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Ash's Zoom Poker Adventure [5NL to 100NL]

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  • Ash's Zoom Poker Adventure [5NL to 100NL]

    Ash's Zoom Poker


    I'll start with a little introduction about myself and my poker, I'm a 19 year old student who loves the game but have had some horrendously bad bankroll management which has resulted in me being a losing player and have a number of leaks in my game which I need to improve to become a constant winning regular. I have decided to start this challenge as if I document my progress I'm less likely to tilt and move up the stakes stupidly. This thread will be used to follow my progress from 5NL Zoom to 100NL Zoom, I will also be playing FPP satellites with my FPP which will also be documented but the main focus will be the NLHE Zoom. I also have a large amount of hours to put into the game over the next month so hopefully I improve my game greatly.

    Bankroll Management

    I have always had a problem with Bankroll management and tilting so I'm going to play with a VERY strict bankroll management all this year however I will play a few tournament but for these I will use my personal money and deposit so these will not effect bankroll.

    As of late on 18/05/2014 this is a picture of my cashier and VIP status:

    This is my cashier and VPP earned when the challenge has started.

    Moving up goals

    As for moving up the stakes I'm not sure how I want to work these goals out and will just be moving up adjusting to current bankroll.

    Hand Analysis and Finding Leaks

    This is something I have never done but want to start doing a lot more and as I play more I will be able to setup some goals for this.

    Resources I'm using

    I use the HUD Pokertracker and I will be putting a weekly graph up with my weekly results, once in a while I will also be putting a leaks tracked analysis up using Pokertracker LeakTracker software. I will look at my results in leaktracker and see if I think there is anything I really need to improve upon.

    I also recently signed up to Cardrunners so I will be watching a lot of their videos in order to improve my play.
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    So after three short sessions I am down just over 9 buyins which is very frustrating at the start of the challenge. I won't let this put me off though, I have been able to notice a few leaks in my play one big leak being playing too big pots out of position and I need to have a more selective all-in range and I need to give opponents credit for their big hands.

    I will post a few key hands I thought I played horrendously bad one of which I lost 3 buyins.

    I'm going to go through Pokertracker 4 Leaktracker software on the small amount of hands and look where I'm going wrong.

    It is obvious to see that my problem is what I have outlined up top. I think I am playing too aggressively for the level I'm playing as a lot of player never seem to be able to find the fold when I'm bluffing a believable line. I've decided to stop bluffing pretty much all together for a while until I have a decent number of hands on the regulars.


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      Hey Ash, best of luck!

      Yeah any tricky spots I would suggest using the PSO hand replayer and putting the hands in the cash analysis forums. Has helped me tremendously.

      Observe the 5nl zoom tables (there is an option in the main lobby) to see what villains are stacking off with, take some notes.
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        Always fun to see others' zoom spots - looking forward to following your progress ... GL Ash!!


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          First of all, best of luck Ash!

          It is worth checking out Felix's "Grinding It Up!" via his blog or YouTube. Gareth has some good vids about Zoom as well. Dave's cash game vids are also the nizzle. It is good to learn the distinct nuances between cash games and tournaments. If you are just starting with Zoom, I recommend that when you fold a hand, use the option to stay at the table, and take some notes. That way you can find some fish, and watch how the good players snag them.

          Suggestion for a semi-conservative bankroll ladder:

          < $125 - 2NL
          > $150 - 5NL
          > $300 - 10NL move down to 5NL if BR < $250
          > $750 - 25NL move down to 10NL if BR < $625
          > $1,500 - 50NL move down to 25NL if BR < $1,250

          The rule of thumb is to give yourself 5 shots to stick at the new level. Better players, like Felix, use a more aggressive approach than this particular stairway.
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