesitation I call. He turns over 55 and the flop comes A-K-rag and the turn is a K. I double up to just about $40k and I am now pretty close to third in chips. The next hand I really get involved with was with the guy who had KK when I had AJ. He raise in early position to $4000 and I call with 77. We get one other caller the BB. Flop comes K-6-2 rainbow. Both players check to me and I make a bad play and check. The turn is another K. Both players check I bet 10K. The BB folds and my nemesis folds after some thought (I am pretty sure he had a weak ace). We get down to six players and the hand of the tournament unfolds. I get 66 in mid-late position. Guy to my right raises to $4,000. I call along with the BB. The flop comes 776. The guy to my right bets $6,000 and I call him (the BB folds). The turn is a 2. The guy on my right moves all-in. I call immediately. He turns over 6-4 suited (he had a flush draw on the river) and I can promise you this was not the hand I expected to see. I win this hand and cripple the guy to my right and run my stack to over somewhere around $95k (and have missed dinner reservations by a mile). I use the next break to visit my wife who is playing video poker at the bar and explain that while yes we have missed our dinner reservations I may be able to make it up to her shortly.

    Not long after the break we are down to two and my KQ holds up against K-10 against a KQ8 flop. I win $15,610 for my efforts and the manager of the poker room calls and gets dinner reservation for “a player who just won our poker tournament.” Needless to say my wife liked this particular anniversary present.

    Good luck to all of the PSOers playing in WSOP events.

    Thanks All.


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    Congrats Kyle,

    Great Report!!



    • #3
      Thanks for the blow-by-blow, and don't hesitate next time! Great read!


      • #4
        WOW! GREAT NEWS.




        • #5
          Awesome report.
          And I am glad you made the sife happy as well!


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            Congratulations! What fun that must have been...


            • #7
              WTG! Congratuations. Nice report too.



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                Congrats on a nice win & payday!

                What day did you play this tourney? Several of us PSO players played that tourney on different days. It looked to me a lot of local players who knew each other played that tourney often.
                2 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  Congratulations, Kyle!

                  I agree, the Bellagio knows how to run a good tournament...



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