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Turning Stone Trip Report

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  • Turning Stone Trip Report

    Part 1

    Sorry for my late Turning Stone Casino trip report, but the first one that I tried to write got deleted when the website logged me off for inactivity. Then I got very busy and it took me a long time to recuperated from that long weekend. Let me tell you, poker is very exhausting work, remember this fact while reading.

    Let me start off by saying, it was great to meet everyone from PSO and it was a pleasure to see Sharla again, hard at work with her exciting job!!! Congratulations to Johnny_Bravo for making it to the final table in the PSO event and winning a seat in the PSO Grand Seat Final. I would also like to thank Desmond (Jcastle) for accompanying me on the trip and providing me with some nice poker tips and confidence. Hopefully, I was able to help him with some of my tips too, lol. I can’t wait till we meet up again at the World Series of Poker’s $10,000 Buy-In Main Event!!!

    I had a battle plan before playing the Turning Stone Casino’s $300 Buy-In PSO Invitational. Before entering this event I had to build up my poker bankroll from some of the losses that I took the past 2 months, including getting knocked out of the $500 Buy-In PSO Invitational at Foxwoods. $1500 in losses had to be recouped before playing in this event. In one of Lou Krieger’s tapes on being successful, he mentions to “write down your goals on paper and this will help you focus so that you can achieve your goal”, so I do just that. I wrote down on a piece of paper “Build my bankroll so that I have enough to play in the PSO Invitational at Turning Stone.” I keep this by my side while I play online and live poker tournaments, trying to build up my bankroll. It worked as I go on to cash in a number of tournaments. The next thing I write down on paper is “win one of the WSOP satellite events to make it into the World Series of Poker.” Guess what?….I achieved that goal too, and I am now going to be playing in the Main Event at the WSOP.

    Because of my failure in the PSO event at Foxwoods, getting knocked out in the first round, I decided to make a new goal. I wrote down on paper, “make the money in the PSO event at Turning Stone Casino.” I kept this note in my pocket while I was playing in this event. The $300 buy-in PSO Invitational at Turning Stone Casino started with 204 players. The crowd of players was not as big like at Foxwoods, but it was still a decent size. We started with $2500 in chips and my first table included Johnny_Bravo. It was nice to have another PSO member at the table with me and Ed played really well during our short time together at this table. At this table I was able to build my stack up slowly without getting into any trouble. Then the table broke and we got moved to various tables.

    The next table I moved to, I noticed that a few players were very aggressive and had lots of chips in front of them. I decided to tighten up a bit, read what the big stacks were doing and try to stay away from them unless I had a great hand. I only got involved with a few pots but ended up losing a little money because of the blinds. Just when I was getting use to the table and how to play it correctly, the table broke up. I hate when that happens!!!!

    I get moved to a table where there are now 3 other PSO members at the table. Rudie, who was seated to my left with the big stack, UGH!!!! MaggieMayB, who was two seats from my right, and Gojira in seat #3. Rudi was just dominating the table, moving all-in on many occasions. Of course she had my hands tied sitting to my immediate left. If I wanted to steal any blinds or make any moves I had to worry about here. I said to myself, here we go again, “I have to play tight till I figure out what I can do on this table.” I try not to rush into anything and I try to stay calm. I got one fairly decent hand with KQ on the button and after everyone in front of me folded I decided to make a standard raise of 3 times the BB. Rudie was next to act and pushed all-in. UGH again!!! I thought about it and figured folding to her was the best move. I really had no clue what hand she was holding so instead of throwing all my chips in without a clue as to where I was in the hand I decided to fold.

    My chip stack is now getting low and I have to start to make a move. Unfortunately it had to be done against MaggieMayB. Maggie was UTG and made a substantially big raise. Even before I looked at my cards I thought to myself that she had a medium pocket pair, why else would she raise so much. The next player folds and I look down at my hand and see AQ. Now I don’t usually like to go all-in with AQ. In my earlier poker playing days this hand was trouble for me when I moved all-in with it and has knocked me out of many tournaments. But seeing that I was low stacked and I had a pretty good read on what Maggie had in her hand I decided that the best play would be to move all-in over the top of her raise. This way I could win the pot if she folded and if she called I had 2 over-cards that I could pair up on the board to win the hand. Of course she called, and I hit the Queen on the river to double-up. Maggie was now low stacked and a few hands later made a move and was knocked out of the tournament. I felt bad so I gave her a nice hug!!!

    Gojira was the next PSO victim on this table. He was playing tight and did not get any hands to help him. In the meantime, Rudie was building her stack and the player to her left was also building his stack. Great!!! Both of them now were the Chip leaders at this table!!! My hands were tied. It was going to be very hard to try and steal the blinds now!!! I then said to myself that if I were going to survive, I would have to make at least a few moves. Here we go!!! I was on the Button and everyone in front of me folded. Rudie was in the SB and the other chip leader was in the BB. I look down and see a hand (I really can’t disclose this information to you), and I move all-in. Rudie says to me “thank god, I did not want to have to play against the BB with this hand”, and she folds. The BB decides to fold too and I take the pot!!! The next hand almost played out the same way. Everyone folds in front of me and I am in the cutoff with A2o. There were only 3 players left so I decided to push all-in again. Big mistake!!! Never push all-in on back-to-back hands against the chip leaders, unless the second hand is a monster. Rudie folded but the other chip leader called me with pocket 5’s. Oh boy was I in big trouble now!! Only an ace can help me unless I hit two 2’s on the board to make 3 of a kind. Well, it wasn’t meant to be and I was knocked out of the tournament around 60th place. I should have had a little more patients folded the hand.

    Later on that night I played in a one table 10 person satellite. When I was heads up against another player we decided to split the $1000 pot and take $500 each. I was really more interested in making money to play the $500 tournament the next day and now with the split I had my entry fee. This day was really long. I got knocked out of the tournament around 3:30pm after a 10:00am start then I played the satellite at 6:00 after waiting around almost 2 hours for it to start. That ended around 8:30pm. I fell asleep at about 2 in the morning that evening. Even tho my note that I wrote, about cashing in the PSO event did not happen, I had another shot in the $500 event. I am not giving up!!!! Just revising my note now for the next day’s event!!!!

    To be continued to Part 2…….

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