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WSOP-New Orleans Part 2

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  • WSOP-New Orleans Part 2

    Ok, I guess I should explain what the structure of this tournament was like. I fogot to put that in the first post. We started with 1500 in chips and the blinds started at 25/25 with 50 min levels, with 10 minute breaks every two levels. I really liked this structure alot as it gave me plenty of time to wait for a hand. It was now level 3 with blinds at 50/100 and I have around 400 left after losing the big pot earlier. I am on the button and get KTd. It looked pretty huge at this point as I had had nothing but rags for what seemed an eternity. I move all in hoping just to pick up the blinds. The big blind calls and turns over A9o. Sweet, a race. About the best i could hope for. I get lucky on this one and river a flush. Up to 800 and feelin' back in business even though I'm still short stacked. A few hands later I get KK in late position. UTG player raised and I just called hoping for no A on the flop. The flop is Q high. He checks and I'm all in. He thinks for a minute, calls and shows JJ. Now I'm above 1500 for the first time. I think it was sometime around this point that Kaelaine busted out. I can't remember the exact level though. I was really surprised to see her go. I had picked her to go the farthest. She just had bad luck in this one. She wished me luck and was gone. I wondered how many other PSO'ers were left as I couldn't see any of the others from the little room we were in. Later, as the empty seats were still being filled, I look up and see Clonie Gowen sitting down across from me! I hadn't expected any famous poker players to be playing in this event. So I was pretty surprised, but pleasantly so, as she is really hot! She had on a black Full Tilt t-shirt and cool sunglasses. I was
    worried that she might start running over the table, being a pro and all, but she was shortstacked like me and was never really a force at the table. She asked if anyone had any gum. When no one answered, I sheepishly said "I do, Clonie" and handed her my pack of Eclipse spearmint (it's refreshingly minty) She saw it and said "Ooh, my favorite!" Excellent :wink: ! I felt like a schoolboy with a crush on his teacher. LOL. She busted out later with TT. She called after a player put her all in when the board was KxAA. She said she didn't think he had the A, and most of her stack was in the pot already. I was sorry to see her go, she seemed really nice, but at least now I could go back to concentrating on poker!
    The dinner break was around 6pm. The blinds were 150/300 and I had around 3000. I saw Rockdoc in the buffet line and he told me he had around 8000 i think. It may have been more though. It's all kinda blurry now. I think at one point he was up to about 10 or 12000. He was the only one from PSO that I kept running into at breaks. I still wasn't sure how many from PSO were still in, as I hadn't seen Sharla or anyone else for awhile. I think there were about 200 players left at the dinner break, but again I'm not sure about that either. Every break I thought the next level would be my last. I was on the shortstack throughout. Somehow I managed to pick up a hand each level and make just enough so I could be a shortstack on the next level. It goes on this way most of the tourney, until.... about 1am Rockdoc gets moved to my table. I had been at the same table, same seat all day. I think that may have actually helped me alot, as I was able to get very comfortable there. Rockdoc was seated about 3 seats to my left so he had position on me. It wouldn't be a huge advantage though, because by this time I had about a 2 to 1 chip lead on him. Sharla came in, told us it was down to just us two and that she was going back to her hotel to go to bed and would one of us please call her and let her know what happened. Well, it wasn't long before something happened. After being at the table for a little while, Rockdoc finally makes his move all in. I was hoping not to have a hand, because I really didn't want to be the one to bust him OR more importantly double him up! When he made the move, I immediately put him on K high for some reason. I thought he had KQ or KJ. It gets folded around to me and I look down and see ATo. Great. Just what I didn't want. This was a hand that could easily be dominated, and I probably made a bad call by calling, but I really felt it was the best hand. I thought at best he might have a small pair. Either way I was sure it was a race situation. He turns over KT. YES! Good call! I am in better shape than I could have imagined. Oh wait, is that a K on the flop? Why, yes it is. Just like that I double him up and now our chip situation is reversed. So, now I'm thinking my shot at the Live Tour seat is pretty much over. I have made the money which was more than I realistically expected, and if I finish 2nd in the Live Tour so be it. Then the key hand of the tournament for me came up. I'm in the big blind, everyone folds around to the chip leader who is about 2 off the button. He raises, the small blind reraises and I look down at my hand and find AA! I couldn't shove my chips in fast enough! LOL I think it was a tell, but the chip leader didn't pick up on it. I really wanted him to fold. I just didn't want to chance going against two hands. He called and the 3 of us took the flop. It came J high. Chip leader checked and the small blind is all in. The chip leader folded and the small blind shows KK. My aces hold and I triple up! That was the start of my rush of cards. Not too long after that