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The Sky is Falling!

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  • The Sky is Falling!

    Amy the oil doe has, in the past couple of months, refered a couple of times to some events in our poker world and wondered if we were 'jumping the shark'. Let me tell you, I have now seen into the void and it features not even the Fonz, but Pinky Tuscadaro in the air over said shark tank. NL holdem is, as far as I can tell, has reached the peak of absurdity. What makes me type this? Yesterday morning I left my hotel room on the way to work and saw a flyer hanging in the elevator "Poker tournament tonight. Priority Club members please join us in the lounge this evening for a free No-Limit Hold-Em poker tournament. 10000 Priority Club points to the winner. " Now for those of you who dont spend your lives on the road, Holiday Inn has a frequent guest program called, you guessed it, Priority Club, and points are gained by spending money at Holiday Inn. 10000 points is 2/3 of what is required for a free nights stay. With 10000 points you can get a merchandise prize along the lines of a travel alarm clock or possibly a wrench set. Sounded like an interesting way to kill an hour or two, and oh, did I mention the free beer?

    So I showed up 10 minutes prior to the start time, ordered up one of the free beers and prepared to play. They had several of those little octagonal poker table overlays set up on various tables with room for seven players and a dealer at each. Lots of people milling about. Right on time a hotel management type told us all to pick seats. Just sit anywhere. So 16 of us sit at various tables, ending up at three tables with 6, 5 and 5. (My strategic thinking led me to one of the tables of 5, the one with the 2 prettiest ladies. OK the only 2 ladies and they were both 60+). Various hotel employees were assigned to the dealers seats, chips were passed out, it appears we are starting with 5k chips (in denominations of 25, 50(?) 100, 500 and 1500(?)) No real announcements as to rules just "blinds are 25 and 50" go ahead and deal. Of the 16 players and 3 dealers it was immediately obvious that I was the only one who had ever played in a real tourney before, and that only 6-8 had even played in a home game. Questions were being asked all over the room and the dealers were clueless. I tried my best not to just be a know-it-all but kept our table running fairly smoothly. Being the only player who ever folded during the first three rounds made this task a little easier Blinds doubled every 10 minutes or so (it was pretty random) but when a couple of players busted they just got new stacks from the director and kept playing. I didnt ever ask, but wondered to myself how this was going to end. I was the only player who made a raise at our table, and since my AA and AK suited (the only hands I played the first hour) held up, I had about 15k. One would think playing only 2 hands in an hour would have been pretty boring, but I think that there werent 15 hands dealt, and I was kept busy drinking free beer, flirting with the grandmotherly types at my table, and teaching the dealer about side pots and on one memorable occasion, how to split a pot. (Board was 333KK and she tried to award the whole pot to the player with A6, and not the people who had called bets on every street with Q6 and JT) You know because a full house with a side ace beats a full house with a side queen

    OK, an hour in we have played at most 15 hands, and blinds are 200-400 the 'director' comes around, gives us each another 1500 chip and says that from now on, if you run out of chips you're out. Maybe this thing would end after all. I continue to just fold and in another 20 mins or so we are down to the final table of 7. Me, 1 of the little old ladies, and 5 random guys. I have gotten one of the guys goat, because as he puts it "you are taking this too seriously, why dont you just play a few hands" Sadly he is the only person who has noticed that I fold most of the time. With blinds at 1k, 2k I play my 4th hand of the night and triple up when my KQ flops a straight. Now we are down to 3. PO'ed guy, little old lady from Canada, and Bill. The lady smacks PO'ed guy around hitting 2 consecutive gutshots to bust him, and we are down to head to head.

    Did I mention that the lady had never played hold-em before? But she did have a 2-1 chip lead. She makes her first preflop fold of the tourney (from the big blind) when I just called from the small I give her her hand back to preserve her record. Of course she flops 2 pair She showed me after I folded to her bet I double up with 99. Now I have the lead. I get AJ and put her all in, she catches runner runner flush with her 94 off. she has the lead again. I have JT and go all-in on a flop of T49. She calls and turns up Q8. I make 2 pair on the river, and shake her hand (and get a kiss on the cheek) because even these dealers know that a straight beats 2 pair. From her laughing, giggling and celebration with hubby I almost thought she had won the world series. My prize was said kiss on the cheek. It was enough.

    So hey, Free beer rocks. I swear, when I can have this much fun playing in a nothing tournement for a nothing prize and, oh by the way, win nothing that the apocolypse must be near. Maybe there will be a 7 card no peek tourney later in the week. Heh.


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    You have the patience of a saint. I would have left bodies in my wake. Glad you had a good time. Fun read.


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      Thanks for the report Bill - I can easily picture the whole event. Damn, I gotta start staying at Holiday Inns.



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        Originally posted by Idoru99
        I can easily picture the whole event.

        Not unless you have taken a lot more strange drugs than I have given you credit for :lol:

        Dali couldnt possibly paint the event. Escher couldnt begin to describe it. wildbill on the other hand, just drank and laughed....



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          Gonzo Poker

          Originally posted by wildbill41
          Not unless you have taken a lot more strange drugs than I have given you credit for
          they give credit these daze?


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            Hahaha Bill, very entertaining report. I am with Bounder here - I think I would have lost it!! Congrats on your "big" win!!! :lol:



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