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Profess Awe 2014 Goals

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  • Profess Awe 2014 Goals

    Welcome along to the 2014 edition of goals with Profess Awe. The kind of thing you may expect can be seen in the 2013 merriment I hope that you will subscribe and leave some replies, it is really appreciated, so I do not feel like I am talking to myself for a year. umbup: Good luck at the 2014 tables.

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    The Goals

    Here are the 2014 goals and some of the reasoning behind them:

    1. Grow MTT bankroll from $7k to $14k
    Bankroll rules will be average 150BI and not putting more than 4% in during a session. I can relax that when have satellited into something, have sold shares or am using T Dollars.

    2. Grind up a “speed” 6max poker roll Flixx style, aiming to move from $50 to $750.
    I will have bankroll rules of 30 buyins needed to play/move up, although may take some shots when well above 30 at current level. Will obviously be starting at 2NL and therefore on Pokerstars, but will mix in other sites as move up.

    3. Be a power ranger

    Become “very good” at hand ranging. I realise this is not at all measureable, but I know I got better last year and think I have some way to go and know there are videos, strategies, math and practice that will help move in the right direction.

    4. Concentrate on one aspect of game applicable to all poker per month.

    5. Produce 2 video reviews per month

    6. Qualify for 80%+ of live MTTs over $250 that attempt satellites for and only play this level of buy in if qualify.

    7. Get BMI down to 20 and stay below 21 for rest of year.

    8. No solely negative posts!

    As suggested in my 2013 thread, being a “winning” player since mid 2010 has meant that I have taken a lot of profit off-line and to be honest I don’t want to put any of it back online. Therefore I will be thinking in terms of growing roll, rather than just making a profit for another year (although expect this too). As for the 6max grind up, last year cash did not go very well and I was mainly playing Full Ring. But actually I was in profit when 9handed! Biggest losing number of players was 6 handed – some of that will be short FR tables, but I know 6max needs some work or some avoiding! So will be grinding up zoom 6max, partly out of shame, partly to give another option for grinding if can get up to 25NL as is the goal. In order to structure my reviewing time more productively I am going to choose one aspect of my game to focus part of session reviews of per month. As I will be playing MTTs and cash I want to choose aspects that are relevant to both and allow comparison across the two, as I need to more rigorously consider the differences between cash and MTT play. I’ll also be recording two hand reviews per months and sharing them. Needs to be applicable or comparable across cash and MTTs.

    I don’t think there is a coincidence between the amount of poker pros who look after or look to improve their fitness, so I will try and get on board with this. BMI is easy for me to measure at home and as a formerly thin youth I would like to get back to the cusp of being underweight. In 2011 and 2012 I bought into at least one big live MTT using online profit or moreover grinding after bricking the MTT After the success of online qualifying last year I am going to rely on this and focus on particular events – hence plan to qualifying for 80% of MTTs that I attempt – more volume on particular event sats. Finally the challenge of no negative posts! Rather than complain about coolers, I’ll focus more on development and the good things that happen. Too often last year the thread was a long moan. Expect more amusing graphs to counter the bad variance times.

    I will be splitting my time between MTTs, FR cash and the 6max grind up, probably in that order. I’m not going to measure the FR cash here as have decided that I should make my money against particular weak players, so want to be playing reg tables not zoom and many of you will know my thoughts on reg tables on Stars at the moment. I’ll probably let you know how it is going, especially if it is going well


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      Challenges My goals will be flexible so subject to change. Given the results oriented and immeasurable nature of some of the goals I will be using a Jared Tendler endorsed technique of considering the greatest challenge of each goal and how I plan to overcome that. This helps hint at process oriented goals. I will also be breaking things down to monthly goals. 1. Grow MTT bankroll from $7k to $14k MTT skilligence is the challenge. I learnt more about cash games than MTTs in 2013, although this did help early MTT game. I think there is more to learn and want to focus on improving MTT game, particularly as I think my general MTT game is lagging behind my satellite game. 2. Grind up a “speed” 6max poker roll Flixx style, aiming to move from $50 to $750. Adjusting to 6max and nano stakes. Watch early Flixx grinding up videos and dig out all 6max cash videos that I have when those stakes become relevant. 3. Power ranger Doing it in game. Read lots about techniques, become more competent in turning HUD stats into ranges in game. Practice, practice, practice. 4. Concentrate on one aspect of game applicable to all poker per month. I think this will overcome part of the challenge of deciding what to review. Too often I review my marked hands or the biggest pots, which is a limited strategy in terms of the huge range of stuff that can be reviewed. 5. Produce 2 video reviews per month The challenge is getting around to this and choosing what to review. I think I will force myself to review tourneys with biggest spots or mistakes from each session and if I get some decent runs will video. Also may video some hands relating to the “focus of the month”. 6. Qualify for 80%+ of live MTTs over $250 that attempt satellites for and only play this level of buy in if qualify. I guess the challenge is variance and continuing to run pure in winner take all holiday sweats. I aid this by picking the best sats in the best places. 7. Get BMI down to 20 and stay below 21 for rest of year. The challenge is losing weight. I found it quite easy when had flu a few weeks, I find it difficult now eating and exercising daily 8. No solely negative posts! The challenge is I tend to run bad, maybe this changes in 2014. But if I keep in mind that hand analysis might be more interesting for readers than pure moaning I hope to meet this challenging goal. umbup:


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        January mini-goals.
        a) Watch a ton of cardrunner videos before membership expires
        b) Qualify for GPS Nottingham
        c) Adjust to 2NL 6max zoom (measured by having clear adjustments making versus higher FR cash, watch Flixx vids)
        d) Focus goal 4 on limped pots (by end of month having range for limping along and raising by position for 2nl 6max and higher FR/MTT).

