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N'awlins PSO Invitational

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  • N'awlins PSO Invitational

    The PokerSchoolOnline Invitational started off a bit rocky this time at the News Orleans WSOP Circuit Event. Ill preface it with the fact that the one is Tahoe ran as smoothly as a baby’s bottom. Something went wrong here. Right after I arrived at the Hilton and walked over to Harrah’s “kid” lucky spotted me and started to enlighten me with his tale of woe. It appeared that the event was sold out. Needless to say I renamed him “kid” notsohappy at that point. I am telling this story because there is always a possibility this could happen anywhere and there would be nothing I or anyone else could do to prevent it.

    Apparently “kid” got there around noon and was told to come back at 4pm to register. So, he went back to his hotel and followed the directions by returning at 4pm. At this time he found not only a huge line, but, a number of irate people in the same boat as he. The marketing department in their infinite wisdom decided to hand out vouchers good for 3 registration opportunities to the event. Why 3? Because this way one person could buy in for themselves and two friends. When did they hand them out? At one o’clock. Were there any more? Why sure there were. That is if you were willing to pay $200 to a scalper who managed to have one of these tickets.

    I have never felt more sorry for anyone in a trapped situation than I did for Ken Lambert, John Grooms and Jack Effel. These three men had absolutely nothing to do with this chaos yet were the ones left holding the bag. People were coming from everywhere to protest and criticize their incompetence. I am here to tell you and the rest of the poker world, these 3 men have done a tremendous job at these events and it was the error in judgment of someone in the Harrah’s New Orleans management that almost caused a riot. All the while, Ken, John and Jack remained calm, cool and polite. I would like to thank them all for a job well done, a disaster thwarted and an event saved and enjoyed.

    The moral of this story? When you are planning to make a PSO Invitational event or any event for that matter, always call ahead and see what you can do to secure yourself a seat prior to the event. If online registration is not available, find a reliable source at that casino who can give you the correct information. There is a man named Murphy who started all this nonsense of messing with people’s plans and events. Just when you think you have it down, he comes along and pulls the rug out from under you.

    So. Thursday evening “kid” offered to help me put up the stand for PSO. He had gotten a seat as a woman in line with him procured one of the magic tickets and asked him to be “her friend”. I was starting to worry a great deal about whether or not I would be tarred and feathered the following morning when the rest of the PSO crew arrived and found no seats. Fortunately for me, they all arrived at the stand with a smile on their face and seat assignments in their hands.

    I was surprised to see as many as I did because I certainly didn’t see all these names on the event list in the forum. The first waves of PSO’ers were thrilled there were only 8 signed up. This gave them a better chance at the win for the seat. Unfortunately, the second wave hit the stand right before kick off and it made a grand total of 15.

    Dan Phillips / wolfman
    Charles Gudaitis / “kid” lucky
    Tony Alford / Wyd Trak
    Shane Boucvalt / Buhbooh
    Ken Bryce / Rockdoc
    Marion Busch / Buschman
    M. Mitchener / 8baller
    Kaelaine Minton / Kaelaine
    Richard Bayon / Richie Rich
    Richard Henderson / Ehen21
    Dwayne Anoras / cardiac
    Charles Morgenstern / 1ccharlie
    Ray McFaddin /bigplay
    Broc Segurn / bjs33
    Darryl Holman /IAGO

    I have been to the west coast, the east coast and now to the south. I will have to say that the east coast people, to my surprise were the friendliest and most willing to comply with the rules set forth by PSO. The majority of this group did comply with a little convincing on my part, but, there were a couple who flat refused to wear any gear with the PSO logo on it. I will remind anyone who wants to qualify for a seat to the grand final that they must wear PSO gear. One man stated, “we are paying customers”. OK. I agree. You pay for the school and you get the school. This PSO Invitational goes way beyond what any $14.95 a month can provide for anyone. The owners, Mark and Tina Napolitano are forking out for the winners in the grand final, $50,000 in scholarship points as prizes. To me it is a slam-dunk to support an entity that provides this kind of opportunity. Color me silly, but that is what I think. Not only do the players wear the logo for the school promotion, but for lands sake, no one has any idea how hard it was for me to try and find you guys in a group of 800+ players. The cap and the t-shirt is my only saving grace. If you think I can roam around and find you in a sea of burly men (sorry Kaelaine and gals) by trying to find the little pso pin stuck on some remote area of your body, or just by the card protector, I challenge anyone to give it a go and be successful without heading for the nearest bar.

    The day clicked along with PSO’ers dropping slowly, and then I could only find Rocdoc, “kid” lucky, buschman and wolfman. I scoured the two rooms. No more to be found. It was about 9 pm and the field had been thinned down dramatically. As I was talking to “kid”, Buschman walked up and said to stick a fork in him, he was done. That left 3. “kid” was hoping for a miracle at this point but there were none to be found. He just missed short of the money. The tables were combined to 9 and the money factor was in the air. Both wolfman and rocdoc were seated at one table, left to feed off one another. When player 73 bit the dust a huge sigh of relief was heard throughout the room, but I couldn’t help but feel sad for ole number 73. Seventy two fell right behind him, but, he picked up a paycheck. Cruel game this is. Wolfman (Dan Phillips) was sitting sweet with quite a handsome stack of chips. Rockdoc was hanging by a thread. It was now close to 1am and I told the guys I was going for my beauty sleep and to call me when the battle was complete. I awoke the next morning only to find I had received no call. Hmmm…. I called rockdoc and he said he had struggled to hang on until 40th and picked up about $1800 and some change. So, wolfman won the seat. Way to go wolfman! Now, the rest of the story…. I arrive to cover the main event and who to my surprise is there? Yep, you guessed it, none other than our PSO’er wolfman himself. I must say he looked mighty good sitting at that final table. He gave it his best shot, but, he came in short stacked. Dan Phillips held on as long as he could. He was on the button, had only 20K left and only the blinds were in action. He made it the 20K to go and got called by both. Dan held the 45 suited, Harry the AT and Sonny Perry the 36 suited. The board pulled a suck out move but it was not for Dan unfortunately. J 9 J Q and the 3 gives Sonny two pair for the take down. For Dan’s first major event and final table, he takes home a 9th place and $8205. Way to go Dan!!!

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    I'll tell you onething about wearing my PSO Hat & T-shirt. I'm never embassed to be a good player.

    It gives me a good image at the table & I play it up a little. I tell'm I am a poker player on training wheels. I love it when they try to run over me with a good hand because I have "training wheels."

    There is one player that bust my bubble when he's at my table. TJ Cloutier always bust my training wheel image when he tells the table "Just because he has a PSO shirt on don't mean he doesn't know how to play." I've played at several tables with the pro's and I don't think about what I'm wearing. I'm thinking about playing poker.

    I am trying to be a good ambassdor for PSO and if anyone ask I'll just tell them what a good place to study poker, PSO is.


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      Very nice post as always!!! Now down to business.... any progress on getting some 'women's' t-shirts???? I think there are enough women on this site now that would be knocking down PSO's door to get one! Please Please Please



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