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My Return to the Felt.

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  • My Return to the Felt.

    I started playing this great game about six years ago. Two years later I had turned a 5 dollar freebie into two grand. That being said, I had a rather bad 300 dollar downturn and decided that even though I had success, that didn't mean I was "good" at poker.

    I took my profit and left the poker scene until very recently. I have come back with a very different outlook on poker compared to back then.

    I only have one goal as of right now. That is to make as many correct decisions as possible. I know there will be bad beats and other stuff.

    I actually started back playing a month ago with $90, trying to figure things out as I am playing and trying to avoid the same mistakes I made in the past. I had dropped to 70 and knew that although there were some cases I didn't play well, there were some brutal bad beats as well.

    Saturday night however, some of my hard work started to pay off.......

    PokerStars Tournament #898451959, No Limit Hold'em
    Buy-In: $0.91/$0.09 USD
    180 players
    Total Prize Pool: $163.80 USD
    Tournament started 2014/04/19 20:14:21 ET

    Dear MRSWAT,

    You finished the tournament in 3rd place. A USD 18.67 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

    It obviously wasn't a win, but definitely a confidence boost.
    It also put me back to the 90 dollars I started with. We will see how things go from here.

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    One thing that you will want to look into is bankroll management. To play a given level of tourneys, I need to have 100 buy-ins for it in my bankroll. If I play them with less, I'm always running the risk of busting my roll... something that I want to avoid.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      So I hadn't played a lot in the last few weeks as I have been busy with a move and work. It also didn't help not having internet for a week. Anyway now that everything has been taken care of, I have got back to the tables a little bit. I've had a couple of good strong sessions and have felt confident in my reads and my play. Will start showing some actual hands in the future.....

      stared with 90.25, up to 97.45.


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        So I have had to change some things. I was up to just a little over 100 and I have dropped back down to 80. There have been a few bad beats along the way, but there have been some hands where I have made a poor play. So until I can discover and fix the leaks in my game I am dropping back to .01/.02 NL. While there are some I have fixed, I know there are some that still need work.


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          So after some time spent at .01/.02 NL and doing some reading to get different ideas about things I have been doing wrong/could be doing better, I have a new found confidence in my game.

          While my cash game has been stronger than my tournament game, I have noticed an improvement in my tournament game as well.

          I have some new goals in mind now:

          1) To continue my recent strong play in cash games since I am going to back to .02/.05 NL.
          2) To continue to build my SNG game which I have noticed some results in lately.
          3) To continue working on my MTT game and eventually start making some big cashes instead of the min ones I seem to be getting now.

          Started with $90, was down to $75. After some work and some real critical examination of my game, back up to $85.


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            A hand from a recent Open League MTT. It went a long way to have my best finish of 77th place.
            Last edited by MRSWAT; Tue Jul 15, 2014, 07:52 PM. Reason: Addition of description


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              So I got to 46th last night out of 1358 players in a 1.10 MTT last night. It would have been even better if my KK would have held up against A6, but stuff happens.

              That being said, I feel like I did a lot of good things yesterday, especially when it came to maintaining/building my stack when I was card dead for an hour.

              The only disappointment is that I didn't get further in this.


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                So a new development has happened. I was reading an article here the other day and one of the points was to diversify your game. Since the NL holdem cash games haven't been exactly paying off much to my bankroll. I decided I would dabble a little bit in fixed limit holdem and PL omaha. I have been finding these games very profitable so far, so with that I think I shall stick with those, but also play a few NL sng's and MTT's as I do want my game to continue to evolve there as well.

                Current bankroll: $92


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                  So my foray into PL Omaha continues to be a good one. I have decided for this month I want to at least get to chromestar status on Pokerstars. I also want to continue playing the decent poker I have been and keep my bankroll going in the right direction.

                  Current Bankroll: $108


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                    So things have changed since my last entry. I haven't played a whole lot until recently due to various life events which were great and needed. While my foray into PL Omaha had success, IMO it's not going to be the bread and butter of my bankroll (at least at lower stakes). I have went over my stats and really looked at what was going wrong in NL hold'em cash games. My two real discoveries were that there is a lot more raising going on preflop now and that to be honest, I was playing scared.

                    I have had some rather hard luck in SNG's, but also realize there is work to be done on my middle game there too. For right now I am going to focus on the cash game and also play some MTT's when I get the chance.

                    Current Bankroll: 104


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                      So it's a new month. I didn't accomplish the goal of chromestar last month. However that was mostly due to a week off due to life events.

                      That said, last month was a good month for a few reasons. The big one being my NL Holdem cash game has changed for the better. I am doing things I wasn't doing before, but also learning to not do some things I was doing before.

                      Goals for this month:

                      Get to chromestar status here and thus do so on Pokerstars as well.
                      Move up to 10NL bankroll permitting
                      Start playing more MTT's and star rebuilding my SNG game
                      Also beon the happy side of par profit wise for the month

                      Current Bankroll: 113



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