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My poker whines

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  • My poker whines

    It has always been my ambition to build a bankroll not making any investment. Things were going reasonably well until I hit the 80 dollar mark at which point a disaster began to unfold. As of writing this post, I'm literally broke. Point is, I really think I played well. Not that I didn't make mistakes, everyone makes them, but the amount of bad luck that I had was enormous. Seriously, it almost as if some hands are designed specifically for me to go broke. Consider the hands below:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Why do you bother playing hands like Q7, you ask? Well:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    It's hands like these that made me go completely broke. Not to mention all the hands where I had kings and was against aces. I am becoming more and more convinced that poker is actually a game of luck with little or no skill involved. On micro stakes (zoom poker or not) everyone seems to play in the same way so whether you win or not depends exclusively on your cards. It amazes me to see all those players with 15 dollar stacks on 2NL and yet I rarely could build a stack of 5 dollars. And when I finally did, I would typically go broke in 2 unlucky hands. It's frustrating because I felt I was playing decent poker and I went from $80 to nothing within two weeks or so. Why would I make a deposit now knowing that I will lose all my money again? That's the easiest way to develop a gambling addiction and become financially embarrassed. So I think I'm not going to post here my progress as a poker player - I'm never going to become one. But if some poker-related thought occurs to me, I will write it down here. I hope it's not against the rules? Because you know, poker is a cool game, it's just... some people are just not destined to become winning players, I guess.

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    you are right... you will never make it as a poker player ...... if you give up ....
    its something you have to work towards, even the greats struggled with it to begin with...

    all these hands you posted you should not of been in, a q7 is a fold.... jj with 4 hearts is a fold, and aq oop to a limp re-raise is def a fold.... just keep plotting away.... who knows you may be the next big star....


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      Well, Q7 isn't a very good hand preflop but for God's sake I had trips with a good kicker, how could I fold? The other guy had K7 off suit, I take Q7 suited over K7 off at any time (in a cash game). As for the hand with AQ, I was steaming out of my mind from the previous hand, but still, top pair with the queen kicker was basically second nuts on that board. My opponent could easily have something like QJ of clubs, I saw people do stranger things.
      Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
      Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
      I know beats happen to everyone but for goodness' sake... I'd be so happy if I won 60% of the time being 4 to 1 favourite or better. Another thing is that I really don't recall having a poker session where I was "running good". It's very annoying when you win small pots by making timely bluffs, value betting the right amount... and the out of the blue you flop set over set. In all likelihood I will start playing again... one day.


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        It is common knowledge that no casino game allows you to make positive expectation bets, no matter what you do with your chips. NL Hold 'em is believed by many to be different since "as long as you make +EV decisions you will turn profit in the long run". There's a catch though: in order to be able a +EV decision, you have to find yourself in a position to make such a decision, which takes a lot of luck. Let me use raising with a flush draw as an example: Raising with a flush draw is often a +EV play, but to make this play, you guessed it, you first have to hit a flush draw. To hit a flush draw, more often than not you have to be dealt two suited cards and connect with the board. And this requires tons of luck. When I discovered poker two years ago I was one of those fooled into believing that I could be a winning player, if I make correct decisions at a poker table. Clearly, this is not how it works. I lost several poker bankrolls, making +EV decisions a great majority of the time.Indeed, I would absolutely love it if I could win as little as 51% of all hands where I risk all my stack being 3 to 1 favourite, 4 to 1 favourite, 2,5 to 1 favourite..., which would allow me to at least hover around even. And if you take into account all the times I'm on the wrong end of the AA vs. KK situation and mistakes that I inevitably though occasionally make, it becomes obvious that there is no way whatsoever I can actually profit from playing poker. It took me two years to stop thinking of poker as of a potential alternative source of income. It took me two years to realize making money from poker is a pipe dream. Now, I treat poker like every other casino game - I expect to lose when I play. In other words: When I hold pocket aces on an A82 rainbow flop, I expect to lose the hand. When I have aces and move it in preflop against a single opponent, I fully expect to lose. That's the way it goes. No luck, no money. umbup:


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          I don't expect you to believe me, but you are wrong. There are plenty of people making a living from poker, but it isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work and study, and the game is constantly evolving. You are in the right place to learn, try attending training classes on a regular basis, and review the lessons in the video archives.

          Do you review your play regularly? If so, try posting some hands in the analysis forums, we have some great analyzers here who can help you. You can even submit an entire tourney or cash session for analysis by one of the trainers.

          Explore the mental side of your game, maybe some of these "bad beats" are tilting you and causing you to make less than optimal decisions. This can be hard to recognize because you need to be brutally honest with yourself, something most of us find hard.

          Try some of these things, they are sure to improve your game.

          Bracelet Winner


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            I havent seen any right play here. Terrible playing in every hand. What about bad beats and coolers, i had OMG how muchthem only for today, so what???? If you cannot play correct poker, dont need to talk that its anyones fault but not yours. If poker for you is like casino, so may be it would be better to go to roulette??? Its much faster and easier and there you have a chance to win, black-red,red-black, no need any thoughts, any brains, just pick your chips,because you wont ever win something playing poker if you continue to find anyone guilty in your terrible playing. Good luck!!!



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