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*ChAlLeNgE Me*

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  • *ChAlLeNgE Me*

    I have just reloaded my PS account with $33.99.

    I want to try and build a BR of $200+ and want your ideas and suggestions on how to do this please.

    I have been playing about 6 months on/off but want to start playing serious so would like as much advice as possible. (I have passed the poker courses on here)

    I enjoy playing Hold Em And Omaha games. SNG, MTT and cash.

    Once i have a plan i will be posting in the forum and keeping people updated on my progress.


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    play what you enjoy....umbup:


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      Was after more ideas on how to build a BR


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        well firstly playing what you enjoy will enable you to put in the long hours required at the micros


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          I have been playing for 6 months and seeing what i enjoy, Now looking for a challenge to build my BR


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            I started off with the build a bankroll promotion and my current bankroll is around $200.

            I started off on cash games (which is where I have stayed),

            2nl Full Ring (one table)

            I then transitioned to 2nl FR Zoom (one table then to 2 tables)

            when my bankroll reached $150, I then went on to play 5nl FR Zoom (initially 1 table and then 2), which is where I am currently at.

            Once I reach around $300, I think I will have a stab at 10NL FR Zoom. If I am unsuccessful and my bankroll drops back down (not sure at what level) then I will move back down to 5nl Zoom FR (provided that I am profitable there)

            This has took me around a year to do, playing only around 2000 hands per week (roughly) and I started as a complete novice.

            I am starting to put in more volume , aiming for around 500 hands a day on average.

            Also, along the way make sure that you study hard.

            I hope that helps in some way.


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              Hi Wallbanger91.

              Back in october i decided to challenge myself to building a br from $0. I had nothing in my br, a handfull of fpp's, (which proved worthless in tournies) and 2 weekly round 2 Tickets(again worthless).

              After hitting min cashes in the open league and qualifying for the big bang i scored a $35 payday, and this is what i done.

              Instead of having one bankroll and deciding which games and limits to play i split what was now £35.50, into 3 separate bankrolls.

              If you do this you have to keep a document on your desktop to keep track, adding or subtracting from the relevant bankroll the tournament fees or cash buy ins as and when you do it and updating with winnings.

              I separate so that i have one bank roll for Stt's, One for Mtt's, and one for Cash. So with my $35.50 i put $2 into the stt br, $20 into the mtt br and the remainder of $13.50 into the cash br. This gave me 100 buy ins for stt's at the $0.02 990 hyper turbo, 200 buy ins for the then $0.10 (now $0.11 including $0.01 reg fee) and just over 15 buy ins for cash.

              I went one step further and added an extra layer of protection. When my $0.10 br topped 200 buy ins allowing me to move up to $0.25 (now $0.27 with $0.02 reg fee) instead of saying i had $20.90 or whatever it was for $0.25 i separated (on my notes i might add not physically hehe) the $20 (now $22 to cover the added fee) and started my $0.25 br from scratch or $0.90. This is my way of protecting my money from myself. It's all too easy to drop below 200 buy ins and forget or think, "well it's just a bad run it'll turn good soon".

              To give myself profit to cash out i reinvest all cash back into the level i've won it at. So any money won in $0.11 tournaments goes only to the $0.11 bank roll. Anything over the $22 or 200 buy ins is spent like this. top up the next level to 10 buy ins to get it off the ground then anything left i transfer to my GBP wallet (i'm british ) and let it build up till i can cash out.

              The other thing i do is i no longer think of the money i have on the site as mine. I think of it as gaming tokens to be spent on entry to events. That way i'm not involving it in my real world financial thinking.

              This has 2 benefits:-
              1) My mind is clear of money wories relating to the money i'm using on the site
              2) it allows me to play poker as poker instead of income.

              One thing to bear in mind however you do it, Unless you have the starting br and skill to grind the top levels straight away then you are in for a long hard slog at the lower levels nomatter how you manage your bankroll. And outside of an amazing run of luck, slow, steady and consistant is the way to play.

              Whatever way you choose i strongly recommend sticking to the suggested 200 buy ins for mtt's, 100 buy ins for stt's and 50 buy ins for cash games, as your br strategy for deciding which limits to play.

              As for the games you play, play the ones you love and are comfortable with as these are the ones you will concentrate and focus more attention on.

              Hope this helps. Phoenix

              P.S. from that starting cash of $35 i'm now on a combined br of $67. it's taken it's time sure but i've also cashed out $20 so it's working
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                Hi wallbanger91!

                One huge key with building a bankroll is to follow bankroll management. I only want to be playing games that are within my bankroll, otherwise, I risk busting it. For tourneys, I use 100 buy-ins, so if I have $40 in my bankroll, then I can play any tourney at 40 cents or under.

                I built my bankroll up from nothing, started in the freerolls, then started moving up the buy-in levels. It can be done, but takes time, patience and bankroll management.

                John (JWK24)

                6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  I agree with JWK, bankroll management is the key to good poker and is best to put it in to practice from the start of your poker journey. Id suggest reading acoimbra's challenge blog there's some top BRM tips in thereumbup:umbup:


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                    Just don’t burn yourself.

                    Measure the time you feel comfortable to play during a day and per session.

                    Per session: If you feel you can play your A game 1 hour per session, just play 40 min and take a break.
                    Per day: If you feel you can play your A game 3 sessions per day, just play 2. And remember to take day offs.

                    Obviously these are not something to take by a letter, but you get the idea.

                    When building bank roll, volume is the key, but don’t forget you need to share your time also with reviewing your hands and learning new. Going through big pots (wins and losses) is the minimum you should do daily.



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