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Andy's 2014 BLOG

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  • Andy's 2014 BLOG

    I've never stuck to a plan and seem to play a bit of everything with no real schedule. Crazy sleeping patterns and emotions and i m not going through a menopause. I realize now that if i want to get the max out of poker i need to accept that big downswings are normal and understand that is it normal if i lose a chunk of money i don't need sending to gamblers anonymous.

    I can't play as much poker as I'd like to because I'm a carer to my 7 year old brother and its just the two of us living together. A friend has helped me piece together a schedule. Last year i managed a profit of maybe $3,000 to $4,000 despite really bad personal circumstances which I am proud of when i could of easily lost my entire roll.

    I will play 9am til around 3pm and will not exceed playing more than 6 tables at any one time then i pick my brother up from school and these are the games I intend to play on the morning session:

    I will be using strict bankroll management around 200 MTT buy ins. During the daytime i will be playing games such as $11 progressive 180s, $3.50r 180s, Hots, Bigs and Turbos.

    If i bust all games i will study. I won't reg later than 11am.

    At night after 7pm i will play any from a selection of these games $11 10k, $5.50 1000cap, 11$ 3k, 8.80 8k, 10.50 super KO HU, $11 progressive 180s and i will try win satellites into the Hot $55m Big $55 and Big $162 via $8.80r sat. Again i wont be in anymore than 6 games at anyone time.

    At weekends, I'll try win satellites into majors and play any of these types of games. Strong bankroll management should keep me right.

    Sharkscope graph: lets see what path i go on from here:


    First week really run bad but playing solid.

    Week 2: Intend to drop down in stakes as i'm losing every day and running bad still, will get myself out of this! only takes one good score and couple of other decent results and I'll be able to increase stakes again.
    Last edited by andrewj50050; Thu Mar 13, 2014, 10:58 PM.

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    gl with plan


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      Gl Drew



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        Hiya, Looks good mate, keep us all up to date I will like following this glgl umbup:
        Bracelet Winner


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          Hey mate, Gl with the plan.. Looks nice .. wish you all the best Buddy umbup:


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            ty guys :-) rough couple of days at start but got faith.. silver chrome and big bang tonight so at least i can do nothing but make money lol
            Last edited by andrewj50050; Sat Feb 08, 2014, 07:26 PM.


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              The graphs look fantastic Andrew - lots of huge swings, but lots of nice cashes too, and the shape is really nice and consistently moving upwards. Am sure it'll continue on it's path umbup: GL with all your tourneys!!


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                thanks :-) been a bad first week since i began this blog and found myself $350 down but managed to cash $400 in supernova freeroll last night for $400 which is first real cash of 2014.. happy to get that one, it cost me 1500 fpps in a satellite to win that ticket.

                over weekend down a couple of hundred but yesterday 1/474 players in 8 max mtt i won $365. up couple of hundred since i started my blog
                Last edited by andrewj50050; Wed Feb 19, 2014, 02:19 PM.


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                  went on another 2 week dip after that also failed to make itm in anniversary sunday million which prob cost me around $100 on sats.

                  But recent results 1/186 in $10.50 ko super hu + 2/256 in same game + 8th in big bang main event last weekend and had 2nd place in $27 progressive ko for about $500.. around $600 profit since start of blog + fpps + stellar rewards in store. a decent last month.. more to come!
                  Last edited by andrewj50050; Thu Mar 13, 2014, 11:01 PM.


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                    Hi man, very nice graph and results! I wish u best of luck and win some good major MTT!




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