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WSOP Circuit - New Orleans

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  • WSOP Circuit - New Orleans

    I don't do these very often, but thought I'd put one on.

    My buddy, called on Wednesday morning says he's on the way & showed up 4:30am May 18 and we're off to NOLA (395 drive). Mostly interstate roads and we miss the tractor traffic on the farm roads when we left early. No traffic stops since we were flying low. We arrive in NOLA about 9:45am. We have no rooms for Wednesday or Thursday and may be homeless for a couple of days since telephone host says everything is sold out for NOLA. My buddy is a platinum player so we hope this changes.

    We expect to sign up for the $200 NLHE but find out they sold 833 seats the night before and have no more alternates (they only have room to seat 682 players plus alternates). Playing 11 handed, disappointed but this gives us time to play satellites for the $300 NLHE event coming on Thursday. My buddy scores comp's for our room on Wednesday thru Saturday at the "W" (a Starwoods property next door to Harrah's). Four days at no cost, this is great (he's a platinum player at the Horseshoe in Tunica).

    The line for sign up starts to form about 1:00PM and seats are not scheduled to be sold until 4:00PM. This is insane (bad organization by Harrah's - they are not prepared to sign up 800 - 900 players). Some players start to profiteer the waiting crowd (my buddy and I collect the TEC's and fees for about 8 players and additional waiting fees of $30 per player, this pays our entery fees and get us a little money to play a satellite). Eventually we get signed up for our little group about 5:00PM.

    I play a $35 satellite (start with T250)and blind down to T150 at the 50/100 blind level and pick up my first big hand pp 3's and I go all-in and get called by button with (A,K) & bb with (9,9). No one improves and I'm out. I take a walk and grather my thoughs and come back to play another satellite after I get something to eat. I play a $65 NLHE sat (start with T300). I get a few hands and raise and pick up blinds and bust one short stack. I'm in the 10 seat & seat 1 is getting and incredible run of cards and is busting everyone. I stay out of his pots at all cost. Richie Rich is standing in line waiting to play a sat. and he's watching me play. I finally get heads up with seat 1. He has a chip advantage of 230 to 2770. He has button and I pick up 5,5 and push in when he limps and calls with (A,Q). I win. I limp on the button (9,4os) and we see a flop. He checks and I push when I pair 4's on flop and he folds.
    He pushes in preflop and I fold. The next hand he tries intimidation and ask how many chips I have. I don't speak but stack my chips in T100 stacks where he can count them easily. Everytime he bets or raises, I fold trash or push with pairs or A,K & A,Q. Everytime he calls I win the pot and my row of T100's get longer. He starts foldig when I push in. I have table control (even with the short stack, I win with no hands). I fold a couple just not to look to aggressive. I pick up 2,2 and push again and he calls with A,Js. I double up and now I have T1800 in chips. I propose a chop and offer two $250 to my $350. He accepts. You might ask why I'd chop. I take a guaranted win so it pays for my $300 NLHE buy-in (that was my goal). I know I could loose everthing on the turn of the cards, since I have pulled a lost from a 230/2770 chip deficit.

    I buy-in to the $500+50 NLHE (PSO TOUR event) and my buddy and I go for a $150 comp'd meal.

    On Thusday, I go play the $300 NLHE event (start with T1000). I blind down to T350 b/c I get no good situations or cards. I finally get (A,Qs) utg and push in at 50/100 blinds and I get called by button with (9,9) and bust out with no help.

    We get up and go for breakfast and enter the tournament area. What a difference a day makes. I play very few hands but manage to steal a few blinds to stay even the first couple rounds. I pick up (A,Qs) in late position and make it T75 to go. The next player pushes in for T800 and is immediately called by bigblind. To much action for A,Q so I fold (don't want to get crippled this early). Pusher shows 6,6 and bigblind shows A,Ks and the 6,6 looses when and 'A' hits the flop.

    I'm down to T1300 when I get J,J in late position and call a mini-raise from middle position and the small blind comes along for the ride. The standard raise for this table has been to bring in for T50 at 25/25 blinds. No one but the one player has got'n out of line. Usually, raise and two calls; flop, bet and take it. Pretty tight action. The flop comes 8,4,2 rainbow and the original raiser bets T150 into T175 pot. I call to see the turn, but the sb check raises to T600 and he takes it when I fold my over pair. He shows pp8's for top set. Many players at our table have been giving free information by show nearly every hand that is won without a call. Got to love the weak players. I pick up a few blinds to get back to T1300 and finally pick up another hand Q,Q and call a raise from utg to see a flop and we see the flop 3 handed (pot T300). Flop comes T,5,2 and the orignal raiser bets T200 and I call to see turn since the price looks good. This was the same guy who called the 6,6 earlier with A,K. Turn comes Q (bingo for me) and utg pushes in and I call and tell the player I got lucky since I expected to see A,A or K,K. He turns over A,T and I show Q,Q for a set and bust him.

    I get moved to another table and pick up A,Qs in the cut-off. There are three limpers and I make it T150 to go and we see a flop 4 handed (A,Qs,8s). It's check to me and I bet T300 expecting to take-it down. I get called in two spots. The turn comes (A,Qs,8s,6). It's checked to me in last position so I bet T1300 expecting to take it down. Noooo, I get called again by one player (whats going on, I put the caller on a flush and/or str8 draws) and he has me covered. My stack gets up to T6800 when I'm moved again. I'm moved to a table with "Freddyboy." We shortly get our first break. Freddy and I take a few minutes to exchange news and he does me a favor of schooling me on a few players at our table. There are three players I have history with other than Freddy, so I have a pretty good read on the table. All solid players except two slightly wild ones.

    After the break, I fold many (7,2 8,3 T,4) type hands and several pp 2's 3's 4's b/c there are raises ahead of me. I do raise a couple of opens and collect the blinds to stay at T6800. There is one short stck that has moved in and survived 3 times with A,J A,T pp2's. He moves in again and gets one caller (a player that has made some weak calls and laid down or check down the hands). It's up to me to call T2850 of my T6800. I decide I can't flat call. So, I (9,9) push in to get heads up withe the short stack. The weak player studies me and remembers I have not played many hands and counts her stack. If she calls and looses again she'll only ave about T3000. She reluctantly folds. The short stack show 8,8 and I show my 9,9 and I'm in the lead to win an T8700 pot. This will put me in good chip position to make a run for the money. About 200 players left and they are paying 72. The flop come K,2, and guess what? NOOOOOOOOO, an 8 to give the short stack a set of 8's. I get no help and I'm down to T3900. I steal a few blinds to get back to T4400 and maintain to last down to 165 players when I move in on the button with K,Qs for T2900 with antes/blinds at T50/400/800. The small blind wakes up with A.Ks and I bust out after 8 1/2 hours and report to Sharla to see whick PSO'ers are still in play.

    Congradualtions to Wolfman for making final table and I think 8th or 9th place.

    It was terrible trying to get to a table to play live ring games (all list were 38+) and hours of waiting.

    Kaeline came by and we went over to Boomtown and played 3/6 LHE and 1-4,8 half and half LHE, LO/H. I cashed out $100 winner and I think she did also. We played until 2:45am and called it a night. I never could get into another ring game at Harrah's and didn't go back to Boomtown. I watched alot of poker from the rails waiting and managed to stay off the casino advantage games. My buddy had the same luck I did in the tournaments but was much luckier in the satellites. Unfortuantely, he has a habit with craps and BJ, enough said.

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    Very nice trip report.

    I'm afraid that the WSOP Circuit event in San Diego also lacked organization. I hope that they have their act together in June/July.




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