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Plan for 2014

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  • Plan for 2014

    Plan for 2014

    Thought it'd be funny to start my thread for 2014 with a look back at where my 'game' was back in 2012 - as a fledgling 2nl wannabe, about all I could do was make jokes about my disastrous graphs ... because if I didn't laugh, I'd have to cry

    Originally posted by TrustySam View Post

    Cash Games - my graph is starting to look like a lie detector test

    Robert De Niro from 'Meet The Parents': "Focker, did you do it and then blame it on Jynxie?"
    I bring up that graph, because some days my graphs *still* look like that in the short-term! Poker at it's best can be the biggest, most challenging thrill - at it's worst, well ... there's no avoiding the downswings and the bad beats. And sometimes I think those things (in poker, and in life) can sometimes have a tendency to get even the most optimistic of us a little down?

    Have always thought of goal-setting as a tool that other, more driven and ambitious people use. But after giving some of Sandtrap's methods a try last year, it kind of seems like they could maybe be used in other ways too? Was thinking they could even be used as a morale-booster, for someone like me who sometimes struggles with confidence and tilt issues, gets discouraged at times, is disorganized and scattered, lives in the moment, etc. Like, as a way to give my actions more direction, with more of a big picture purpose?

    It'd be like maybe giving my poker playing a 'theme'?

    For 2014, would love to be able to have fun at the tables, keep the morale high ... and try and be a bit more efficient and productive to boot. Think a lot of that was lacking from my game last year, so ... I wanted to try and do things differently this year.

    The structure I'm using might seem a bit weird to be using to try and accomplish this stuff, but I gave stuff a lot of thought, have given it a try for the first couple of weeks of the year, and it seems to be helping. So it'd be lovely if things were to continue on this way the rest of the year.

    Plans for 2014

    •  make $1k at 10nl Zoom (6m)

    •  start giving 25nl Zoom (6m) a try after reaching $1k

    •  only look at the internet after finished grinding to increase my hands/hr

    •  review hand histories after every session

    •  watch at least one live training video a week until caught up

    •  cut back on the poker 'side hobbies', like hyper-turbos

    •  reward myself every month with $25 worth of stuff from (paid for with fpps)

    Monetary goals got to be quite controversial ... was thinking maybe they're better suited for people who have been playing at a certain stake for a while, who have no intention of moving up for a while? Was thinking that having a big picture number in mind ought to help remind me on days where I don't turn a profit, that most days aren't like that?

    And giving 25nl a bright-line starting point I guess is meant to (1) give me a way to tell when I might be ready to move up, (2) give me a cushion so that I don't have to play scared, and (3) prevent me from hanging out too long at 10nl if I'm ready to move up ... even if that time doesn't come until next year.

    Think that's everything. Just wanted to give thanks to a couple of people who helped and inspire me with their great actions/advice/thoughtfulness ... the list is incomplete, because there's just so, so many more people to thank. I wouldn't be where I am today, without all of you, so thank you very much for all your help!!

    Sandtrap - with his goal-setting advice
    Paul - was super inspired by what you were able to achieve last year
    Mr Mendes - for suggesting a reward system for following up with studying
    Profess Awe - for noticing how hard I am on myself when it comes to the process of trying to improve our game
    PowerDegre - for really impressing on me how bad a habit it is to be reading US Magazine while trying to grind
    Gareth - what a strategy sicko! Everything I've learned about poker has come from his live training vids
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    Yearly Goals

    •  make $1k at 10nl

    •  that'll be on average about 25,000 hands/month

    •  move up to 25nl as soon as I hit $1k - no clinging to 10nl because it's comfy!

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      Monthly Goals •  play at least 25,000 hands (no carryovers from previous months) •  that'll be on average about $83/month •  remember to find something fun for $25 at every month (should be eligible for free Super Saver shipping) Revisions •  some adjustments for variance:
      •  slow months - $50/month •  really slow months - try to break even •  upswings - aim for $150/month
      •  back up PokerStars and PokerTracker notes, back up HUD settings (and try to find the file for color codes too?) Notes and Updates January

