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Bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well my buddy and I went to tunica today and played in the 48 holdem game at the grand. This was my friends first time at a live table and I just started teaching him what I know(which isnt very much) on tuesday this week. Well he won 108 dollars after 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! He also said he will be joining the school!!!

    On a more sad note, I LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started out and after about an hour had built my buyin from 100 to 160. Everything looks good. I sit with just about that much money for the next 2 hours(win small pots, not hitting my flops, stack just stayed aout the same). I am BB, 5 limpers in the pot. I have Ad7d. Blinds are 2-2 by the way. I decide to call since there is alot of cash on the table. Flop comes Kd 7c 3d. SB folded so I am first. I check. Next person bets 4, and all 4 other limpers call. I call. Turn is 9s. I check, next guy bets 8, next guy raises 8, other limpers all call, I call. I figure I have to because pot is getting big now. Original bettor calls. River is a 6c. I lose. K9os takes the pot. I had 14 outs. Do you guys think I played this hand correctly??????????????

    Over the next hour and 10 min. I get decent hands but flop hits none of them. For the next hour and ten min. I get no hands to play. Crap, crap, and more crap. My stack gets down to 80 dollars. Three spots in front of the blinds I get JJ. I decide to raise. One caller. Flop comes 4d Jc 7h. I bet 4 he raises, I reraise, he calls. Turn is Kc. I bet 8, he raises, I reraise, he calls. River is 5s. I bet 8. He calls. He turns his cards over and has 3d6d for a str8. Unbelieveable I say. But I let it go as a fluke and don't go on tilt.

    Stack is now 36 dollars. Two spots in front of the blinds. I get AA and raise. All fold to the BB. Its heads up. Flop comes Qs 3h 9h. BB checks I bet 4 he calls. Turn is 2c. BB checks. I bet. He calls. River is Qc. He checks. I bet. He calls. He shows his cards, and has Q8os.
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE DRAW OUT!!!!! TWO HANDS IN A ROW!!! NOW I AM ON TILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have 8 dollars left and decide to play it and nothing more for now. I knew I was too heated to keep playing so I didnt buy in for more!! Now I am 1 spot left of the BB. I get KhQh. I raise all in(what else is there for me to do??). All fold to the SB and he calls( same guy who drew out on my AA). BB folds. He turns his over and has ATos. I say that figures. Flop comes Kc Qc 9s. I say wow I finally got one. Turn is 6d. River is Jh. AGAIN ON THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOLY SH#$ I SAY!!!!! Dealer looks at me and says sorry. I now feel like SH$@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 IN A ROW HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME LIKE THAT!!!! I left soon after.

    Sorry about my bitching, but I needed to get that out.
    Please tell me anything I did wrong.

    thanks, torax

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    The only question I have is how have you escaped this NOT happening to you three times in a row befoe in Ms. 4/8 Sorry...couldn't resist. Nothing you can do, it happens. Best to do exactly as you your original buy in and accept that it's not your day. Better luck next time!! Of course, had you been playing at the Horsehsoe...this NEVER would have happened...lmao.




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      I feel your pain.

      1) Be very glad you did not do it in a 10-20 or 20-40 game.

      2) I think you played it fine in those hands. Flopping your kicker and the nut-flush draw with lots of "customers", you just have to keep throwing in chips and keep your fingers crossed. Sometimes one card can really turn a session around. You just did not get your card that time. That was a big pot though.

      3)You did a very wise thing to NOT rebuy and "get your money back"
      When that type of thing happens to me, I just have to get up, leave, go eat, play craps for a while, or even go my room.

      4) Reread Low-limit Poker by Jones. Reinforce your standards of cards to play and how to play post-flop. (In other words -- Don't start playing K-9o just because this guy won a big pot with it)

      5) Read Zen Poker (cannot remember the exact title)

      6) Go to bar and see how many shots of Jack Daniels you can hammer down.

      Shane aka Jeff


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        LOL. Trust me when I say Torax could hammer down Jack shots with the best of em. Although when we were younger and more broke it was Jim Beam, lol.


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          FYI, the book mentioned by Shane is Zen and the Art of Poker, by Larry Phillips - $12.95.



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