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Weaselbasher's Bankroll Challenge

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  • Weaselbasher's Bankroll Challenge

    I have $150 Roll to start with.

    I am aiming to turn this into $500, by New Years Eve.

    and to have fun playing as always!

    I will be playing a mixture of Satellites and SNG/MTT (as I don't like Cash too much,) just playing NL Holdem (although Omaha is a new thing to me, and a great game too)

    I will try and exercise good Bankroll Management, but with allowances :- if I satellite into an Event, and consider it worth a shot, or, cannot un-register as the Event has already started etc. But no direct buy-in to MTT over $1.50, at least not until my Bankroll has grown! I will hopefully play in some Sunday Storms and Phase Tournys.

    I will rely on my Poker CoPilot to log my games, and then will upload results as and when, I will try to do it in batches of 5 or 10 or something in-between. I will make a note of Re-buys and Add-ons and K.O's if applicable.,

    Sunday Storm Satellites at $2.20 are allowed within my Bankroll, as there is a 1 in 5 ish payout, or 20% approx. I will try a mixture of games to hopefully even out the bumps and wrinkles, called variance. So some lesser risk games, mixed in with higher risk/reward ones...

    So, STT SNG, MTT SNG, MTT Satellites and MTT Tournaments are on the agenda...

    Some thoughts I have had, some ideas from posts on the Forum, for games to play...

    0.50c 9 seat SNG
    Fifty-fifty, (but wasn't too successful on these last time- so maybe just a handful)
    45/90/180/360 Multi-table SNG's
    Sunday Storm Sats $2.20, but will try the $1.10/ 45 seat SNG, if available
    Phase 1 Satty's $2.20
    Other Satellites into to the Regular games, like Big's and Hot's.
    Maybe a freeroll or two, and maybe some Home Games!

    Let's see if I can do this!!
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    Good Luck WB Grind It Upumbup:umbup:umbup: PH .


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      If you can mind turbos, I think the 0.55 and 0.82 MTT turbos are great value. A lot of variance of course, the fields are pretty big and the play is pretty crazy, but there's some good money to be made in these me thinks.
      You have like 300 buy-ins for the 0.55s and a little under 200 buy-ins for the 0.82s.


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        yes thanks Simon, I will be playing those games as well, any micro MTT under $1.50 (of which there is a great choice on here)

        There are CAP, and some great dollar tournaments too


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          I played 3 freerolls, one home game, a 45 seat sng, plus a Big $11 sat...........close but no cigar yet.

          BR $150 Start

          $0.25c 45man 10th/45
          $0.55c Home Game 26th/27
          $1.10 Big 11 sat 34th/129

          BR $148.10 End after 6 games

          I played both Spin n Go freerolls, but I tilted as one player was announcing his cards, his folded cards and sometimes what was live, halfway thru hands..

          I told him nicely to not do it as it was ruining the game, but he then became extremely abusive, so I reported him, but not alot happened.

          So tilted I shoved my stack at start of Home Game ( I bet they all want me back again soon)

          Anyway 10th in the 45 seat was ok, top 7 paid spots, so not good enough.


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            Nothing too exciting to report, a min-cash in a 82c mtt and I played my Daily Challenge ( 10 cash hands, walked off the table 13cents up, without getting raped!!) and earned a $ 1 Spin tik, for use at a later stage. Apart from that about 5 bucks lower, mainly due to 2 x SM 50c rebuys

            Also I read the Promo and topped-up my account £25 to get some Spin tiks, value $7, also for later use

            BR $142.19 I'm not counting/factoring Spin tiks til I use them

            I am hoping to get a decent run in a micro to boost me up, and will try a couple of S Storm sats at the right time, to hopefully try and cash one and play the other....if I win 1 out of 2 , I may try for a couple more
            Last edited by WeaselBasher; Fri Oct 10, 2014, 09:03 PM.


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              82c mtt hand that I have looked at on my CoPilot Replayer...hmmmmmmm I had about the same 17% win odds and pot odds to see the flop. Not great. I thought about it briefly, and decided that as it was a pair, and had a chance to improve, I decided to see the the flop in position. Also the fact that the pot looked a nice swollen size :- The flop comes, and I have an 80% of winning the hand, according to CoPilot Replayer,, I still think I did the right thing, by both entering the Pot, and by shuvin', but only after a bit of thought, but what do you guys think? At the time I thought of danger cards Ace-rags and the like, possibly someone with a larger mid pair, but didn't put anyone on a 3 5, so I thought I would just get it in. Also that i could get into the usual poo if the hand continued.......... I was only at the table for a few hands, so no reads to go on... I don't know how to delete the result, so you will just have to see the whole hand.
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                Sorry double post
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                  Hi Weasel, I did think the Sunday Storm Sats $2.20 with 2 ticket Gtd were "In the past" good value and a short late reg, the Gtd is beaten with 6 or more tickets. Like a $1.50/27 player SNG now it's only one $11 ticket Gtd. No bigger player pool = no value. "Sunday Storm Sats $2.20, but will try the $1.10/ 45 seat SNG, if available" With 100 bucks BR I haven't the edge, not in a $1.10/45 turbo, hyper satellites have tried some 88c? 6-max for 2 tickets or was that for the big $4.40 can't remember. Just suggesting IMO $1.10 - $2.20 is high BR wise so more volume at the lower stakes. Turbo/hyper or regular 10 minute levels? I've been crushed in the 50c/9 single table turbos huge variance with the size of the player pool. But I'm ok in 25c/45 SNG and if you have the time 25c/90 SNG with extra time now 15 minute levels. Looking at volume 100 x 25c or 50c, regular SNG games with $100 BR is? Compared to $1.10 / $2.20 satellites? Sorry blogging/dumping on your thread. But it is tough. Good luck in your challenge. umbup:
                  Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Oct 11, 2014, 08:40 AM. Reason: old storm 2 Gtd


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                    hey FF, you are welcomeumbup: hmmm, I don't totally agree with your thoughts on B.R. regarding the Sunday Storm 2.20 sats...if I understand fully your thoughts... I have $150 roll, there is a 1 in 5.5 prize, and from memory that gives me 68 buy-ins,so, if I just did those, I would be happy with my B.R. Management, as the payout structure is good. I do agree with mixing-it-up with lower buy-insumbup:


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                      edit, I was referring to the Storm $1.10 45 seat sng, top 4 win a tik


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                        Yes, Sorry I was rambling on about the old $2.20 Storm satellite 2 x $11 Gtd - do we get 18-27 players? A couple more tickets. Plays like a $1.50/27 SNG 10 minute levels, 5 get paid.
                        Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Oct 11, 2014, 08:46 AM. Reason: like a SNG


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                          When I looked yesterday, there were no $1.10 45 seat SS Sats.....

                          I still think the $2.20 SS sats are prob the best value, but, like you say, they need a decent field if you are playing the MTT version, which are best played on Friday nights and weekends

                          As for normal SNG multi-table, I am going UP TO $1, but mainly 25c or 50c

                          BR Start @ 986910041 $142.59
                          Last edited by WeaselBasher; Sat Oct 11, 2014, 11:56 AM.


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                            Originally posted by WeaselBasher View Post
                            edit, I was referring to the Storm $1.10 45 seat sng, top 4 win a tik
                            In a standard 10 minute blind level $1/45 SNG, 7 players cash. Doesn't change on a Friday, maybe more fish in the satellite Saturday... and more in the Sunday Storm.


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                              Hey wb Sounds like this challenge ought to be fun, and offer lots of great practice - hope you crush and make lots of $$ in the process, GL GL!! gooo wb!! umbup: umbup:



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