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Make the money 1st time live.

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  • Make the money 1st time live.

    As stated in my other post I played live for the first time last Saturday night basically as a training exercise for next Sunday in Southampton.
    Things did not go as planned to begin with.Firstly, on arriving at the casino in the evening I found that the Rookies Tournament I thought I was going to be in occured at 4 that afternoon.The 9pm tourn was not the rookies one that I was expecting.Secondly, it was a rebuy tourney (not unexpected)but I have no experience of rebuy tourns at all.Lastly,it was only dealer dealt at the final table and we would deal to ourselves until then.Shuffling and dealing cards has never been a strong point of mine.
    The tournament was a £20+2 Pot limit Holdem Rebuy with starting chips of 1000 blinds at 25/50 and the rounds at half an hour during the rebuy period of 90 minutes.
    Things did not start to well in the tournament either.As I understand is quite common with rebuy tourns the betting in the early stages was absolutely crazy with people raising and playing almost anything.I decided to play ultra tight and push my good hands the maximum.Only thing, I was getting no good hands.Infact,absolute rubbish.I just kept folding.The only player at the table to do so.
    With blinds upto 75/150 I am down to 400 stack size UTG with 7/8 suited.With over half my stack about to be wiped out by the blinds not really any choice here.Besides its the best hand I've seen yet.So,all-in and everybody folds to give me my first pot,albeit just the blinds.This was the first time an early position raiser had been able to take a pot uncontested at this table.This hand did however presage a massive change of fortune.Shortly after dealt AK and I did get callers on this one.Flop came down AA6 and I got my first proper pot.
    I do not know how some people manage to give full reports on tournies here with full hand details as I have to admit alot of my memories of saturday night are quite fuzzy.Suffice to say that I survived the rebuy period and after this the structure became far more aggressive with blind increases every 15 minutes.I stuck with my policy of going on good hands and backing them big.I was fortunate enough to be dealt enough good hands to survive aided by some really awful calls from bad players with big stacks who I assume just got lucky during the rebuy period. I never played enough hands to build a very large stack but with the aid of a few good flops and these bad players I was able to keep ahead of the very fast rising blinds.
    It never really occured to me that I might make the money here until I found myself sitting at one of the last two tables with a few players on smaller or similar sized stacks to my own.64 players had started and I knew the final table would bring some cash.It felt great when we were down to 12 players and a player busted at my table at almost the same time as two others busted on the other table.
    So,I find myself at the final table with 2 stacks less than mine.This was where my run of good cards ended but at least the 2 lesser stacks busted before I did.My final hand came when I was dealt K/7 diamonds in the small blind and all folded to me.I decided to raise the big blind all- in,an amount just less than a pot size raise.He calls with an off suit J/6.Flop changes nothing but the turn card gives me a king and I think I have won.Except that the king is a club and there are now 3 clubs on the board.He has a Club.Guess what the river brought.
    I think that this was a very enjoyable experience after a fairly stressful first hour when I was getting used to the things that were going on around me.It was a successful evening as well.First time playing live with no experience of rebuys,not rebuying myself and I manage to finish 7th and get £160 for my efforts.I think that the average number of rebuys per player was between 2 and 3.
    Next Sunday will be different and I expect a totally different class of player to confront me,but at least it is a freezeout and is dealer dealt throughout.

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    Nice post. Congratulations! I think you did amazing considering this was your first time at a B&M.

    Good Luck on Sunday! Looking forward to the trip report.


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      Congrats on the finish Mcarter.......well done for getting through the 1st hour minefield of a rebuy tournament intact. I know most people who do these re-buy tournaments expect to re-buy 1-2 times and buy the add on to give themselves a chance of moneying. So to get through this initial madness and hit the final table without doing so takes some good poker playing and a lot of correct decisions......not to mention 1st time live 8O, no wonder its all a bit fuzzy.

      Great job and look forward to hearing how the big freezout one goes in Southampton.



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        Massive congrats MIke, very nice post.

        Did you play in London or Luton ?


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          Thanks for the replies.
          Wired,I dont think I can take credit for great poker in this tourn as there was not really any room for that.I got lucky on a few occasions when I needed it.I was all-in a number of times,typical 60/40 or 70/30 situations,and they all held.My experience is that usually one will lose sooner or later.Hoping I will be able to exercise more poker brain on Sunday.
          Xymox,I played in Luton having joined Grosvenor a few weeks ago.They seem to have a good Poker program there.Certainly worth a visit.


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            Well done, Mike. No doubt in my mind that you would do well, and the fact that the circumstances were particularly challenging just confirms in my mind that you are a top player.

            Best of luck in your next live event!



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