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  • POKER LEAGUE BANK -Stepping -- Up

    Hello All, umbup: PROPOSALand continuation I have been shuffling this around and have decided to put this forward as to view comments and suggestions I am proposing a progressive league bankroll series with all the intentions of bigger entry games for players as they grow IT' Starts with SNG games with 3 groups and everyone starts from group 1 and there is a weekly mtt game to be played by all players from each group with a Last Longer Qualifier Tourny that is played by all and to ur time and date. Each Group is allotted entries to a SUNDAY Game and the higher up in group rating allows a larger entry fee for play Overall Objective is to play hard and learn strategy from everyone and build as a group,share and progress, IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO AFFORD THIS PLEASE DO NOT REPSOND as this might require additional funds from a member that does not maintain a certain amount of winnings per 4 week period in the Groupings which as in this Outline will be considered as the Intial cost of $14.00 You accomplish ur basic entry level requirements in group 1 and then have more freedom in that group for game choice ,achieve the next basic goal in GRP 1 and move up to group 2 and 3,and so on ( there's no group #4 at the moment but in future with discussion) Each Group Level has Different Goals and will be DEMANDING ALL Group Players get entry to a Last Longer Tournament and able to play at there convience within the weekly period . All Members will be prioritized in order as to Finish and to there Grouping, so each Group member quaifying from the Last Longer will recieve an entry as allotted per group to the ranking( highest ) position of there respective finish in there Group and Proceed to Play the Bigger Sunday Events, *************** The GROUP LEVELS are as follows and there Goals:::: Group #1 ENTRY LEVEL ENTRY Level = play 6 X $1 -45 man SNG per week for 4 wks ( if you manage to win $12.00 or more in a given week,then you have the option to play 45, 90, 180 mans for remainder of month of ur choice )N0-Hyper TO MOVE UP TO GROUP 2 ,You need to achieve 50% of the entry for the month which equalls $18.00 GROUP #2 -PLAYS 6 X $1.50 SNG Games ANY SIZE NO-HYPER, and must also reach a return of 50% of the entry which would be $18.00 for the month or return to group #1 but maintaining the option to play any games in the $1.00 SNG except hypers Reach 75% ($27)of entry fee for grp 2 and move up to Grp #3 GROUP #3 -PLAYS 6 X $3.50 SNG Games ANY SIZE NO-HYPER and maintain a 60% return of entry level fees over a 4 week period which equalls $50.40 again if not able to achieve then the player is reduced back too level #2 ********************* Achieving ur Next Level applys to the Following Month of Play ********************* ALL LAST LONGER QUALIFYING TOURNYS For the MEMBERS ARE THE 55 CENT CAPS AND are plentiful and YOU ARE TO LIST W/ID ## PRIOR TO PLAY WITH THE RESULT OF POSITION after Finishing PURPOSED WEEKLY GAMES from Last Longer GRP #1 == 2 entries to $2.20 Cap GRP #2 == 1 Storm under 5 players & 2 Storms for over 5 player GRP #3 == 1 $22 entry to Gig or Hot PLEASE READ::: All Members that sign-up agree that any funds released are subjected to a majority of the members votes and any members request to leave the agreement is only payable with completion of a 4 week cycle and to the percentage of there contribution thru there winnings as to the total bankroll-( EXP. winnings= $10.(1%) and Bankroll is $300 with 10 members ,payout would only be $3.00,and not an equall share as this will be prorated as to winning contributions from players, allowing everyone to play there best and not Feel as there supporting the whole membership ,(Quite simply -play good and reap more), REMEMBER THE GOAL IS TO BUILD A BANKROLL AND USE THE FUNDS FOR MAJOR TOURNAMENTS This is a Fund to Accumulate $$$ and allow the Members to be able to play much Bigger Games ALL MTT Weekly GAMES WILL PAY THE MEMBER 20% of there WINNINGS UNDER $100. AND 25% ABOVE $100 of there winnings for there time and all remaining funds are returned to Our Bankroll Fund ENTRY FEE is $14.00 and this OFFER is considered a continuation from a group previously started with some players that have remained If you are Interested , Please consider whether you prefer Cash or Tournaments -as this is Planned More for the TOURNAMENT PLAYERS,and not so much as to the cash player, but the members will do there best for anyone wanting to join that are Cash Game Players and want to gain more Tournament Experience , We all can Learn and Share Discussion is much more needed as to a $$ amount and buy-ins as to the MAJOR Tournys Members would want to play for a goal and as to the percentage that is used from the Group Fund Also we will need help as to logging of the weekly events if anyone is willing to offer and has some spreadsheet experience Overall the utmost cost if your'e running bad over the month will be the intial cost again to remain a ongoing participant, and as results of the past 9 weeks have shown No one has had to re-invest or add $$ to play, this is a rough outline and anyone wanting to join please leave a reply and all will be put on a first come basis as to membership and will be discussed as to the maximum membership with existing members that we can as a group look after THANKS FOR READING
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    Im IN

    gl to us
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        hi all, so as it stands we as a small group will use the starting $14 each to play 2 games per week at the $7 SNG which everyone plays a 9 and 18 man SNG (no hypers) and profits will go toward the Big,Bigger tournys, with concentration on the $55 as it has a promo deal right now
        We all play 2 games each week ,and any profits go to bankroll ,with investors deciding which games to be played as with the bankroll
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          Originally posted by RiverFlat View Post
          We all play 2 games each week ,and
          Ummm... think you've deleted the end of your post. Now I can't sleep. Keep thinking, "we play two games and......" ... no idea..................?

          Sorry, basically just wanted to let you know about the missing part in your above post.

          EDIT : Thx RiverFlat, makes sense now.
          Last edited by slettuce; Mon Apr 14, 2014, 07:52 PM. Reason: and any profits go to bankroll ,with investors deciding which games to be played as with the bankroll
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            Hello mod's, would you be able to close this thread, thanks ,umbup:



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