        So far
        Even though we are only half way through January feels long. MTTs apart from qualifying for Sunday Million twice and making day 2 and mincash, nothing of note really. Although I do have a wannabe account! Yep Je suis Mook [2] played the equivalent of the last Sunday Storm, I outlasted the imposter! Did not qualify for GPS Nottingham and attempted 5 shots Cash I am up $268 in FR, but appallingly am down $11 at 2nl 6max zoom!

        In terms of the 2nl 6max zoom, I went into it ready to bluff far far less than normal. What I forgot is that villains do not often bluff themselves. Early on I was seeing great spots to bluff and snap calling river raises with near nuts and always seeing nuts. Also I need to adjust as 3 bets don’t often get called and raising limps nearly always do. I need to get onto those early Flixx grinding it up vids, after the marathon PCA FT ends.

        Rest of month got some half price IPoker tournaments this week and then can play only the first day of TCOOP as busy and then away end of month. I don’t mind skipping rest of TCOOP as least interesting of Stars’ series for me. And of course going to try and continue what is best cash month profit ever so far, but try and regain some respect at 2nl


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          Very best of luck Profess Aweumbup:


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            Good Luck!!!



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              Good luck and may RNGesus be on your side in 2014!
              Last edited by maDe91; Tue Jan 14, 2014, 11:06 AM.


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                GLGL! Your plans look solid.


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                  Originally posted by maDe91 View Post
                  Good luck and may RNGesus be on your side in 2014!
                  Senses RNGesus could make an appearance in a graph this year.

                  Thanks for stopping by all. Over 14 hours into PCA FT


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                    Gl with your goals m8!


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                      good luck profess awe umbup:


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                        Thanks Iggy and Joker.

                        Fancied cash rather than MTTs alongside Gareth's training and into the night. I played both 20NL FR reg tables elsewhere as well as some 2nl 6m zoom on Stars and for I think the 5th time this year I finished well up at 20NL and down at 2NL. This is puzzling me a bit, although the damage in 2NL was through villains hitting outs and me paying off the nuts. Without this I would have booked a winning session at "Helly" as well.
                        In other goal news I have put on weight despite daily exercise this week, it almost makes me feel guilty for eating chocolate right now!

                        I will be back on Friday evening where I will be playing my first multi-entry tournament, you know the kind where I get to pay to enter twice and really hope I don't get put on the same table as me
                        Last edited by Profess Awe; Thu Jan 16, 2014, 04:28 AM.


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                          Friday Fun: When tired after a long week, why not use any last energy at de pokers. So I played my first multi-entry tournament and expected to dislike paying to enter the same tournament twice. I think this was because of Multi-entry's association with Full Tilt. But I liked comparing my two positions in the same MTTs and trying to grow both stacks. When we got near the money I liked seeing who else had two stacks in play and at times I liked peering over my shoulder on leaderboard and seeing myself Cashed both stacks, but eventually got unlucky on both for no FT, but a healthy return. Other MTTs were no good. And in a couple of places my aggro lines far from worked Definitely some hands to review. Another good cash session at FR reg tables. I am wondering how long I can continue running at 36bb/100? I suspect not as long as I hope. Even had a profitable 2NL 6m Zoom session tonight t-up: Good thing villain in this hand was a proven LAG, I would not like this postflop spot versus any other player at the table $0.15/$0.30 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *** 17 01 2014 23:59:01 Seat 4 is the button Total number of players : 7 Seat 1: ( $51.67 ) Seat 2: ( $34.23 ) Seat 4: Hero ( $30.35 ) Seat 5: Villain ( $30 ) Seat 6: ( $10.20 ) Seat 9: ( $23.98 ) Seat 10: ( $30 ) Villain posts small blind [$0.15] Seat 6 posts big blind [$0.30] ** Dealing down cards ** fold, fold, fold, fold Hero raises [$0.90] Villain raises [$2.55] BB folds Hero raises [$5.40] Villain calls [$3.60] ** Dealing flop ** [ , , ] Villain bets [$9.67] Hero calls [$9.67] ** Dealing turn ** [ ] Villain bets [$14.03] All in Hero calls [$14.03] ** Dealing river ** [ ] ** Summary ** Hero shows [ , ] Villain shows [ , ] Hero collected [ $57.29 ]


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                            I would say there have been better weekends of poker.
                            Saturday saw only one MTT cash and that was for less than buy in - satellite. Then I managed to lose 4.5 buy ins at 2nl6mzoom, which means I am now down nearly half the bankroll Since then I have watched Felix's early Grinding it Up episodes and will be watching some other micro cash series, but I think it is a combo of a little too loose, run bad and being a pay off wizard as I keep seeing spots for bluffs where villains have backdoored into nuttage.
                            As one might imagine not beating 2nl immediately calls into question a lot of things and means I cannot be as pleased as I should with how cash is going as a whole.

                            Sunday so far has been about MTTs and had to wait over 7 hours and until last one to cash something. That is still in operation so this post is more optimistic than negative, honest!

                            Anyhoo apart from a couple of epic punt offs into what I was repping, I have not run so good. AK into AA 3 times, AK into KK once, AQ into AK twice and this one took the biscuit:

                            The lesson is that once in on flop I only win 95% so it is not as disgusting as seemed at the time Hard to gauge how recent work on MTTs is effecting game when run bad and a couple of the "new moves" backfired spectacularly. I guess time will tell. Very glad of a couple of days away from poker now.

                            Good luck at tables.


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                              Weekends are really rough to play for me too, but keep it Awe as you sad it the time will tell I guessumbup:



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