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$20-$10,000 before January

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  • $20-$10,000 before January

    Will be playing poker tournaments mainly and small amount of short handed cash games.

    Plan is to use close to 50-100 buy ins rule depending on what tournaments or sngs I play until I complete my challenge.
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    aww **deleted inappropriate language JWK24** almost busted got like 3 bucks now
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      got $50 to run 1.50 6max turbos a week ago and im doing alright in them....

      If I didnt leak so much money in mtts id be up over 100$

      so cutting down on mtts today until im playing 3.50s
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        Just finished 3rd in a 2.20 1k 6max mtt for $100 but it pretty much just recovered my 6max profits that I lost in mtts and some other stuff...

        total bankroll now is $160 after loaning $11 and paying a $7 debt I had.

        Also I havent reloaded since I deposited the $20 just been lucky getting stakes and stuff to build back the roll.

        So now I might try to play $3.50 6max turbo sngs.. I really hope its as easy as the $1.50s.

        So far in the $1.50s I did 463 games and got %14 roi according to my hem2 software not really sure if thats accurate but hopefully I get similar results on the $3.50 6max turbo sngs if I decide to take shots there.
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          Good going so far, I'm getting bored of hypers and PLO so might try a challenge like yours with mtt's


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            I play the 6max hyper sattys once in a while when im bored and to get into tournaments I have restricted my buy ins for. But my main game is the 6max turbos.. Also best of luck dude if you decide to take a mtt challenge
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              So the past couple days was really nice Im running way over ev in the $3.50 6-max turbos since I started. My ev line is mostly breaking even but Im up a good amount of buy ins because I ran so hot at the start.

              I had a review of one of my sessions at $1.50s with my coach and have a few leaks I need to fix still making the same mistakes but slowly trying to plug those leaks.

              He wanted me to take a break from mtts for a day or two so after I played a few tournaments I sattyd into I restricted my tournaments and sngs buy ins to 3.50.

              I was able to cash in a $11 rebuy for like $78 but I made some really dumb mistakes when it got to around 40 players punted off my stack and felt dumb right after.

              Up a bit from hyper turbo sattelites.

              Bankroll is has been staying at around $370-$410.

              Still running $3.50s until I have atleast 300 games and am winning probably will have to play a bit more in these tho.

              Most likely will run tournaments this afternoon since its saturday not sure if I will be able to until tomrrow morning because I dont remember what time I unrestricted my buy ins for tournaments.

              Most likely will play some on sunday as well but for now I got to get on some $3.50s.
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                Went on a tilting spree after my bankroll dropped to 350-370 from mtts and sngs....

                started playing $30 headsup told my self I was just gunna play one but....

                I was winning and was upto around $499 in the heads up..I should have quit while I was ahead in them but I dont know just got cocky and thought i was unstoppable...

                Took a break drank some beers at the beach came back and just got crushed back to back to back and finally stopped playing heads upwhen my bankroll was around $270-300 cant really remember..

                Then started playing some hypers, sngs, and mtts and kept losing in everything...

                Been tilting and playing bad in my 6max sngs and obviously losing much...

                Today my bankroll dropped to like $200.

                I was able to get in the top 10 of battle of planets high orbit for 3.50s and top 50-100 in 1.50s last week so that helped alot gave me $70 + $5 boost.

                So now Im feeling like dropping down to $1.50s with $270 bankroll until I feel like Im playing atleast a little bit better and move back up to $3.50s

                I just restricted my buy in limits for sngs to $3.50 and $1.10 for mtts for now since I dont want to go broke again.

                Really want to do a successful challenge thread for once!
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                  HU is bad for tilting

                  Big problem i can see is that you set yourself such a high goal
                  $20-$20k? in a year

                  Why not say $20 to $100 in 2 weeks and go from there

                  Too much pressure and playing just for money

                  Have goals but make them achievable and within sight


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                    Yes probably is a bit much for a goal but I feel it is achievable as long as I dont continue my random tilt sprees, keep good bankroll management, and keep improving my game.
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                      one of my friends just linked me to this thread after I told him about some problems I was having about trying to force my games through and stuff..

                      I think many people can relate to these things discussed here.
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                        Everything went downhill last week for me last week....

                        Lots of bad decisions anyways I still have enough to try again.

                        I set myself some short term goals and made a challenge thread on another site for some motivations and stuff...

                        So heres my goals for the next 2 months

                        May Goal $41 - $500
                        [ ] 500 SNGs / Week avg
                        [ ] 1750 SNGs by end of the month

                        Move up to $3.5s at $100 and move down at $50.
                        Move up to $7s at $300 and move down at $200.
                        With a 5-6% ROI in these games including rakeback and moving up and down with these parameters i should hit $500 bankroll by end of the month.

                        Overall Goals
                        [ ] @ $700 bankroll withdraw $300 and deposit on othersite to play $5-$10s on there
                        [ ] record at least 1 session each week for review
                        [ ] stay on track and play only 6max turbos & freerolls
                        [ ] stay away from hypers
                        [ ] update thread on a daily basis

                        [ ] If i hit 500 games at the end of week I will reward myself by playing some mtts equal to 5% of my bankroll total.
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