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Sandtrap's 2014 Updates

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  • Sandtrap's 2014 Updates

    Hey everybody,

    Been a while since I posted, but I did say I would drop in once in a while, well today is that day. First, I have to say that I did say something to someone in a PM which warranted me a ban for a month, so be very careful of what you say around PSO. Because I get very verbally emotional when someone who knows not what he/she speaks of and keeps arguing because he/she thinks they are right, I will be posting here ONLY. I'll be staying away from trouble....LOL and I hope the trouble makers will stay away from MY thread.

    So, what have I been doing lately besides photography? Well every night I play about 600-700 hands (just less than an hour on the average), which is 1/3 of what I use to play. During the month ban, since I had no access to the school, I visited other sites to learn a new game and PLO it is.

    PLO is a very volatile game, there's so much variance that a 3-4 buy-in swing is very normal. I quickly learned that pocket A's in PLO is not as strong as in NLH. Since I didn't have much experience (none for that matter), I decided to play tight at first and take lots of notes on the players.

    Since January 1st, I played a total of 6,400 hands of NL 6-max Zoom and did ok, here's my NLH graph:

    Also from January 1st, I've played 19,200 hands of PLO which I'm starting to like, here's my PLO graph:

    Overall, for the first 38 days, I've made a profit of $8,662 plus $200 in rewards, 15,000 Vpp's and 40, 000 Fpp's, not bad for playing just less than an hour a day.

    During January I also took advantage of a good promotion, the January Challenge. I participated almost every day. I didn't play the storms and didn't deposit, so I played a total of 23 days and made $244.92 and won $6.45 in lottery for a total of $251.37. Taking advantage of any promotions and making it work is beneficial.

    During the month, I also made a little video of 6-max PLO .05/.10 for someone which you can find here (sorry no sound):

    I could post some hands, but there's so many. If you want to see some of them (especially PLO, go to, do a search for me and then sort for most recent and enjoy.

    For now that's it, see you next time around

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    yahoo......please stop asking me for money dad

    Great to see you back Dude

    Cheers Man
    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

    7 Time Bracelet Winner


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      welcome back.. nice to see the attempt at plo, and a successful one so far, you mention a 3-4 bi swings, lol i remeber one session recently i had i started with $10 and ran that to over 200 in a couple hours playing .02/.04 and also .05/.10, but have had losses of near 8 bi in a session, very swingy game indeed, depending on your style of play i guess to, and looking at your graph for it id say you are really tight as there doesnt look to be many swings, only took a quick observation though, anyway gl at plo, and will be avoiding you at the tables umbup:


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        Great to see you back Sandtrap.

        Continuing to crush the tables I see/


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          Welcome back Trap - nice to see you out of the bunker.

          Nice results!


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            2 nice looking Graphs Sandtrap.

            shall be searching boom to have a look at some of those hands.

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Was starting to wonder if you were really doing lots of photography or what

              Wow, those PLO graphs look spectacular! You should see mine from last month lol


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                No words can best describe for your talent, Sandsumbup:


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                  Great results. Mistakes are easier to make in PLO (4 vs 2 cards) so it can be a gold mine as well as a mine field.


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                    Weeeee Backkk. Trap...

                    Awesome graph.



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                        WOW, nice to see your back i couldnt imagine stop playing poker if i could make that much money. GLumbup:


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                          Just a little brag

                          I got invited to Beta test the new version of PokerStars7. So why not test it while playing some Zoom PLO. I played 99 hands, made 89 VPP's, but the best happening was a profit of $494.26...woohoo

                          Here are the 3 biggest pots

                          Will be back next month for my update


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                            Looking good as ever Sandtrap - and seem to be adding yet more skill-sets and more variety to your game even though poker is not your main focus now.

                            I know you are mainly a cash player these days - but your tournament record is pretty good too.

                            So wondering if are you going to play the 8th anniversary Sunday Million?

                            I think you would definitely have a big edge on what will be a bloated field.

                            Best of luck in all your games.

                            4 Time Bracelet Winner


                            • #15
                              Hi Ed, Thanks for your comments. As for the Sunday Million, I might..... will see As you noticed, I played 100 hands in about 30 minutes and I then quit. Mtt's last very very long and I don't seem to have that patience for over 2 hours as I use to. But that Sunday Million sounds very interesting. I might put it up for a stake, will see. umbup:



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