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Ibie's micro-bankroll challenge

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  • Ibie's micro-bankroll challenge

    Hi all. I've been playing real money poker on stars for about three months or so. I've mostly been playing a mixture of SNGs and MTTs with no real bankroll management.This year, I've decided invest in a HUD and to focus on improving my game, rather than how quick I can build (or bust) a 'roll. Last years graph (quite a wild ride ): ROI: 8.28% ITM: 25.5% 2014 goals Starting with a bankroll of $25, I would like achieve a closing BR of $150 and an ROI of >9% in MTTs. Bankroll management Ideally, 100 buy ins. Drop stakes below 80 buy ins.I will try to satellite to games that exceed my bankroll limits, provided the sattie falls within the aforementioned limits. <$25: 25c 45/90 mans, 10c ($50 added), $100K privilege freerolls and any other freerolls I am eligible for. $55-$110: 55c 500-cap, 50c 180+-man turbos, Hot $0.55 $110-250: $1.10 2K+ Gtd, 1.50 180-man January goals
    • Each month play at least 60 MTTs.
    • Commit a portion of "poker time" to studying and reviewing interesting hands. This month I will be looking at Hand analysis and ranging
    Weekly routine
    • Mon-Wed: 5hr/day, playing 4 tables and marking interesting hands to review at the end of the week.
    • Thu & Fri: I will be taking these days off from poker.
    • Sat & Sun: Attend a live training session or watch a video relevant to MTT/SNG. Spend at least 3hr studying and reviewing hand histories. I will post at least one hand for review on the hand analysis forum. On Sunday evening, I will post a weekly review with updates on progress, profit/loss, and anything I've learnt etc.
    I wish everybody the best of luck with their goals (in poker and in life). Cheers, Ibieumbup:
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    A short week to start the poker year. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in three sessions and play 28 tourneys in total.

    Total games played: 28
    ITM: 9/28
    Net profit/loss:$8.19
    BR: $33.19

    I watched one video:ChewMe1 Live Low Stake MTTs #1 $3.30-$11. One thing that was apparent from watching Chris' play is that I'm not (re)shoving wide enough, thus letting my fold-equity dwindle and leaving myself at the mercy of the deck far too often. I have started using a push/fold chart to aid with some of my decisions and plan to study short-stack play in more detail next month.
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      Week 2 update:
      Very up and down week, including a 30-game barren spell in which I ran into a few coolers, succumbed to FPS and tilted off another few buy-ins. The biggest problem I have is dwelling on lost pots, wasting a lot of energy thinking about how big my stack would be if the friggin’ fish hadn’t sucked out, instead of focusing on the actual decisions.

      Total games played: 100
      ITM: 20/100
      Net profit/loss:$10.86
      BR: $35.86

      I watched one training video: Session 3: Hand Reading. The most useful part of the training was certainly the two example hands; in particular, the hand where Dave held AJo in a 3-bet pot with A9x flop. He elected to x/c the flop with the reasoning that it was a way ahead/way behind situation. This sort of spot was an auto c-bet for me so this is certainly something to keep in mind.

      I posted one hand for analysis: Turn decision with TPTK (25c 45-man SNG).
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        Good luck ,4 tabling its great , try to push yourself by adding more tables in your sessions some time maybe u ll be comfortobale playing 6 or 8


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          Cheers. I'm contemplating adding one table at a time as a lot of the decisions in these games seem routine. I just had a look at your thread. Impressive start umbup:. I also like your method for taking shots at bigger games and think I might start using it.


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            Nice looking graphs! Looks like Ubie_Rich now lol GL with your goals!! umbup:


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              Thanks Sam! Best of luck with your goals Week 3 update: Some decent progress this week; I don’t think I played particularly well but had some run good. Very seldom does one flop quads and win two stacks. I have no clue what Mr KQ was thinking Total games played: 186 ITM: 38/186 Net profit/loss:$18.73 BR: $43.73 I watched one training video: Session 2: Commitment Decisions. I found this training video very instructive. That we should be thinking about commitment as soon as 1/10 of our stack is in the middle was completely new to me. I also posted one hand for analysis: Overs and NFD early in 25c 45-man SNG
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                January Review

                Week 4 got off to good start and ended in a massive downer.