hand, I got moved to another table. Almost immediately I get TT in middle position and make a standard raise. I get reraised all in by a shorter stack and I put him on a big ace so I call. I was right, he had a big ace. AA! Doh! But I caught my T on the river to bust him. In about 30 minutes I had the following hands AAvsKK QQvsAQ with an AQx flop. I was catching cards and busting people left and right. One guy at the table had a hat that had "Cha-Ching" airbrushed on it, and he started calling me the "All In Kid" It did seem like I was all in about every other hand. At one point my chip stack was over 110,000! It was around this time that Rockdoc busted out. He played great and hung in there, but just didn't get the cards in the end. I had won the Live Tour seat! Mission one accomplished. Mission two was to make the final table. We were down to about 3 tables and I had a good size stack still. I had lost a coinflip earlier with AK vs 99. I caught a K on the flop, but he caught a 9 on the turn. I thought now that I had some chips I should steal some blinds, but that backfired. I ended up losing more than I stole. Then my rush was over and I was card dead. I was slowly getting ante'd and blinded down. I was at 44,000 when the 11th player finally busted and we were down to the final table at around 5:30 in the morning. The final table was scheduled for 4pm later that day. I get back to the hotel just as the sun is coming up. I am totally exausted, and totally excited at the same time. I don't get very much sleep at all and get up around 2:30 to get ready to head back to the casino. The final table was on the stage in the theatre. The dealer deals cards for seats, and I am in the 1 seat. The blinds resume where we stop earlier at 4000/8000 and a 1000 ante. My 44,000 isn't going to hold up long if i don't get a hand soon. My first best opportunity came on the button with a K5c. I pushed all in and the blinds folded. Then, the guy from Sweden went all in after losing most of his chips in an earlier hand to "Cha-Ching". It was a pretty dramatic hand. He has A8 and gets called by AQ. The flop doesn't help, but the turn is an 8! Then, BAM the Q hits the river and he is out in 10th. Then another short stack moves all in with A7 and gets called by AJ. I think I am about to move up another spot until the 7 hits the turn. No J on the river this time. I am starting to get a little anxious. I am down to 23000 after posting the ante and I'm on the button with 45o. I feel like I need to make a move while I still have enough chips to scare somebody. The problem is I already don't have enough chips to scare anybody. The blinds are now 5000/10000 with 1000 ante. I really didn't think this play through at all. If I had I would have realized that the big blind is not going to fold any two facing just a minimum raise. I really wish I could have been as patient as I had been the previous day. I thought they might fold ( but no way are they going to) or at least I'll have 2 live cards with this hand. So I shove in with my pitiful little 45 and get called by both blinds. The flop is J9J the turn is a Q and the river is a 3. They both checked it down, and the small blind turned over ATo and the big blind had 36c for the win with a pair of 3's. In the end I wasn't in horrible shape, I had 2 live cards and a chance to triple up. I just think I could have waited till my next big blind and hope that someone else goes out before me. I just hate that I went out on such a bad play. It's been bothering me ever since. On the plus side, I did win the Live Tour seat, finished 9th out of 846 and won about 8 grand. I guess i should stop beating myself up over one bad play! I didn't do too shabby! I never could have done it at all without all the time I've spent here on PSO. I really owe it all to this site and the people here who I have learned so much from, and hopefully will learn even more from. Like how not to be a shortstack ALL the time ! (and how not to go all in with 45o at the final table ops: ) Thanks to all of you here at PSO! See ya in January.


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    Great post!



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      Great post, Wolfman! Congrats on a job well done. You played very well. That was certainly an incredible amount of poker played in a short time, wasn't it??!!

      Your triple up hand with AA was awesome. Although we were already in the money at that time (at least I think we were), when that happened I knew you would go deep into the money and would take the PSO title.

      Good luck in Tunica!


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        Thank you for sharing your awesome trip report. Congratulations on the great finish! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


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          Wolf and Rock,

          Congratulations to you both! That sounds like an awesome tournie!

          And to you Wolfie, way to live up to your name! 8)
          Also, don't second guess yourself for that play at then end... Instead think of all the patience you showed earlier and the way that you hung around for so long shortstacked!



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            Congrats, job well done!
            2 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Thanks everyone for you support! Rockdoc, you played great and deserved to win it, i just got lucky in the end. Sorry about the "stream of consciousness" feel of the trip post. I swear I put in paragraphs when I typed it!



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