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Lake Tahoe PSO Invitational

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  • Lake Tahoe PSO Invitational

    For the NLHE event in Lake Tahoe we had 5 PSO members come to try their luck. JW_rounder (pic), stkJK, (pic), Buncher (pic), bigdeebee (pic), and HereIGoAgain came to vie for the money and the coveted seat to the PSO Grand Final next year.

    StkJK ran into one of those dreadful hands we all have get the shudders over. He held KK. A short stack called his raise and shoved all in. The short stack revealed a pair of sevens. The delight of the flop and the turn for Andy quickly became the nightmare on 5th street when his opponent rivered a seven. Now stkJK has shortened his stack by 800 chips and has only 950 remaining. JW_Rounder is holding his own with 3200 by doubling up. Buncher is holding steady at 2300 and continues to wait for the hand of his dreams. The one that is doing really well is HereIGoAgain. He has a healthy stack of 5600.

    With 190 left of the 287, it looks like we have lost biggdeebee. After combing the room while searching under caps and looking at shirts, he is nowhere to be found. I hope I have missed him, but, after several rounds of looking, I am afraid he has fallen victim to the game.

    Back to the tables.

    It is now 2:30 and they have been playing for over two and a half hours. StkJK makes a move with TT and his opponent flips over AK. AK behaves for this guy just the way it does for me. Promises so much and gives so little, than goodness for stkJK (which stands for stock jock btw). The flop comes K49 making stkJK cringe, but, the turn brings a smile to his face by presenting a big fat T making it a win for stkJK and taking him to a chip count of 1900.

    JW_Rounder has hit some nice hands and is standing at about 6500. HereIGoAgain gets to see a flop while in the bb. He possesses a little 68 off with only one opponent. The flop lands with a 6AA. JW and the opponent check and the turn comes an 8. JW bets out 500 and the other guy raises to 1400. The river flows with a 4, it is checked by both and the challenger turns over a K2d. JW takes his chip count to an even higher “tower of power”.

    Buncher is down to 1200. He must have gotten sucked up into a whirlwind while I was walking around. Blinds have increased to 50/100 this round. Buncher is in bb and a middle position player makes it 300 to go and Buncher had to surrender his hand only to try again later.

    Over on HereIGoAgain table, JW has been moved to sit astride HereIGoAgain. What are the chances? All these people and they land right together. HereIGoAgain loses a number of chips with that pair of ladies we all have “loving” names for. After a great deal of better between him and another player, it comes down to QQ versus TT. The board blesses the TT with 98J72. What a poker bummer for HereIGoAgain.

    Buncher is short stacked now. He goes all in UTG (under the gun). He makes it 1100 to go. If he can conquer the blinds he can add to his stack by about 25% and feel some relief. Not to happen. He gets a call from the small blind and the hands compete with Buncher holding 66 while the adversary has AJ. Buncher is the 2nd PSO’er to take his leave when the board foils his made hand by placing a J on the river.

    It is 3pm now and stkJK is holding firm with 2100 and says he feels like he has been “traveling an uphill battle since his KK took the fall”. He is in the bb for 150 and gets one caller. StkJK tosses 200 for a bet after the turn and is called. The board bares a J75A at this time and a 9 comes on the river. His rival shows AK and stkJK has to fold and lose 350 in chips. Down to 1750 again.

    HereIGoAgain gets into a heated battle with a player who ends up all in. The player has JJ and HereIGoAgain has A K of spades. Just as the doctor ordered, 3 spades flop. After it is all said and done, another player is eliminated and HereIGoAgain increases his stack to 5200. Meanwhile, JW is sitting quietly, folding most of his cards and says he is happy with his stack of 7K.

    5:20 Down to two now. JW made a bad call and found himself on the rail. That is really too bad as he is an excellent player and was holding his own with his chip count. Earlier in the day he had a full house and had the discipline to lay it down when he new he didn’t have the absolute nuts and another player made a debilitating bet. I respect that so much.

    StkJK has been increasing his stack over the past hour or so and is just a tad short of HereIGoAgain. Who gets the seat??? It is down to the wire now. And the winner is… HereIGoAgain. StkJK made it to 58/284. He just got a long run of crummy cards and could not do anything but watch his stack melt away into oblivion. HereIGoAgain has reduced his stack to around 7K but feels confident with 55 players left. The hammer drops for him in place 37 but he walks away with his chance to play in the PSO Grand Final. Well done HereIGoAgain. PICTURES ON POKERPAGES

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    Send me an email when you get a chance in your busy exciting life!!!!!

    I was wondering if you were going to be in Vegas during the WSOP Main event. I was also wondering if you have any more pictures, than the ones posted on the site, from Turning Stone.

    My email is


    Frank "The Force" Esposito



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