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Roland's Goals 2014

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  • Roland's Goals 2014

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    My goal for 2014 is rather simple. I want to be a profitable reg at 100NL by the end of the year.

    My short term plans for reaching this goal are not yet set. Currently I am taking a long hard look at where I am at right now. 2013 was my first year focusing on cash games and I know improved tremendously during 2013, but things progressed too fast at times.

    Multitabling Zoom has had its benefits such as allowing me to play nearly 500K hands last year. A large part of the learning process comes from practice and experience. However, it has some negative side effects as well that I now need to deal with.

    I have finally accepted that am not able to play my A-game while 4 tabling Zoom. I easily start just "clicking buttons" like a robot. I am prone to mistakes both missing out on value and getting stacked in spots where in retrospect I should have known better.

    A second issue that I have finally accepted is that I have never followed good bankroll guidelines. I do most of the time, but I too often slip into bad habbits. I'll sit down at tables or tourneys that I'm not rolled for. My goal is to stick to good bankroll guidelines in 2014. If I want to be a reg at 100NL, I'm going to need to build my roll all year. Most of this will come from grinding, but I plan to deposit some as well.

    For the coming months I am going to be playing more regular tables and less Zoom. My goal is to practice playing in the zone with my A-game at a lower hourly volume. I want to practice what I know until it starts coming uncontiously. I can then start focusing on volume again.

    In short, my first goal is to break a few bad habbits of old before turning my attention to newer areas.

    I'll keep you updated throughout the year. Any advice or thoughts are always welcome.

    Good Luck and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX
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    tough goal m8 best of luck will be following this for sure
    Triple Bracelet Winner


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      Good Luck Roland GTX



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        Wow, 500k hands in a year's a lot of hands! That's amazing, especially since didn't you hit your head quite seriously snowboarding this past year? I've really enjoyed reading your blogs this past year Roland, because you've done so well at the tables, but your blogs also show us how hard you've had to work to get to where you are. Am sure with that work ethic, you'll be at 100nl in no time - GL GL!! umbup:


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          I wish you success in 2014 Roland GTX!

          Bankroll management should be on the top of the priority list of any player. Followed closely by evaluation and re-evaluation (and re-re-re-evaluation .
          Creating good habits and getting rid of bad ones is one of the most important things we can do both at the tables and outside of poker!
          When creating habits, I advise you to go easy on yourself, don't be radical, do it slowly and guilt-free. A positive attitude should have a positive consequence on your mood and therefore on your decision making process at the poker tables.
          Time Vault Champion 2013


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            Thanks everyone! @mr mendes, I agree. umbup: My bad habbits show themselves primarily when I am multitabling Zoom, or for example when I was 12 tabling 10NL during the milestone hand periods. Yet, I played about 4K hands on one or two 50NL regular tables in December profitably. I play better when taking my time and really building up notes on the villains. @TrustySam Hi there! Yeah, I like clicking buttons; it's the gamer in me. Unfortunately, wanting to play like nanonoko and being able to play like nanonoko are two different things. At 10NL and lower I can four table Zoom and be profitable (but Im still making the habbitual mistakes), but at 25NL and higher I'm just not good enough yet. Being able to finally admit this to myself is a big step in the right direction I hope. Slow and steady looks to be my motto for the year. I will still be using quite aggressive bankroll guidelines, taking shots, etc, but within reason and within limits that I set for myself BEFORE I ever turn on the computer. Bankroll issues for me are primarily a matter of being disciplined, and again, finally admitting to myself that it doesn't matter how good I am (or think I am). If I'm not rolled to be at 100NL, then I can't sit down at the table. But it is so tempting LOL. The same goes for tourneys. If I have a full evening alone at home, I too often reg for a dozen tourneys. Playing one $10 or $20 buck tourney is fine, but when I fire up four of those plus four more cheaper tourneys and four more $2.50 180 man turbos and perhaps one Zoom cash table to boot, I end up giving away my edge and money on all of them. Good luck to you all in 2014umbup: Roland GTX


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              I'm sure you'll do just fine once you've got your discipline sorted out. Good luck!
              Bracelet Winner


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                Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
                I'm sure you'll do just fine once you've got your discipline sorted out. Good luck!
                Well, I've been playing since 2008 without managing to keep my impulsiveness fully under control... But to be honest, last year was the first year that I even started to give my bankroll management much consideration. Making a real effort this year can only help


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                  Good luck!
                  Have you decided that 6max is the focus. I'm also playing more reg and less zoom cash this year.


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                    Im not sure yet Pofess Awe LOL! I still play both. Lately I have had one of each open trying to see which works best for me. I feel pretty comfortable on both. At 16NL and lower, I feel that 6m gives me the best hourly rate and I don't get lost postflop that often. But at 25NL and higher there seem to be advantages to both FR and 6m.

                    Ill be sure to avoid your tables if I see you GLGL!


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                      Look forward to following your progress Roland.

                      6 Max does seem to bring a higher hourly rate than FR at the lower levels. No idea about higher up so you will have to let us know!


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                        I have made a short term plan now. I'll be focusing on 25NL full ring Zoom as well as 25NL or 50NL regular 6-max tables for the time being.

                        On full ring zoom, I seem to have an edge on the players since they tend to be a bit more straight forward playing an ABC style. What Ive learned from 6max allows me to win a fair amount of pots by recognizing when the opponent has missed the flop. At these stakes on 6max, there is more aggression with a wider range of hands and I still find myself too often getting lost postflop on zoom.

                        I believe it is an important long term goal to work on improving my postflop play on 6max. Working on this on regular tables is fine. I can build up my notes and reads making it easier to know where I am against particular opponents in all these sticky postflop spots.

                        Whether Im on Zoom or regular tables, I will only be playing one or two tables at a time.

                        That is the plan for now at any rate.

                        Roland GTX


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                          My January update is out on my blog. I'll keep the links in the first post updated.

                          Roland GTX


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                            Oh yeah! Chewme1 will be reviewing my $1 MTT rebuy win on Feb 10th! I'm quite excited about this and hope to learn a bunch. I have previously been accused of playing tighter than a frog's ***hole - LOL! Will Chris's verdict be the same?

                            Here is the link to the live training session.

                            I hope to see you there
                            Roland GTX


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                              Chris reviewed my tourney last night - thank you! I was very happy to hear that my game seemed sound. He pointed out two hands in particular that I should have played differently. I agree with Chris on both points.

                              One where I raise-folded AQ preflop. I had 11bb and an M of 5. This was a clear shoving spot, and my ep minraise was not the best line. However, my raise got a shove from a villain who had me covered and a call to which I did make a good fold. One villain had KK and the other held AK.

                              The other hand was on the FT where I called the with 77 in the sb rather than raising all in. I agree that this wasn't a spot for setmining. 3bet jamming would have been better. I was a slight chipleader at that point and the raiser was in second. I flopped a set and stacked him. This gave me a huge chiplead and made for an easy win after that.

                              You need to get lucky to win MTTs and here my mistakes allowed me to survive. They were still preflop mistakes on my part though.

                              Frosty is reviewing Full Ring hands in his live training sessions. Take advantage of this great opportunity if you want to improve! He looked at one of my hands last LT and hopefully will look at the others I've sent next session.

                              Also, I am getting some private coaching atm in order to de-nittify my 6-Max Zoom game. So far, so good. I'm taking shots at 50NL too, although most of my volume is still 25NL. I feel pretty good and am on track



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