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The Donkey's Journey from Bankroll Builder to???

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  • The Donkey's Journey from Bankroll Builder to???

    Hello donks! This is my first ever poker blog, and this will be my very first entry it will be a bit long so bare with me guys. I had an epiphany while I was driving around town(meaning=blowing off steam from tilt) of starting a blog for a few reasons,


    A.) To detail my progression in poker

    B.) So I can be more focused and determined to prove myself = EGO

    C.) To have interesting discussions with fellow members in PSO

    D.) Just for the hell of it, somewhere I can write off my thoughts

    and a couple of things that I'll be posting,

    THINGS I will post in BLOG

    A.) Day-to-day poker grind(with graphs and stats, still figuring stuff out)

    B.) Background info on me some stories and anecdotes

    C.) Hand discussions

    D.) Interesting news/stories in poker community

    E.) Current goals to attain

    F.) Random stuff

    Yes, I thought about all of that while driving and thinking about the mistakes I made from a very short losing session. Before I get to explaining that, let me give an introduction about myself...

    Let's start in the beginning, way back in '08-'09. I first got exposed to the world of poker one lazy sunday afternoon when I was watching television, flipping around channels. I came upon an episode of a WPT Tournament. I can't recall exactly which episode I do remember seeing Patrik Antonius and Doyle Brunson in that table(during that time I had no idea who they were, but I liked PA from the get go...good looking perhaps? no homo). I wasn't much of a card player and cards were banned from my house , but I knew a couple of games like pusoy(Philippine version of Chinese Poker) and tong-its(Gin Rummy version). So I had a basic idea of which hands beats which. Other than that I have no experience or knowledge about No Limit Holdem Poker.

    I liked the big stacks of chips. The huge money involved(I actually thought they were playing real money, not tournament chips). The enthusiasm of the commentators Sexton and Van Patten. And the bluffs. Yes the bluffs got me into the game. I had no idea about the basics of the game but along with the excited atmosphere the cheers right there I was hooked...

    I'll leave my intro story at that for the time being. I'll periodically get back to it while posting my current poker journey.

    Now, to where I'm at in the present. I'm just about to clear my bankroll builder promotion, I got about 6$ now. Waiting for the last 2$ installment to get cleared. During that time period of about 4 days before I managed to grind the small sum of money to 40$ playing FR NL2 zoom exclusively. Started with one table until I got the groove and the money to start 4-tabling. I did this in just about 10k hands with 14/11/64 stats.

    So now I have the correct bankroll, based on my BRM of 20 buy ins in cash game, to play NL2 and grind my way up to 100$ to play NL5.

    But then I hit a speed bump. The bump which caused my epiphany of starting this blog. About 2 hours ago I decided to try and play a different game. Causing me to lose about 12$(6 buyins on my current level). No, don't worry I didn't prematurely jumped into NL5...I opened 4 tables of 6 max NL2 zoom. Thinking it was going to be easy because I was winning in FR. But it wasn't pretty.

    I knew from a few browsing on forums and such that 6 max is a totally different game from FR. I was wary of that so I decided to observe for a couple of hands(not that easy playing zoom mind you). First thing I noticed was the faster action and looser play. After a few hands I also saw how much of the action is on blind stealing/defending etc. I got 3-bet a lot. Not used to that in full ring.

    With these 'observations' I decided to adjust my play and got looser, without much though put into it or study, and added 4-betting much marginal hands I never really had in my range(ace queen and ace jack, 8's to 10's). I also stole a lot more, and 3-bet raises I perceived to be blind steals(coming from button).

    I don't use HUD in game, but I use it to analyze my hand and sessions that I play after games. So not using HUD(in hindsight)t his last minute adjusting really hurt my game. I ended up losing 6 buyins rather quickly. In about 1.5k hands(very very small sample size I know) I had 18/16/68 and was -32BB/100.

    Ouch! Donk...

    Now I read somewhere that to grind from a small BR to a big BR and moving up the stakes ladder you have to stick to one game and specialize in it. I realized this also in hindsight So now I'm going to go back to playing FR NL2 exclusively and stick to my game plan.

    1. Play a 4 hour session to calculate how many hands I play per 4 hour
    2. Not to lose more(hopefully)

    1. Move up to NL5
    2. Post graphs and stats in blog

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    Gl bud!

    I suggest looking up some 6 max videos in the video archives of the site if you want to get a feel for how it plays. There are a lot of good starting guides around the internet, Ryan Fees 6max guide is a good one.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Originally posted by Paddy Gar View Post
      Gl bud!

      I suggest looking up some 6 max videos in the video archives of the site if you want to get a feel for how it plays. There are a lot of good starting guides around the internet, Ryan Fees 6max guide is a good one.

      Thanks man, I'll take a look at some of the videos in this site also the guide you just said. Gl 2 u too.