                Total games played: 253
                Net winnings: $17.04
                ROI: 28.2%
                ITM: 19.0%
                Closing Bankroll: $42.04
                VPPs: 31.85

                Weekly training video: Session-13-Managing-Medium-to-Short-Stack-in-MTT-s. Hand analysis: A case of missed value on the river? (45-man money bubble).

                Things to fix
                Volume: As I haven't really tracked my play before, I didn't what sort of volume I could manage. I intend to increase the monthly target but no by so much that I feel burned out or reluctant to trawl through hand histories at the end of the week.

                Focus on the decisions: try to balance volume with quality of decisions, and avoid succumbing to random button-clicking syndrome. I will also try to avoid looking at my winnings graph until the end of each month. Depressing myself with looking at how I'm running relative to EV, or how long I've been on a downswing, isn't going to do me much good. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter whether I finish the week on $51 or $46?

                Walk away: if you don't feel at your best for whatever reason, stop playing. The juicy games will still be around when you reurn. Walk away. You'll thank yourself for it in the long run. If only I had the discipline.
                Game selection: I often find myself rushing to register to SNGs before they fill, or worse late regging tournaments for no apparent reason. I'm going to try be more selective towards games I'm succesful at/enjoy playing.

                Be more 'calculated' in shot taking: At one point I got the 'roll to $47 and was taking shots at the 55c 500-caps. But I feel that I went too far, too fast. When taking shots, I will have a number of buy-ins in mind and I will avoid increasing my average buy-in too drastically.

                Post-grind workout: this is something I've seen others doing and thought I'd add to my routine. Apparently, physical activity does seem help with residual tilt, which otherwise builds up between sessions and leaves you feeling pretty crappy.

                February Goals
                • Volume: play at least 150 tournaments.
                • Study: this month I will be looking at med-short stack play. Watch at least one training video relvant to MTT each week.
                • Hand review: spend 3hr reviewing hands and post at least one hand for review on the hand analysis forum each week.

                I'd like to wish everybody the best of luck with their respective goals.


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                  Weeks 5 and 6 update

                  Haven't been able to turn in as much volume as I would've liked due to an intermittent connection and HEM2 spazzing out. I had to resort to zoom to get my poker fix . One of the hands from my adventures in 2NL zoom: 2 NL zoom TPTK on dry bd facing aggression in a 3-way pot.

                  Numbers-wise, I've been grinding out a pretty consistent profit in the 25c 45-mans, but unfortunately the 50c turbo SNGs have not been so kind (hence the net loss).

                  Total games played: 82
                  ITM: 17.1%
                  Net winnings: -$2.58
                  BR: $39.46
                  Average buy in: $0.26

                  Total games played: 335
                  Net winnings: $14.46
                  ROI: 15.8%
                  ITM: 18.5%
                  BR: $39.46

                  Videos to watch
                  I've decided to plan ahead what videos I'll be watching this month, so that my learning is more structured (and hopefully more efficient).
                  Session 13 Managing Medium to Short Stack in MTTs (watched 02/02/2014)
                  Live Training Video ahar010 SNG Anatomy Short Stack Shoves 26th March 2012
                  Why Am I Short Stacked Part 1
                  Why Am I Short Stacked Part 2
                  Short Stacks Part 1
                  Short Stacks Part 2
                  The Quick and The Busted Part 1
                  The Quick and The Busted Part 2
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                    Good luck Ibie_Broke, nice list of video to watch, i might watch some of them too.
                    I will suggest you to watch also videos from Andre Coimbra, he have lesson videos from 0.50$ 45p and 0.50$ 90p they are really helpfull, he explane really well his Push-Fold strategy.



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