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2014 - Rogger1999

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  • 2014 - Rogger1999

    Poker Goals 2014

    Hi, it is time to set a new poker goals for a following year.

    Last year I was experimenting with different formats and finally settle with 2NL Cash Game.

    Last year I played 112.000 hands in Cash Game with profit $82.30 (3.5bb/100). It does not sound really well but last 30.000 hands I have profit around 10bb/100. My current bankroll is $260.

    just for relax I play MTT ($1.1 regular and $1.35 turbo). I played last year around 260MTT.

    the goal is clear. I would like to play 5NL by APRIL and possible shooting 10nl time to time by the end of the year


    * Play at least 180.000 hands this year
    * 10bb/100+ every month
    * at least once a month play live poker (MTT)
    * MTT - I will play only a few of them every month just for fun. Far less then last year

    * 150 VPP every month (2NL)


    * write a blog about CG every week (hand analysis)
    * watch videos and read blogs
    * read forums regularly
    * one book per three months.

    i will edit this post every month and tick if I was successful

    Hands: 23.334 (+8334)
    bb/100: 5.19 (-4.81)
    Profit: $24.22
    Status: Chrome Star
    VPP: 230 (+80)
    Live Poker: 1 (no cash)

    Hands: 15.866 (+866)
    bb/100: 6.84 (-3.76)
    Profit: $16.95
    Status: Chrome Star
    VPP: 180 (+30)
    Live Poker: 0 (grrr)

    Hands: 13.181 (-1.891)
    bb/100: -6.70 (-13.30)
    Profit: -$17.62
    Status: Chrome Star
    VPP: 138 (-12)
    Live Poker: 0 (omg)










    Hands: 39.254 (21%)
    BB/100: 5.84 (58.4%)
    VPP: 421 (23.3)
    Live Poker: 1 (8.3%)
    Last edited by Rogger1999; Sat Apr 05, 2014, 12:48 AM.

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    Best of luck with your goals for the year ahead! Raiser umbup:


    • #3
      No update for my block yet. Fortunately I have got a new job, moved with my family and I have no internet connection at home yet It takes almost a month to company to do it I will have one in two weeks I hope.
      After that i will I hope update my block regularly


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        Heyyy Rogger!! We missed you in the tourney that was part of the Time Vault prize - glad to hear you're in the process of getting back online umbup:


        • #5
          Ohh that is really pity I was looking forward. I forgot. I moved to other country to new city, new job, no internet, quite hectic past month


          • #6
            Yeah, there were some nice prizes - PokerIggy came in first, and mr mendes came in second. And it was a lot of fun too. There always seem to be so many different things going on at PSO though, so there'll be other opportunities for a similar experience I'm sure


            • #7
              update about this year in my blog

              also goals updated
              Last edited by Rogger1999; Sat Mar 15, 2014, 09:55 PM.


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                Today's CG session. I played poker almost after a month. I had break because of no internet connection but I am back. Not a bad session.

                hands: 1381
                VPP: 12.5
                bb100: 30.1


                • #9
                  today's CG:

                  hands: 1483
                  bb/100: $0.03 - incredible
                  VPP: 17.5

                  i was dealt 14x AA and I won $2!! wau I won 13 of them with almost no profit
                  I also got 27x AK with $-2.23, i need to study what to do with AK:/


                  • #10
                    today's CG. i know i did not play well, I am still not feeling like I know what I am doing but it is getting better.

                    hands: 1986
                    bb/100: 10.45


                    • #11
                      How is this not well, this is good results, keep it up man! umbup: And they have some vids here on how to play AK.


                      • #12
                        new blog posted:



                        • #13
                          i meant of course a good results but I had the feeling it was not good


                          • #14

                            today's CG. Almost very last hand I run KK < AA. Vill stats were strange I went all in pre-flop:/ Pitty.

                            Hands: 1170
                            VPP: 11
                            100/bb: 0.9


                            • #15
                              Btw, how do you post hem graphs here in forum?



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