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a fresh start and some new targets.

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  • a fresh start and some new targets.

    After having the best part of 2 months away from the online tables I think it is the right time to get back to it and set my self some targets for whats left of this year.

    My targets are as follows.

    1, improve my mtt game by spending more time reviewing hands and taking part in training events.

    2, spend a higher % of my time playing my A game

    3, become a better live player

    4, beat my best online mtt result

    5, increase my ratio of ft/wins

    6, build my bankroll up from $2.3k too 5k+ (online)

    7, make poker more fun for everyone

    Heres how I plan to do it.
    To improve my mtt game I will be joining the fun at and playing every friday in the live stream games and summer leagues, I will also try to watch the mtt reviews and even try to get one of my mtts reviewed by the team. I will also be joining the fun at pso

    To make sure I spend more time playing my A game I will limit what amount of time I play and avoid playing for more then 6 hours a day, if I do have a deep run and go over the 6 hours I will reduce the amount of tables im playing as the time goes by.

    To get better at live poker I plan on playing at my local club 1-2 times a week in their £20-35 deep stack buyin events. Doing this alone should help as I have only played live 5 time this year (one cash when chopped it up heads up). This will also give me a chance of bigger cashes as the top few players win seats in to bigger event as part of the winnings, normally £125 events.

    Beating my best online win is a tricky one, my best result to date is a win in a $2.70ko for $1711, I feel my best chance of beating this is to simply play more mtts that have bigger payouts rather then the $3.50-7.00 sng that I have spent a lot of time playing this year.

    Increasing my ft/win ratio is also a tricky one as I seem to have got in to the habit of playing to make an ft rather then playing to make an ft with a big chip stack, I feel I may be playing to tight on the ft bubbles And this is a big part of my game that I need to improve on.

    Building my bank roll.... To do this I have been looking at my complete history and and have been looking to see what games suit me best, $3.50-15.00 sng are by far my best roi with $2-5 deep stack mtts not far behind, so I must spend more time playing these and avoid playing hypers, 6max, heads up, 1 table sng ect. I feel that my bank roll will let me take shots at $22-33 deep stack mtt as long as I step down a level if my bank roll drops.i also plan to get back to grinding the pso prem league again and get the free $

    Making poker more fun is the easy bit, I will be joining jason somervile during his live streams on run it up, I will try and start playing more live cash games. I will also avoid setting targets for amount of hands played or a min amount of hours or session per week to avoid making poker like a job. I will also join in with some of the last longer events on here and try to better my sunday storm results ($55= biggest cash).

    Happy hunting

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    Live play is the target for the next week or so as my local club are running a 50+hour live cash game.
    The buyins are from £50-£10,000 but most tables will be £1/2 or £2/£4, im planning to take around £600 (35% of br) and have 2 shots at £100 dc and 3-4 shots at £100hl, if I do well I may buy in to the £125 comp next weekend also. But i would want to be up to £1600+ before I do this.

    As a warm up I will be playing a 0.50/1 live game tonight with £100 from my br (6% of br).

    My live money bankroll starts at £1,800 this week after I lost 240 playing the last £60 event at dusk till dawn.

    I am thinking about doing the complete 50hours just to see if I can, I will have to have an hour off for a shower in the middle tho.


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      Had a pretty good night last night, peeked at £560 and walked away with £420 after 6 hours of play, so livebank roll now stands at £2100. I wont have much time for poker this weekend but next friday onwards is nothing but poker for 3 days.

      Had a strange spot last night, I was on the button with JJ, utg bets big (12 x bb) and it folds to me, I call, blinds fold.
      Flop come 279 mixxed suits, there is £25 in the pot and utg player has £85 behind, I have £160. Utg bets £55.
      At this point I cant see me ever folding as I dont understand y he would bet so big if he had the goods. If he has AA or better I would expect him to bet £15-25 and not £55. Anyway I push it all in for his last £30 thinking he will call with his ak as he is priced in..... He tanks! For a long time and then mucks.


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        No poker today but have been looking over some old "cake" videos from jason somervile, they are old but are still good viewing.

        Live br =£2200
        Online br =$2300


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          Gl Sparkes!

          Where do you play live?


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            I play live at dusk till dawn (dtd), in nottingham uk, but I sometimes play cash at the local grosvenor's also.

            I find the cash games at dtd are hard games to beat as the players are far better, but there is also much bigger games, up to £5/10 (some times much bigger) level and the games are always running. The mtts at dtd are all good with big fields and they often have overlay. Even the £20 buy in events can hit £4000 pp on the weekends and they often run along side bigger events like the £125 events they have this week or the £250, £500,£1000 and £3000 events they ran last week.

            I find the cash games at the grosvenors are very easy to beat but they are normally smaller games 0.50/1 blinds and a lot of player buy in for the min amount of £40. I also find the cash games dont run every night due to lack of players. But last time I played there I won £1300 in 2 hours so you can do well if other players are willing to put up the cash.