      Jan. 25, 2014 - am finding 25,000 hands to be doable, but a bit much. Was thinking of maybe grinding on Sunday afternoons instead of playing the Sunday Storm, to see if that helps lighten the load? Besides, haven't cashed in the Storm in 3 tries this month, so it's a drag on my bankroll - yikes! 2pm - the current hand count for the month stands at 22,758 - am planning on playing exactly 25,000 hands for the month, and not a single hand more, if I can help it! Feeling a wee bit burnt out, although I did pressure myself to finish up early. Hopefully cutting out the Storm next month'll help take some of the pressure off the pace ... Jan. 26, 2014 - added some hot chocolate mix to my morning coffee for a lil extra kick ... hopefully that'll be enough to get me going this morning ... Even though anything over $83 for the month is on pace to reach $1k for the year, the 25,000 hands figure is based on my win-rate calculations for the year - so I have to keep going so there'll be $ in the bank to cover those months of breakeven/downswing where little to nothing's going to be coming in at all? Or worse ... I have a losing month ... Not sure why, but once I hit the $100 mark, I stopped using money as a goal, and switched over to volume - and playing stopped being fun, and started to feel like a chore ... it feels like there's so much pressure to get that volume in, and find myself making more mistakes because of it. Maybe I should have stuck with a monetary goal, but revised the month figure to account for the upswing this month? Even though I'm in a downswing right now, think it's still more motivating to think about reaching a higher $ figure, than a higher volume amount? Maybe if I try that instead next month and it goes well, I'll still have time to play the Storm - will have to see how it goes. Right now, can't wait to finish up this month and take a break from the grind ... 4:30pm - finished playing exactly 25,000 hands, and not a single hand more - really ran out of steam as the month wore on. Will have to try to think up some more creative ways to try to keep hand 24,999 feeling as fresh and exciting as hand #1 moving forward ... Guess the content of this thread'll be quite different from last year, with my play being in a different place ... like with grinding be so much bigger a focus than learning - with maybe more graphs, fewer hands? Will have to think about what to post in the thread some more ... after my head stops throbbing from doing so much grinding today Oh perfect time for railing to end - may go take a bit of nap ... Jan. 28, 2014 - new year, new computer snafu - f . m .. l ..... Feel really lucky that the software prompted me to do a backup before restoring Windows, and that it worked. That helped save a lot of the files on my computer, although it doesn't seem to have saved everything. And all my player notes might still actually be there, although I can't seem to find them. But PokerTracker was also affected by the computer crash too, which means I've had to request my hand histories from PokerStars, and am having to download them all over again - there's lots of them now too, so it's taking me forever. Guess I could have just done the ones for 2013+ to save time, but didn't think of that yesterday ... Will just work on catching up on taking notes of Live Training vids while I finish downloading them, and will still try to have the January summary done by the end of the month ... 9:30pm - finished downloading all the hand histories - what a nightmare! And, for some reason, after being so persnickety about wanting to do exactly 25,000 hands for the month, PT's now showing me has having played 25,329 hands ... the perfectionist in me is going postively spastic - where are these hands even coming from? D'oh! Guess I should just be happy to have a computer back that's in working order, with PokerStars and PokerTracker, even though I've lost all my player notes, and have to reset all the settings - have everything back in plenty of time to get re-adjusted by the start of the new month, so I'll be able to hit the ground running. Going to finish up the 3rd vid now - should be a lot easier to concentrate now that I don't have to stop every 10 minutes to check to see if it's time to download a new file. So ... hopefully I'll have that done by tonight, and can finish up the 4th one tomorrow ... 10:40pm - think adding a pin ought to be good enough added security, that I won't need to spend my fpps on an RSA token just yet. Which means I can still get stuff at amazon - am only something like 75fpps short, but was so burned out by the end of the weekend ... and then my computer broke down ... guess they can wait until the February. Was only going to get that book by Charles Krauthammer, Things That Matter - so unfortunate that the politics and public policy books that I so love to read only ever seem to get written by Conservatives from Faux News. But at least Krauthammer grew up in Canada ... and if the book's too ideological, I can just press delete lol 11:30pm - finishing up my grinding ahead of schedule was such a bear, but now that it's over and done with, it's super nice to have all this time to just study, which seems to be the thing I love the most about poker. And the thought process that's going into these c-bets is WAAAYYY more advanced than what I'm doing now. Not sure I'll have time to do a summary of my notes of the vids before the month is up, but should have a rough idea on stuff to work on at the tables next month, so that ought to make the grind a lot more interesting. Wish I'd gotten to these a lot sooner ... The more I write (and write, and write ...) the less people'll want to read all my inane scribbles - guess it's okay to add stuff like that im gonna turn in now lol [/spoiler] February

