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My road from 2NL to Supernova and more :)

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  • My road from 2NL to Supernova and more :)

    Hi, I'm Jure "ProJK" Kvartuč from Croatia. Started playing poker on PS few years ago on 2NL. You can read my blog(Beginning) for details. I'm playing 25NL and 50NL atm and will reach Supernova soon.

    I started this thread to post my daily graphs, maybe some hands and will answer any of your questions. I want to help because I know how hard it was for me to start from zero.

    This is my graph from march this year 25NL and some 50NL. My 2NL, 5NL and 10NL graphs are on my old pc so I will post them if I find them.

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    I was playing a little bit yesterday and no poker today because I'm going to my friends wedding tomorrow. Because of that I'm setting myselfe a challenge. I will make 500 VPPs from 27.10. till 1.12. every day. That means I will make 17 500 VPPs till 1.12. Also will post my graph every day and maybe some interesting hands.

    This is yesterdays graph from 25NL only


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      Hi, I come back from wedding exhausted. Going to bead early and hard grind tomorrow. You can read my challenges for November on my blog.
      Here is the link:

      I will post my graph and maybe some interesting hands tomorrow.


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        First day of challenge. Did only 300 VPPs because I had some unexpected work to do in real life. Day was ok but in the end strange things started to happen so I decided to quit for today because I'm tired.

        Here is the graph. I have played 25 3$ Spin&Gos and earn 35$ from that. 300 VPPs and 110$ for today. Not that bad.


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          Second day ended well but it was hard. First 30 mins of grind was so brutal. After that everythig went ok. Today I was mixing 25NL and 50NL and played around 50 Spin&Gos in witch I earned around 16$. I have 2 interesting hands.

          I don't have words. On what hand did he put me?

          And on second one my plan was to call call bet or call call reis because he has 38% resteal.

          Here is the graph. Sick swing

          I collected 550 VPPs 120$ from cash and 16$ from Spin&Gos. I'm now on 850 Vpps, slacking 150.

          Till tomorrow


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            Today was sooooo hard Stoped playing because of headache. I'm bit ill. 400VPPs in the end. Not a good day, tomorrow will be batter

            Those are two funny hands, one vs Rock other vs reg. He know I can 4bet light vs BB 3bet.



            Me and my friends played home game todey, it was epic I ended like big winner with 4buyins+

            3 days slacking 250 VPPs, I will catch it


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              Hi, I was running so bad those few days so I didn't post anything. This is graph from 30 and 31 October. I have swing of 3 negative days with over 500$ down. That is the biggest swing for me ever. I'm feeling bad at the moment so I didn't play today. I'm starting again tomorrow. I had sickest coolers ever 3 days in a row. Here is one of them.


              In those 2 days I make around 1.1k VPPs but didn't play today so i'm slacking around 650VPPs.

              Don't have anything smart to say, I just want to start playing tomorrow and stop running bad.

              Here is the graph


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                Hi, I was recovering my confidence last 2 days and was playing little. Only 650 VPPs in 2 days :S Slacking...

                This is today graph, again running bad in the beginning than I had some good spots and in the end second nuts on nuts all day long :S But i'm happy because i finished second in 90 man sit and go progressive knockout and some +$ in spin and gos. Around +75$ day.

                And one big hand:


                I played 2 shark cage tournaments, AK<AA and AK<AQ :S Played 2 Premier league tournaments one busto before boubble AA<34 and AJ<KQ other one in early stages 50% for triple up. All in all, ok day for my confidence and tomorrow im going hard again. Will play 2 shark cage, minimum 2 Premier league, some PK SnG and 5k+ hands of 25NL.


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                  Another sick day at the office. I would remember this day like "one outer day". 3 times one outer killed me and few times 2 outer, sick. But doesn't matter, I was playing great and that is why I'm only ~55$ down and with spin&gos and some sit and gos around -30$. Make around 550VPPs and played premier league and shark cake with no success because i'm running terrible atm.

                  Today is a new day, lets go! ))


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                    gl ProJK you will be Supernova soon

                    currently im on challenge from NL2 zoom but im just on day6

                    so im gonna watch out for you for inspiration and maybe learn few tricks from you


                    • #11
                      Thx m8 Step by step, work hard and results will come. I started from 2NL too so I know it is hard, but don't give up.


                      • #12
                        Ok, I was playing 12 hours session. It was so sick I cannot describe. I told myselfe that I won't quit I cannot write anything more, going to sleep Here are few hands and graph.

                        1. Big call vs reg, I knew that i can only beat blaf

                        2. Rokc, what are you doing!!!

                        3.At last sick cooler in my favor

                        Now I'm going to sleep, hope I will wake up before MM9 starts.


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                          At last I'm running good. Last week was horror. I played few MM-s with no results but today I'm good in MM-022, at the moment 169/2k playing 64k stack and avg is 32k. I hope I will run good Cash was good today here is graph and one funny hand



                          • #14
                            Finished 400-tish for 30$ +32$ from bounty New day today


                            • #15
                              Wasn't playing today. Only few micro millions and was extremely unhappy. In 5.5$ 6 max lost with open ended streight draw and flush draw vs pair before boubble :S in 3.3$ AA<QQ in the beginning. In 3.3$ headsup lost AK<88 on boubble match vs oponent who was bad, i was ahead 600 chips and have to call with AK, after that couldn't win because blinds were big :S I was so tilted all day, especially after I lost AA vs 66 and JJ vs AK in shark cage qualifier when we were 140 left and I was playing 2 times avg stack. Was so mad. After that started 11$ sunday storm special edition event, strated great and had one cooler, after that happened one pot because of i couldn't play anymore today. Cut-off opened I 3bet with A6hh from small blind and big blind called, cut-off fold. Flop t88 2 harts i bet got called, turn brick and I shoved he called and brick hit river. He had Q8, trips on flop, but call my 3bet with q8 gj, that tilted me sooo much. I hope tomorrow will be batter...



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