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        Blog entry#2

        Seems like I should've called it a night after that horrible 6max NL2 sessions. On top of the 6 buy-ins I lost on that session. I lost 2 more buy-ins at the end of my FR NL2 session....which was supposed to be for 4 hours. I ended up playing only 2 hours and managed to log in a little over 2k hands. I decided to stop playing because I wasn't playing my A-game

        Played some very very bad hands, I'll post them ASAP once I figure out the poker software I just downloaded(PokerTracker4).

        I'll call it a night... the games will still be there tomorrow.

        BANKROLL for NL2

        Started Session = 20BI

        Ended Session = 12BI

        Profit = -8BI


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          Blog Entry#3

          I just took a break from a 2 hour session. So far I'm up about 6 BI. Not a bad start from the crash yesterday. After that session I took an hour to a bit of studying. I googled some micro stakes guide and downloaded Ryan Fee's 6-max guide. I learned a lot from this like tightening up the range especially in micro and keeping things simple.

          That's the keyword for me I think. Keep things simple and ABC.

          I'm relatively new to playing online I used to play a lot of live cash games and tournaments. Now I've gotten to understand how much of a different game online is from live. There is not much reads(I play zoom, so yeah), and fancy/flair plays won't win me money in the long run(micros). So from this, I've come to look at playing NL2 Zoom as playing a very stripped down version of the game I'm used to playing.

          I used to play much higher stakes live. The lowest games here in PH is 10/20(that's in pesos, so about 0.25/0.5 in $$) and I played 25/50(.5/1) with a grinded up 80k bankroll(about 2000$). I don't know if that's a good BRM for live cash. Anyway I played well and won decent amounts of money playing a straight forward TAG game exploiting the recreational players and the occasional tourist while steering clear/playing stronger hands with the regulars. I was doing okay until about 2 months ago Asian Poker Tour came to Manila.

          APT regularly held tournaments here in the PH about 2-3 times a year ever since about maybe 2008(?). Learning about poker from watching reruns of WPT, it was a dream of mine to play a live major tournament like APT. But back then I didn't have the slightest chance of playing as I was still playing recreationally and as a hobby and I didn't have the money$$. But 2014....this year.....and with my 80k roll I decided take a shot and play a much bigger table. Well like the movie Rounders we all know what happend...

          I lost more than half of my roll fairly quickly. Got some setup hands here and there, and played very below average scared money. At the end of that night I was sitting on a bacarrat table gambling off the remains of the roll that I grinded up for months...

          Now I'm flat line 6-feet under broke. I moved back to my parent's place. Decided to take a break from college. And just have been shacking it up for to close to a month now. And what am I doing....I'm playing NL2

          BANKROLL for NL2

          Started Session = 12BI

          Ended Session = 18BI

          Profit = +6BI

          DAILY GOALS

          1. Play second <2hour session
          2. Study up after

          1. Move up to NL5
          2. Post graphs and stats in blog
          3. Learn proper BRM


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            Hand of the session 1 This is a short hand but one that I'm thinking whether I made a bad laydown...I had AKo on SB there was around 2 or 3 limpers so I jacked it up x6...2 callers. Flop comes A 7 8 two diamonds. I c-bet 75% of pot. And got shoved on by MP caller. Other guy folds so it's up to me. I had him well covered. He had a full stack 2$(100BB). In this spot? Call or fold. I decided to fold NL2 zoom I thought there's not much I can beat. He could have a set, two pair?. AQ/AJ won't jam? Straight flush draw I'm even money. So I thought I'll just let it go there's better spots to put my money in and stack off.


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              Charts #1

              Just finished up my second >2hour session for the day. Played okay and tighter. Now I've finally figured out how to post charts!

              This is my all time chart...I don't have the Hand history when I started with the bankroll builder promotion because back then I had no idea how important it was to save up HH and the importance of a poker software. Plus I didn't know how to!

              So the starting bankroll on my software I set to when I started to save up HH. It was around 16$ and change.

              This is for today's session. I like how it looks(though small sample size <9000 hands). Is it because I tightened up the hands I play?
              Anyway I've recovered the losses from last night's session and won a few more. Now I'm going to call it a day and read up and take a look at the videos offered in this site.

              BANKROLL for NL2

              Started Session = 18BI

              Ended Session = 22BI

              Profit = +4BI


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                Learned a very good lesson today! Never ever ever play without sleep...was trying to get my body clock back to regular morning-night. So havent slept >24hours now. To keep me awake I had the help of caffeine and playing 4 tables of NL2 Zoom.

                Not a good idea. Crashed and burned again. lost 4 buy-ins. Good thing I started playing shit near the end of my body clock experiment...else I'd have lost more.

                Well, tomorrow I'll have another fresh start. Time to sleep

                Started Session = 22BI

                Ended Session = 18BI

                Profit = -4BI


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                  Will have to prematurely stop this blog. Got a stake in PS. So at most what has happend to my very short journey is

                  Bankroll Builder->30k hands of NL2 zoom -> Got a stake to play 2.50 180 mans

                  ciao gl to all!



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