      Feb. 8, 2014 - gosh, this month as been super slow-going without color-coding and notes - not only has it been massively disorienting, but it's taking time to re-do everything, which has cut my play-rate back down to where it used to be. And for some reason, traffic's been really dropping off after 6pm this month in comparison to last month, which means it's been harder to get 2hrs of play in on weekdays. Am struggling to figure out how to get 25,000 hands in this month - suppose it might help to get going right away, rather than continuing to post notes here Going to go have another cup of coffee first, then I'll get started Should be fun to grind with everyone's flags showing at the tables, and the Olympics on tv ... Feb. 10, 2014 - seems like volume this month might be especially tight, with the slow start, and what with there only being 28 days to the month, and only 8 weekend days. And then for some reason the action's really been dying off after 6pm - if I'm going to have to play mornings to get more hands in, would prefer to start now jic. Gonna go grind *right now* ... yawn! k, here I go ... 8am - okay, managed to get 400 hands in, so that would be lovely to be able to squeeze out another 600 more later. The current hand count for the month is 8,827, so hmmm ... a thousand a day, 4 days a week on weekdays, and 2,000 each day on weekends - will that add up to 25,000 by the end of the month? Will have to double-check later - hopefully! 6pm - almost at 1,000 hands for the day - oddly, the tables haven't dropped off much today once it hit 6pm ... wonder if last week was some sort of anomaly, like maybe people were on holiday in some parts of the world or something? May take a lil break and then keep playing for a bit to see how it goes. [/spoiler]
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        Weekly Goals •  by playing at a rate of around 400 hands/hr, and 15 hours/week, that should be about 6,250 hands? •  watch at least one Live Training video from the following list, and take notes (until caught up):
        C-Betting Staying Aggressive #1 (Nov. 14, 2012) - completed earlier Staying Aggressive #2 (Nov. 15, 2012) - completed earlier Continuation Betting Basics Part 1 (Aug. 28, 2013) - completed Continuation Betting Basics Part 2 (Aug. 28, 2013) Continuation Betting Basics Continued Part 1 (Sept. 18, 2013) - completed Continuation Betting Basics Continued Part 2 (Sept. 18, 2013) Continuation Betting Basics Revisited Part 1 (Oct. 16, 2013) - completed Continuation Betting Basics Revisited Part 2 (Oct. 16, 2013) 3-Betting Dealing with 3-Bets #1 (Dec. 12, 2012) - completed earlier Dealing with 3-Bets #2 (Dec. 13, 2012) - completed earlier Preflop Aggression #1 (Dec. 19, 2012) Preflop Aggression #2 (Dec. 20, 2012) 4-Betting Revisted P1 (Mar. 27, 2013) - completed 4-Betting Revisted P2 (Mar. 27, 2013) Raise That Bet! Part 1 (July 3, 2013) Raise That Bet! Part 2 (July 3, 2013) Three, Four, Five Part 1 (July 6, 2013) Three, Four, Five Part 2 (July 6, 2013) Deep-Stacked Play - haven't watched this one yet *new! Big Deep Stack Pots Part 1 (Sept. 11, 2013) Big Deep Stack Pots Part 2 (Sept. 11, 2013) Additional Vids - make sure notes are complete 4-Betting Revisited Part 1 (March 27, 2013) 4-Betting Revisited Part 2 (March 27, 2013) Playing the Fool Part 1 (April 1, 2013) Playing the Fool Part 2 (April 1, 2013) <- Find part 2 Asking the Right Questions Part 1 (April 20, 2013) Asking the Right Questions Part 2 (April 20, 2013) Asking the Right Questions, Series 2 Part 1 (May 18, 2013) Asking the Right Questions, Series 2 Part 2 (May 18, 2013) Under Pressure Part 1 (May 22, 2013) Under Pressure Part 2 (May 22, 2013) Value, Value, Value Part 1 (May 29, 2013) - completed Value, Value, Value Part 2 (May 29, 2013) Raise that Bet Part 1 (July 3, 2013) Raise that Bet Part 2 (July 3, 2013) Three, Four, Five Part 1 (July 6, 2013) Three, Four, Five Part 2 (July 6, 2013) Gathering Reads Part 1 (August 26, 2013) Gathering Reads Part 2 (August 26, 2013) + Value Replay? (June 19?)
        Revisions •  take a break from watching/note-taking the 3-betting series, and practice c-betting first •  remember to take a day off at least once a week •  cut out the weekly Sunday Storm Notes and Updates January

