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My 2014 Goals

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  • My 2014 Goals

    Hi I'm Rincewind7b and this is my 3rd year as a PSO member. Having secretly followed most of the goal threads last year I guess it's time for me give it a go This is my 1st attempt at something like this. I have been playing 2 tables of 1c/2c PLO zoom since the end of December and my goals are based on continuing this throught the year: 1. Play enough volume during each month to reach Silverstar Status 2. Move up to 2c/5c PLO zoom at $150 profit - stepping back down if i lose 10 buy ins 3. Make $1,000 profit for the year 4. Make notes on players and review hands for big pots/tricky spots 5. See if i can 4 table comfortably 6. Watch appropriate videos etc when I feel in the right state of mind to absorb the information. I've been rather vague with the volume of hands as i feel its best for me to just play when i'm thinking clearly/relaxed and stop when i'm not. Silverstar will be tough to hit with just 2 tables but is nice motivation. If/when I make the move up and/or add extra tables then I can adjust my goals to fit with the changes. Good luck to everyone in their personal challenges and may we all have a great 2014! umbup:umbup:

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    Since I did actually start at the beginning of the year my 1st week progress report looks like:

    Profit $30.13 VPPs: 134.45 (thankyou PS for the extra 25!)

    A good start which I hope i can continue



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      Good Luck!!!



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        Halfway through the month and since Sunday things have been going very badly.

        Last few days i've lost countless all ins where i was ahead and my opponent has hit his/her outs. I reraise with a great starting hand - some random person calls fishing and hits time and time again.

        I think i need to just fold double suited aces pre since i'm losing 90% of the time with them

        So overall stats are now:

        Profit: $10.36 (including binking $4.65 in a challenge freeroll) VPPS: 266.95

        Since I can't even win after flopping flushes/straights and even full houses I'm not sure how to continue

        I guess i need to watch some vids and hope the runbad ends soon.

        I hope the rest of u are having better luck than me!



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          Quick update: Up 4 buy-ins today and feeling much better about things umbup: Gl everyone Rince.


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            Good to see you setting goals & recording results here Rincewind.

            I find these things a bit weird myself - but I think nobody is really watching who doesn't have positive thoughts towards your goals. And it is a good motivator to go for the goals you set once publicly announced.

            I am sure you will do well mate.

            So best of luck

            4 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Hi Ed. (and PH) thankyou for the support and gl with your goals this year umbup: Rince


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                Originally posted by Rincewind7b View Post
                Profit: $10.36
                Heyyy, profit is profit!! Very nice haha!! umbup: umbup: Will show you my hideous PLO graph if it'll make you feel better lol Hope the variance turns around for you soon


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                  Hi Sam thnx for dropping in

                  Ok update for Jan:

                  Profit: $40.86 VPPs: 500.06 yes thats right Silverstar I made it! (with 3hours left in the month lol)

                  So on the 27th I was fed up with PLO so now I'm playing the hyper satties that are all the rage

                  Not going to worry too much about Silverstar this month as i'm only playing the smaller sats atm.

                  I hope we all have a great feb and that both shoulders tell fifi to move up lvls :P



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                    Congrats on profiting for the month and on making SilverStar Nice one mate! Raiser umbup:


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                      Ty rasier and GL with your goals this year




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