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DD's $10 to $110 and 2,5k fpp challenge

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  • DD's $10 to $110 and 2,5k fpp challenge

    I am going to run 2 challenges in 1 for 2 different purposes.

    1st challenge $10 to $110: $110 might sound a bit random but its actually the price of the ProPokerHUD MTT add on for PT4, Iv done the trial and was so impressed with all its features that i have to have it but dont want to buy it outright. So a challenge is called for so i can get it cheap with a little hard work. I will start at the 25c games and will work my way up the level's until i reach my goal.

    2nd challenge 2.5k fpp's: Iv bought hats an tshirts and done a 1k fpp group challenge with my fpp's before this and i was going to keep saving to grind mega path sattys, however there are now fpp sats to the big bang tourny which offer great value for our fpp's. I will try spread this over a couple of months so i can get some more value from my points by playing the event. I will convert all winnings from my fpp's to pounds and will use my winnings to open an account on another site.

    I have sent my bankroll over to full tilt where i will play most of my MTTs but will occasionally send back if i fancy a MTT on stars.

    I will use this thread to track my progress in both challenges.

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    $10 to $110

    I played some 25c 90s yesterday and tbh they were depressing, they take hours to complete the bubble last ages and the players are terrible. One called me a bingo player for calling his reraise with K10o when actually he had made no aggressive moves during the hand until he was behind, i was on the BTTN an he was in the SB he flat called my steal with AJ the flop QJX he check called turn a brick he check called again river an A when he decides to check shove. After being insulted (and gave a few back) i said why dont you look at the replay and soon he went on to apologise as he was clearly wrong.

    So iv decided that the best option was to sell some shares and jump the 25c level and go straight the turbo 90s where i have an impressive record and should help speed up the challenge as i can put in more volume in the turbo games.

    I started the 50c challenge today, the first session didnt go to well only 1 final table and i finished 8th so took a break and did some chores and had a chill before the night session.

    The night session went a lot better i managed 2 final tables and took 1st and a 2nd which boosted the bankroll nicely and ended the first day in profit.

    If i keep up at this pace i should make the target in a few days, but i know these games can be real swingy so will take it one day at a time

    I had a nice weekend and took the bankroll to $45 but i know its impossible to keep up such win rates i think was on 98% roi when i checked my monthly sit and go graph. So have hit a bit of a quiet patch maybe a little over aggressive close to ITM but i like to build a big stack so i can make a good effort to win, i would rather bubble 20 to win just one and i think its the way to approach these games.

    So will keep grinding away iv played a couple of 500cap games cashed both and feel these could be a good way to really boost the bankroll if i can make a final table.

    No games today wasnt in the mood but will have a nice grind tomorrow.

    Played 10 games today and made 2 final tables taking a 2nd and a 5th to put the bankroll back over $40. I am going to end the stake and really try and step up the pace over the weekend and take some shots.

    So today i thought i would try and step things up and go all or nothing and 20+ shots at $1 90s, well it didnt go quite as planned and to be honest i thought i had blown it. It felt like every game i played i would get it in ahead vs steal/shove and they would hit, i know the swings in these can be pretty steep and i always try put myself in a good position to win rather than take an itm.

    So after an afternoon session and no cash's half my bankroll spent i did the washing up and had some food ready to hit the tables again, armed with an all or nothing attitude the beats kept coming relentlessly and was busted on all but 1 last game.

    But i wasnt ready to end my challenge just yet i had an healthy stack around itm and made the final table, i settled in nicely and picked my spots well and 3 handed i had the chip lead and then ko'd the 3rd place finisher and had almost 2-1 chip lead heads up. I aplied the pressure and took it down quite easily, it was down to the last shot to actually turn a small profit.

    So tomorrow i will take the same approach all or nothing attitude and push to complete the challenge.
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      2.5k fpp

      There are no Big bang satty's listed yet and the main event isnt up yet, hope they not ended the BB

      The big bang sattys dont start til monday, guess pokerstars dont like handing out too much free money, but this will go in my favour as i will be able to play more main events for my fpp's with some huge potential gains.

      Played my first big bang satty today (i forgot they started yesterday). Had a good start and doubled up around the 50/100 blinds then once the antes started i shoved KQ over a limper to attack the dead money i the pot, but the small blind woke up with AK and i was sent packing to the rail.

      Today i won entry into the mainevent, I think i played well and im off and rolling hopefully will be able to make some nice amount of T$ now, i noticed the later satty seemed to have less players in so will try target that one more.

      Played 2 more lost 1t AK v AK to running fluah, but tonight i had an early 3up with QQ. And soon after a double with AA in a limped pot, 2 limpers and one was a crazy shove monkey so i made it 600 to go and the crazy monkey obliged and i doubled to put my ticket almost in the bag. I didnt really need to play another hand but made a couple of moves on a short stack to ensure the bubble would burst

      Iv decided to only play the late satty, there is less players and that makes it much easier to win the ticket, will just take a while longer but that is ok im in no rush.

      I now have T£6.54+ entry to main event

      Played 2 more since last update, lost 1 and won 1 seems like +ev move to play the late satty with usually around 30 player.

      Now have T£13.07
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        Best of luck! I have no doubt you will achieve your goalsumbup:


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          GL DD sure u will reach tell me more about this new HUD


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            Half way there, i decided today to play my bankroll on various sit n go's and some small MTT's. Well the sit n go's went awful made just over $7 from $22 but i made a deep run in the 55c turbo $500 gtd and took 4th for $49.

            Not sure what my next step should be The $1 90 mans take ages to fill now since they added all the new games in the MTT SNG section which makes it hard to multi table. Another option could be to play $2.50 180s with 1 win that would be challenge over but is risky with 20 buy ins.

            I will sleep on it i think and play some MTT tonight on full tilt n stars



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