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A spin on the Spin&Go, 76c 6-max hyper satellites 2 x $2.20 prize pool

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  • A spin on the Spin&Go, 76c 6-max hyper satellites 2 x $2.20 prize pool

    Had a moan on my Spin&Go thread. Where after taking 3x rake in a 3-max $1 game, 1/3 of the players prize pool money is removed a very high percentage of the time and then to be dealt into the worst roi% game.

    Thought I'd look for something comparable in a hyper, with a fixed prize pool 2 x target tickets. e.g. 74c+2c and win $2.20, just get head's-up.

    You don't need to play the event, hit the satellites for T$ to boost the BR. Also you can choose higher satellite buy-in levels the structure is the same to the target$.

    So 6-max hyper 500 chips 10bb (apparently this game has been solved!) But we are not bots, we can learn charts / ranges and try an idea?

    Results? Well surprisingly 50/50, even 3rd place in these games give you 2 x rake back 4c. They take 5 minutes even single tabling one after another a 50% itm, $20 / hour.

    I had a dream - not quite done the exact sums. But good for a challenge.

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    Oh boy, forrest I just played a $7 Spin & Go, and lost AA < 35o ... am definitely done with these now GL GL with your new game!! umbup:


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      Looked at the 4 "dream" games, the congratulatory e-mails coming in and bleeping. So in 20 minutes one after another cash? result - starting another (to have the ability to overlap and start another and play 4 more in that time) is the real challenge!

      Spent: 4 x 76c = $3.04
      Prizes: 2 x $2.20 = $4.40 + (3rd places) 2 x 4c = Total: $4.48
      Profit: $4.48 - $3.04 = $1.44

      Am I doing the roi% sums correctly (1.44 / 3.04) * 100 = 47%

      Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Oct 17, 2014, 05:14 AM.


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        Hi Sam,

        Overlap your post. Ouch $7 games going to hurt.

        I did the promo play 5 x $1. Was up $1, but I actually hit a $6 and won it and lost the other 4 x $1.

        Can you do roi% sums? I won 2 and lost 2 in this new idea, but the roi looks good/wrong. Not possible over a big sample I guess.
        Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Oct 17, 2014, 04:26 AM. Reason: over lap


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          My limited sample size of single table hyper satellites leads me to believe they are VERY beatable.
          I usually play them because I want the ticket, but I think one could spend an hour before a Big $x and grind satties for a profit. As long as you remember that once the target event starts, any sattie still going will jump you directly to the target event if you win.


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            For what it's worth I have a 53% roi in 6 man hyper sats, with 15 games played. All except one 1.50 sats for the Big 4.40, so there's something to be done here.


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              Hi Simon, Yes I agree if you know your charts ICM. I didn't note when the BIG $2.20 (2 hour late reg) 6-max hyper satellites started. Not the previous day. But if you can multiple table and get 2 hours in before you have to play the thing. Good T$ and saw some other BIGs with similar 2 x tickets hypers. umbup: PS. Over lap your post - yes, there is something in this.
              Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Oct 17, 2014, 05:01 AM. Reason: over lap


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                Just flipped 2 x $1.17+3c 6-max hyper for the BIG $3.30 same format. Now 3rd place is 42c rake back. Just 1c more entrance fee to go from 76c to 120c buy-in.

                Ok, players prize pool hasn't been reduced and the full $6.60 for the 2 x Gtd tickets. Mess up and the 42c for 3rd is important. Anyway...

                Spent: 2 x $1.20 = $2.40
                Prizes: 1 x $3.30 (no 3rd places)
                Profit: $3.30 - $2.40 = 90c

                So roi% probably is (0.90 / 2.40) * 100 = 37%

                So it makes sense. Tiny sample and a little help from the bonus as you move up stakes. Maybe I mess around with this a bit more?

                Have any of the nose bleed hyper turbo Team Pros asked for a $1K Spin&Go yet? They are Head's-Up experts.

                Jake Cody #EPTLondon Main Event is 2nd/16 in chips for tomorrow, played the $30 Spin&Go games on the train from Leeds. Think he may have an edge on the player pool.

                You can watch the final on the #EPTLive stream.
                Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Oct 17, 2014, 07:30 AM.


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                  A quick peak at the lobby, these sats start playing more than two hours before the target event.
                  Def something here!


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                    hi, yes I would prefer these hypers as an alternative to the Spinners.

                    Now, from memory, FF's example of the $3.30 sattie is, in my view, the best of the micro ones, as third place you get a decent amount of your buy-in back. There are others where third only pays 4c, I think that is either the $2.20 4.40, or the $5.50 sat.
                    Last edited by WeaselBasher; Fri Oct 17, 2014, 11:48 AM.



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