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My Premier League Journey!

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  • My Premier League Journey!

    Of course we would all like to win the big prize at the end of the month for winning the Premier League and I dont know if I have the ability to do that but Im going to give it my best shot and I thought I would record my efforts to help me keep on track.Not doing that great at the moment after being put out early with AA,AK and KK not going my way.I believe variance will swing my way eventually so this month I am going to play aggressively to see how that works out for me.All ins will be a strategy for me and I will boom my exit hands and any hands that turn out great lol.Good luck to all my buddies that play in that league and look forward to seeing you at the tables,I dont really want to take my buddies out of the game but its a necessary part of winning lol,.

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    Out in 316th was out early last night too with AA
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      Gotta hate that but i don't think you had any choice there, the cards played themselves

      Good try and good luck on the next one.

      I haven't paid much attention to Premier League, how did you qualify?
      What are the fields like?
      What are the rewards like?


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        Hi there baud,yes been having a bit of AA bad luck but its all good,it happens and I read and enjoyed your stats of what % of your hands were doing well and 44 stood out for me coz I keep getting beaten by them.I got put out of the Big Bang a few months ago when my JJ got beaten by 44 trips.I qualified for the Prem league by finishing in the top 500 of the Open league.I got to 2165 points after 3 weeks and then just sat out the rest of the month as I figured I had enough points to get me in the top 500 and finished 435th.The fields in the Prem are awesome,lots of good players to test yourself against and its not full of donks and calling stations like the Open is.Its best to have 150 vpps before you make the Prem as this makes your prize alot bigger at the end of the month but you can play in Prem with 20vpps.Top prize is $5000 so yes well worth having a crack at it imo.A player of your abilities would finish at least in the money,the least being $20 for finishing 500th or less.I have been told by other players that playing in the Prem Qualifying tourneys is an easier option than playing the Open league to qualify for Prem but I just love killing the donks in the Open league LOL.Be great to see you in the Prem my friend so I encourage you to give it a go.


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          Out in 79th today,KJ always beats me dont know why it just does and again and again I get beaten with A rag but doesnt seem to work for me lol
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          . Dont take me too seriously I just like to feel sorry for myself!
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            Out in 57th
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              I might give it a try, not really put much effort in Open before, got some strong finishes and got myself a $2 win but didnt make top 500.

              I reckon i could do it, i could only really play one game per day unless I game the system and just reg EVERY game whilst at work and then just sit-out for them to get some small points, with some big points for the games I can play

              Is that a valid strategy?

              My VPP is typically over 150 a month at the moment so no worries there


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                CELL, I saw you once at a table. You did a good run in that day I remember, but me don't It is a very rough field. What is your strategy? Do you have one or you just play like in a normal MTT game? I had couple of negative points in my 3 firsts games (my first time when I play in this league), but in my 4th game I ended up at the FT and finished on a well deserved 5th place. I still trying to learn how to beat this league. I look for some articles here and there, but nothing. No one wants to reveal their strategy. Anyway, I will try to play as many I can (I'm trying to beat the micro cash games now to reach 150 VPP) and find out on myself how to beat PSL. Maybe next month I will have my 150VPP and I will win some $$ in this league.
                Anyway, good luck DELL. Hope to see you at my table.


                PS: baud, how do you do your monthly 150VPPs?
                PS2: sorry for my bad english.
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                  Originally posted by JulianoDamin View Post
                  PS: baud, how do you do your monthly 150VPPs?
                  PS2: sorry for my bad english.

                  My current schedule is a bit of a bankroll rebuild, I am currently running
                  1 x 180m ($1)
                  4 x 27m ($1.50)
                  5 x Sunday Storm Satellites ($2.20)

                  I play the above as a minimum and then more providing I can cash well, giving me a stop loss per day that I can handle.

                  I can't remember the exact figures but each of these games pays approx $0.20 in rake and for every $1 i get 5.55 VPP. So a total of $2 in rake and 11.10 VPP per day (minimum)

                  So all I need to do is run 13 days of this schedule to get 150VPP, hopefuly more as I play the Sunday Storm each week if I can.

                  Right now I am a bit up and down on my bankroll, nothing major just a bit of a 2-steps-forward-1-step-back scenario. Will probably keep playing these games until I get a chunky bankroll and can move up stakes.


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                    Hi Juliano I dont really have a strategy for the Prem league coz I like to mix the way I play according to how others are playing at the table I am on.I dont play tight coz thats what lots of others do I will steal blinds etc if those at the table will let me lol.Today I made the final table for the first time and finished 8th but my points are still just under 1500 but we shall see at the end of the month how Im going.Good luck to you my romanian friend and hope you do wellumbup:umbup:


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                      Well done for the FT, CELL. It was an interesting moment, right? I think that's a good strategy. Maybe. Anyway, a little tight at the beginning. Good luck, CELL. Hope to see you at a final table and in the first 20 at the end of the month.



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