            I find it very easy to spot the mugs at grosvenors, normally within 2 rounds you can see who is weak and who to avoid. They also run a small jackpot thing where you win a jackpot if you get quads, even if it dont go to a show down, last time I went the biggest jackpot was for quad 2's , which would win you £487, but quad K's only won you £13. 2 players won jackpots in the few hours I played, £130 and £90

            A few years ago I only played live and would play 4-5 times a week, this was when I was living in portsmouth.
            I played at shuffles, the mint and the grosvenors. This mint casino was by far the best, they did a £10 rebuy on a friday that only had a £1 fee and then they did free food at the first break and free coffee all night.
            Last time I won that I got £1350, so the pp was good also.

            When I lived in portsmouth and only played live I would say my roi was about -5% over the 2years I played, but that would only be a guess, I found I could win playing small stakes cash but found mtts harder at first. But I do remember having a few good months, I remember making 10 ft's in a row and making deals in each one but they were only £20 buy ins and the wins were normally £200-£300 after the deals.


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              Will it be a good thing for pokerstars to have an online casino?

              The good things as I see them are.

              Far more gamblers at the poker table = easy money
              Pokerstars becomes bigger and has more money to try and break back in to the usa
              People that do like go gamble can gamble and earn vpp.
              Pokerstarts will make more money and in turn spend more on its products.

              The bad things are....

              Some people play on pokerstars because they dont trust them self around casino games.
              It will offer casino games to players that have not been tempted by them before.
              It could mean people will see poker as just another casino game.
              It may draw players that want to gamble away from the poker tables.

              After thinking about it I can see it being a good thing for the company but a bad thing for gamblers with a problem.

              What do you guys think?


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                What you're describing is Full Tilt!

                There's 782 sites out there that offer poker with casino games, I think it's rather nice just to have a site that's purely dedicated to poker and the volume seems to suggest that the public agree.


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                  Fair point, I must agree that I like the fact that is only poker on this site, that the fact they offer a number of different types of poker games, not just holdem and plo like a lot of other sites.

                  The other thing that worries me is the fact that I know I will be getting spammed with emails asking me to go and play on slots or sports betting or whatever, when im not interested in that.


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                    The plan for the weekend is as follows

                    Friday I play the £20 buy-in £4000 gtd event In My local club, then join the cash games after
                    Saturday I play cash from 2-8pm and then play the £125 buy-in £25,000gtd and then its cash all the way till sunday night, but I hope to be playing day2 on Sunday also.

                    Im taking £900 from my live bankroll, and will be buying in to the cash games for 100bb.

                    Im not playing anything tonight but might have time for a few sng tomorrow night.


                    • #11
                      Hummmm , I did say I would play the sunday storm so if I dont make day 2 I will play that on sunday with a few mtts and sng, and then....sit in my pants all day eating junk food.


                      • #12
                        Should get my back tomorrow . Only took a month to get it sorted but its all done now?
                        My live bank roll took a hit today tho, wife + new shoes = -£200. But shes happy and thats what matters.

                        Working late tomorrow then its all poker all weekend


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                          Some really nice prizes in those MTTs - would be cool to be able to rail some PSOers to some deep finishes this Fall, best of luck with the grinding Sparkes!! umbup:


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                            Quick update on the live games

                            Tonight I have played the £20 deepstack 4kgtd. I fired 2 bullets and was card dead from start to bust, I only won 2 pots, a 12bb all in push with 99 that won me the blinds and two limpers who folded, and I won a small pot with a rivered house vs two pair. I played for 3hours and bust well before the money, 160/205.

                            I then went to play cash, playing £1/2 no limt holdem (£200 buy in), I was total card dead for an hour but managed to steal a few small pots, I was then coolered kk vs aa for a £120 pot, and then lost another all in with kd qd on a kx jd 9d flop, when I was vs ak off, I was lucky as the villan only had £80 stack.

                            This left me with a stack of £75 which I soon got in the pot with qq vs ak and jj, a jack on the flop and a king on the river left me with £0. Clearly tonight was not my night, so I have called it quits for today at -£250 from my live br.

                            Hoping tomorrows cash game of plo and the £125 mtt works out a little better, I plan on taking £400 and saving another £250 for sundays cash games.

                            On a more happy note I did see/meet sam tricket and paul newey today, as they played in some high stakes cash game, im not sure what blinds they were playing but all players had £10-30k and most pots were £1k+before the flop, mbn.


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                              Quick update from last night,

                              Took £400 with me, didnt play the £125 as I was enjoying the cash games to much. I didnt really win any big pots as I was playing a bit like a nit, but I did manage to walk away with a £640 profit after playing some plo and then some nl.

                              I was £740 up when the I stopped the poker but I then went and spun £100 on the devil wheel with no luck.

                              Anyway it was a good night and it bumped my live bankroll back over the 2k mark, I will be back later today for so e more cash and to see how many players are still there from last night.



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