        Jan. 25, 2014 - should really try to get the video studying done first, and only do those side things like PLO and reading about tourneys after that's done. Because now I've got 2 1/2 videos to watch before the end of the month, and only four days left to do it. Don't enjoy being a last-minute crammer ... Jan. 28, 2014 - just noting that I started off watching a 4-betting vid, then realized I'd need to get better at continuation betting first, so moved over to watching those first ... am hoping to have those done by the end of the month - then I'll *just* need to practice, practice, practice!! Jan. 30, 2014 - still have to make a summary of my notes for the c-betting series Also have to find some 25nl vids to watch on study day, and add them to the list And do I want to add one-line summaries to the vid list up above? Hmmm ... [/spoiler] February

        Feb. 6, 2014 - the c-betting primer's coming along nicely - will go over my notes again tonight and keep refining it Feb. 8, 2014 - def going to have to do a third read-through my notes with a fine-toothed comb, but things are coming along nicely - seem to be picking up more and more each time ... [/spoiler]
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          Daily Goals

          •  play 400 hands/hr, by cutting out surfing the internet while playing

          •  save the US Magazine, and the All Recipes for after grinding

          •  review hand histories after each session


          •  do a warm-up before playing

          •  do c-betting practice exercises at night (after finishing the 'C-betting Primer')

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            Hey Sam!

            Pretty good goal setting, are you playing exclusively zoom cash games? Remember to register for the time vault invitational sng, only you and Sandtrap are not registered yet. I have taken a lot of advice from you last year you did great in always dropping by to check the progress, it's motivating. Let's keep doing that this year with or without a new time vault project. I appreciate your help. Success at the tables!
            Time Vault Champion 2013


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              Hey, we have been expecting you Welcome to 2014!

              U know I like a bit of humour with a graph, so I appreciated that one from yesteryear!

              Only one thought, have you considered the virtues of beginning session with hand reviews, rather than ending it? Some prefer that way, makes sense to try both.

              Otherwise GL!


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                Originally posted by Profess Awe View Post
                Hey, we have been expecting you Welcome to 2014!
                bwahaha!! umbup: Wish MTT's would give consolation prizes for the first person out ... then maybe I'd like playing them more if I had a chance at a prize Just went and signed up - maybe it'll be a chance to sit and pick up tips from you all ... as like an investment in future $ of other tourneys @mrmendes - one of the downsides of not surfing the internet while playing anymore is that there's less chance to keep track of everybody's progress like I used to - but there's time after I grind, so I'll definitely have to try to do better than I did this month ... worth the effort!! umbup: And oh, looks like I forgot to mention what game I'm playing - will go add that now ... @professawe - so funny you mention that, because recently I just started doing a little warmup before grinding. Will have to give your suggestion a try for size - maybe that'll be a good way to remember stuff I'm trying to get better at? umbup: Thanks so much for stopping by
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                  Yeah some folk like to start off with some reviewing, get the fresh mind into poker vs after session when the tired mind ought not have to go over any poor play ... unless you can draw a line and remember the key messages to apply in future.
                  I like a bit of afters personally.


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                    Best of Luck and May you Have a very Prosperous Poker 2014.



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                      @professawe - oh, ya ... that's true too. It's worth a try for size - will give it a shot umbup: @hitman - thanks hitman Yes, here's hoping 2014 is a very prosperous year for all of us! GL with your games, and thanks so much for stopping by


