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20$ to 200$ challenge

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  • 20$ to 200$ challenge

    What up community!

    Yesterday i had a discussion with my buddy who is not much into poker so he said i cant make 100 dollars in a week from small BR. Eventually it came down to a bet, and my target is to make 10 into 100 bucks in a week, otherwise i have to pay him 100$, which is 70 Euros for us in LV, but if i do it, he pays me. I started this challenge yesterday but decided to make post so i need to track my progress and hopefully this disciplines me to actually complete the challenge, because i am lazy right? I will try to remember to post sitrep daily. I have time until 00:00 27 March, Eastern European Time.

    I am doing this on two sites, Stars and not Stars

    Plan is to play 2NL and when BR gets big enough add sngs and grind them until my eyes bleed out , at stars i am currently at 14.73, other site - 20.06, so far going well, although few mins ago i had preflop AI KKvsQQ and villain hit their 2-outer

    Anyway i plan to mix in cash with sngs until i (hopefully) complete the challenge on one of the sites, because 14 tabling sngs would be flat out boring.

    And obviously, i am not allowed to reload, if i bust, i lose the bet.
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    Cliffs: -BR Stars=21.98, Pacific=23.81; Was down to around 10-11 on both sites yesterday, but looking better now -Not on schedule, but if i can make 50$ until Monday at 2-5NL, this could be doable; -I am up 10$ at cash on both sites, slightly better than breakeven SNG's at Pacific and down about 3$ at SNG's on Stars; -Winning 6,73$ at MMillions 2.20$ contributed to BR, but i only played it because i was already registered before challenge, and obviously too bad i didnt score bigger, but i feel pretty good about my play and probably shoving with Q8 on BTN with 15 bigs is borderline, but overally i played standard MTT lagtard game umbup: -Will have a good night sleep and think how to proceed, if i grind cash until Monday i could probably take shots at 5NL and 10 NL and i would only need several stacks to complete challenge and win bet then; -If i fail and have smth like 60$ on Wednesday late evening, might play heads-up 60 dollar SNG and 4bet jam AK


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      Interesting bet



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        -BR, Stars=30.12, Pacific=28, actually didnt play a lot, maybe 1k hands cash and some SNGs on Pacific.
        -I have been given one extra day, because yesterday i planned session, but after some hands at PSO Home games i had urgent job to do so my friend agreed that i get extra 24 hours because i only played 85 hands on Sunday at PSO
        -I like my new discipline, had very strong urge to enter 3.30$ MMillions ME deadline sat, but i didnt do it, because that would be terribad BR management. Not that long ago, being on monkey tilt, i went to play 50NL Zoom with 200$, nearly busting my roll
        -I dont know if i can do this in 4 days, but not giving up yet, only have to get volume in


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          Good Luck, you will need it!. it would be quite diffuclt to do it only with 2nl so you need a lot of help from SNG


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            Cliffs: -BR Stars:28.11, Pacific:29.83 -These numbers are something i dont understand, being up both 3,61$ cash on Pacific through 840 hands and net won $4,36 from 14 1 dollar SNG's, how can i only be up 1,83$ total BR, it cant be the rake lol, but its too late maybe i will figure it out tomorrow; -1k hands on Stars, 3,5 buy-ins below EV(AA vs 3outer, QQ vs 2 outer and smth else), but only one buy-in down net profits, so i actually didnt play that bad, which is inspiring; -Looks like i am not going to win this bet, but will grind anyway and see how far can i go until friday. I need to grind 10$ so i can have 4buy-in shot at 5NL. Not giving up yet! umbup:


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              Pacific graph after challenge start, BR=37.64 Regs wont play me boohoo

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                Nice looking graph!
                Time Vault Champion 2013


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                  so inserting images worked I see nice graph


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                    So i lost the bet, but its all good, i know what i need to work on now! umbup:



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