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MY rank is slowly climbing

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  • MY rank is slowly climbing

    (23-1- 14) I guess its good & I'm here to pat my self on the back out of 120,000 players my rank in PSO leader board is 4,557 & my score is 1,668.28. (24-1 14) I am also doing well at the Hubble tourneys as well about top 3%. I also play the Pri 100k F R & I play the hawking's tourneys going pretty good there to. (28-1-14) Have continued to play the PSO tourneys & my rating continues to climb as follows (rank 1,771 score 1,891). Top .64% of current 280,000 players.Probably moving up on 120 players per tourney average although last up date showed 222. umbup: The players in the Hawking's tourneys are pretty bad trying to win with two pair it is very agro as it should be & it is a good tourney because there are no antes & you can be patent & wait for the good hands.
    I guess moving up is like building a bank roll!!!!!
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    Hey, thats great progress, look forward to hear how you get on.

    Good luck


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      nice bro keep moving up umbup:


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        This T was pretty trying early as is normally the case, navigating loose play & choosing the right moments to check, bet, raise or fold, (folding is the best move most of the time). I know it's a skill that takes time to develop. I guess its like leaning the game it takes time & I'm the first to admit that I'm not there yet & never will"quote" there is always more to learn. Some times you get it right & other times you don't. Also I think I limited my mistakes in exchange for bigger ones "quote"(D Skalansky & E Miller) fundamentals of play in no limit hold'em.
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          sorry double post still leaning Moderator can delete.
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            Does any one have an opinion as to whether I should have gambled with QQ , my thinking at the time was because of the disqualification formula. My thinking after the fact is maybe call above T high suited or AA KK.?
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              Had KK MP low stacked bet 2BB flop no help, board flop 6h,3h & 5s possible flush draw turn got a k but unfortunately Kh, turn bet 1BB should have folded to possible flush instead went ALLIN on the turn after a bet on the turn, this situation maybe should just go allin pre flop but its not the way pros play as they say you shouldn't play more than 60% of your stack so maybe a pot bet would of been best play of all pre flop.
              Player who knocked me out UG medium stacked called 97s. Does anyone have opinion on this situation. (I some times think these games tend to be loose so opponent would have called anyway typical Russian play)?
              PS that Russian finished 234th.
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                Which pros will not preflop shove with KK and low stack? Send them facebook message that they suck. Depends on how low you are but yeah KK definitely a shove if u have under 15-12 big blinds this depends on the table, stack sizes, etc. If pros say you shouldnt put 60% of your stack in well only maybe if u raise pre, but hey Doyle says if u gonna put half stack in why not all so there u have it without any fancy math stuff, although its important obv.


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                  Thanks sounds like good advise.


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                    Good luck mate and I hope you see the fruits of your labour


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                      moving UP

                      This month has been much better my Rank is 130 odd may be can get some where near the top players.
                      I am going to set my self a goal to get to the $7.50 bracket, & who knows from there.
                      I have done this playing only 60 tourneys I think that's a fare effort $ there is another 6 days to go.

                      I would like to finish how I started at the top of the leader board, they say START HOW YOU WANT TO FINISH.

                      I am now working on getting 150 vpp up for the Premier Leage for next month.

                      Some of these players appear to be robots playing taking two or three stacks getting to about 7,000 chips & then not playing the rest of the tournament at all stack just dwindles till their out?

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