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                        Originally posted by Profess Awe View Post
                        Yeah some folk like to start off with some reviewing, get the fresh mind into poker vs after session when the tired mind ought not have to go over any poor play ... unless you can draw a line and remember the key messages to apply in future. I like a bit of afters personally.
                        Hey, you know what ... well, I didn't start my session off with hand reviews, but have always collected hand histories while playing - by keeping a word processing sheet open to paste hand histories, with little notes. And have just recently started actually analyzing them mid-game - like, by trying to think up ways to improve on the spot, so they're not just a collection of mistakes? Which has been interesting ... Here's a hand that I analyzed mid-game this morning which I bungled up badly - so from this I learned to: 1. Try to notice the villain's shorter stack sometime before he re-raises all-in on the turn? Like maybe on the flop instead?? Not sure if maybe a check-fold on the turn would have been better? 2. And not just call because there's so little behind ... when it totally felt like the villain had the straight - thus I was drawing dead. Thought my call was terrible. 3. Remember that tip from live training to prepare yourself to fold to a re-raise *before* betting, when betting a marginal hand. Not even sure a bet was appropriate in this spot, but assuming it was *okay* ... With tip #3 fresh in my mind from the hand above, I *finally* remembered to apply it to this spot here, which came soon after: Villain was something like 14/10/0, with a call 3bet of 0, wtsd of 0 So that was kind of cool to see improvement so quickly. The only thing is that reviewing hands while grinding slows down my hands/hr rate a bit, so I don't know ... guess that's another spot to possibly tinker with moving forward - when to do reviews ... before, during, or after. Will keep experimenting I guess ... EDIT: oh, took a break to post this, and now it's time for my *real* break, look at that Not sure it's going to be possible to finish up the month today after all, at the rate I'm going ... EDIT2: ehhh, maybe the call with the AJ wasn't so bad after all, just because there was so little left, and sometimes short-stacks will just spew off the rest of their chips rather than call, with just a draw, like KT or whatever? Maybe the big mistake was putting myself in that spot in the first place by betting the turn, or betting so large ... really need to work on playing versus awkward stack sizes!
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                          Progress Report for January 2014

                          Guess my thread for this year'll be a lot different from last year's, where I had to spend so much time away from the tables looking at problem spots - and gosh, there were sooo many of them

                          Still have a ton to learn, so studying's still a big, BIG part of the plan for this year - like my graph's aren't great or anything ... Sandtrap I'm not, unfortunately But hopefully things'll continue to improve with continued study of all the awesome resources here at PSO.

                          Hands Played - January 2014

                          Does everybody else have breakeven/downswings that last as long as like, 30k-50k hands? Have always felt like maybe a better player might be able to turn a profit in those times where I'm slightly losing. Those times seem to be the toughest part of poker for me, with the trickier spots at the table, and the downswings, and sometimes some tilt (although Jared Tendler helped me out with that here:

                          Figure the big downswing that's liable to hit sometime in the next little while ought to be the more interesting part of my thread, because of the challenges those times seem to pose. Am not in one of those downswings just yet, so January went okay - guess it's nice to be able to start off on a good note before things get tougher.


                          Hands: 25,000 exactly
                          Profit: $118.47
                          Rake Paid: $178.84
                          VPPs: 1212.79 (not including the 125 bonus)
                          fpps: 1819.19

                          Videos Watched - January 2014

                          Have taken notes on all of these, but haven't yet done the big picture summary

                          4-Betting Revisted P1 (Mar. 27, 2013)
                          4-Betting Revisted P2 (Mar. 27, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Part 1 (Aug. 28, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Part 2 (Aug. 28, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Continued Part 1 (Sept. 18, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Continued Part 2 (Sept. 18, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Revisited Part 1 (Oct. 16, 2013)
                          Continuation Betting Basics Revisited Part 2 (Oct. 16, 2013)

                          Stuff Bought with fpps at - January 2014

                          Have to wait a couple of days to reach 3,500fpps before I can actually buy this stuff ... but know what I'm going to get with my gift certificate already ...

                          Kindle book (unrelated to poker!) - $14.99
                          Ceramic marker - $12.76 (planning on making these mugs on my day off:

                          Should be interesting to see how things go as the months progress - am not totally sure the yearly goals I've set out for myself are reachable to be honest. Guess I'll just have to keep working hard and trying my best, and see how it goes ...

                          Hope everybody's doing well - may February be a prosperous month for us all!!
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                            Adjustments for February 2014 Stuff that has room for improvement - the poker side hobbies - should have worked on Live Training vids first, will cut out the Sunday Storm - the $83 target - needs more flexibility to account for variance - 25,000 hands target burnout - cutting out the Sunday Storm should help - computer issues - add a monthly backup for player notes (for PokerStars and PokerTracker), save HUD settings - didn't take any breaks until the very last day of the month (yesterday ... was supposed to take one a week) - cutting out the Sunday Storm should help - cutting out surfing the internet helped a ton, but I started doing it again towards the end of the month as the burnout increased - hopefully having a lighter schedule will help with this too Stuff to add - the pre-grind warmup - review notes from 'Zoom On' - the C-betting vids - need to make up a 'C-betting Primer' ... maybe I can do practice exercises at night? Other Stuff - am tempted to add *more* stats to my HUD - should I be trying to simplify? - try to improve the quality of my thinking at the tables - hand history reviews went okay Will add more later - have to go set up my table settings all over again ... Random Thoughts

                            February 1, 2014 8:15am - thought I'd readjusted all my HUD stats ... totally forgot about the pop-up ... ugghhhh ...... Guess that can wait until later ... 9:50am - ahhh ... it was even more than just the HUD stats, pop-ups, and table settings - it was also the bet slider buttons, the color coding scheme, getting my hand histories to save and import, and on and on ... And the set-up's ever so slightly different - enough so that I just triple-barrelled into a station who called down with bottom pair ... if I wasn't tilted before ... Gonna take an early break to regroup ... 2pm - notes and color coding are confirmed gone (starting from scratch), and it's snowing out ... sigh. Seem to have turned into such a negative nelly today - so unlike me Think managing to get back into the groove by the end of the day would help turn my frown upside down ... probably it's not helping to stop to everytime something isn't *right* where I'm used to having it ... will see how it goes ... 2:15pm - oh well, maybe stopping every couple of hands because I've just realized something else needs adjusting can't really be helped - it's kind of important to have auto top-up set! The tables are super fishy, so it's not like the incentive's not there to get going ... will just do my best, and hopefully things'll slowly start falling back into place ... 3pm - okay, haven't had to adjust anything in a while - and things feel *okay* ... will try adding another table in the next hour and see how it goes ... 3:30pm - the tables are very forgiving, which is greatly appreciated - oh well about the ending, doesn't matter - just really helps a ton to have opponents like this on a day when my play is not so great ... 3:45pm - hmmm, that talk about redlines got me thinking ... like I know lots of people say the redline doesn't matter. But sometimes I think it does, if it's sagging because of leaks - and that seems to be the case with mine? Have been paying closer attention to what might be causing it to go down, and not being able to double-barrel effectively seems to be a big problem too - have been saying for a while that my turn c-bet rate's a little on the low side ... but pots get so big when you double-barrel ... think it's super important to be double-barreling the right way, otherwise it could do more damage than it helps? Am having trouble incorporating at the tables all the stuff I've learned from the c-betting vids - think it's the kind of thing that might be better to practice offline at first, where there's more time to get used to things. Will definitely try to do lots of that this month, and will shelve the PLO - the PLO seems to have so much promise, but it's so different, and there's already so much to learn with Zoom ... just didn't really appreciate how much until I got around to making notes on the vids at the end of the month. Anyways, will go back to the tables for the next 6 or 7 mins ... then it ought to be time for break lol ... 4:10pm - woah, just peeked into the 'Superbowl Menu' thread over at 2+2, and most of it is standard yummy. Never seen so much woven bacon in my life tho ... what a sight! Def worthy of the bulgy-eyes smiley ... 5pm - not sure how helpful the 3-bet steal from ss/bb stats are going to be - they seem to take about 450 hands to become reliable? Will keep it in for now ... Wish the month had gotten off to a better start, but what can you do ... February 2, 2014 8am - plan for today - try not to play like a clown 9am - ahhh ... I should cut myself a bit of a break - not having color-coding is massively disorienting ... am finding myself having to read all the HUD stats of all the people left to act in each hand, rather than having the color coding short-cut in place and only needing to scan for the relevant data - which is far less efficient. Made a couple of unforced errors right at the beginning, but things seem to be going better now. Am railing, so that's using up some of my focus too ... oh well ... 10am - am playing so badly this morning, I'm seriously embarrassing myself in front of the regs ... have gotten better about playing for 3hrs straight, but think today might be a good day to take breaks every couple of hours - will do that now ... 11am - okay, think I've finished updating all the stuff 7pm - so bummed to have spewed off 3bi this morning due to unforced errors that were totally preventable, because otherwise I'd be breakeven right now. Oh well, did the best I could at the time - managed to stay breakeven this afternoon, while the variance wasn't any better than this morning, so maybe that's something to be happy about. Still early in the month too ... February 3, 2014 5pm - plan for today is the same as yesterday - try not to play like a fool Sigh, will do my best [/spoiler]
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                              Very best of luck with your goals for 2014 Sam! I can relate to the burnout bit and it's good to take a break during each week, actually it's really important. I haven't tried the pre-grind warm-up idea yet but I like it, must start doing it Raiser umbup:



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