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Dont be to Results Orientated.

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  • Dont be to Results Orientated.

    Just thought i would post this to mebbe help people starting on there 2014 goals.

    Consequences of Being a Results Oriented Poker Player
    There are several consequences of being a results oriented poker player. In general, you won't be making decisions with long-term mathematical expectations in mind. This is obviously incorrect. There are several other smaller consequences as well.

    • Loss of Confidence: A lack of confidence will stem from making decisions that don't work out for some reason. This will make it increasingly harder for you to be confident in any decision you make as well as make it more difficult to avoid being results oriented.

    • Change of Style or Strategy: Many players who are results oriented will feel that they have tons of leaks and problems with their game. They will then go and overhaul their game in attempt to plug these leaks and it's possible that their game will actually worsen as a result.

    • Difficult Time Improving: Poker players are going to have a difficult time improving if they're telling themselves that they're doing something wrong or watching and mimicking someone else's play.

    Overcoming Results Orientation in Poker
    Although it's not easy to do, overcoming results orientation in poker is possible. Here are some suggestions that have helped me overcome results orientation in my own poker game.

    • Don't Mimic Your Favorite Pro: Just because "Phil Ivey does it" or "Daniel Negreanu does this" doesn't mean you should. They got to where they are through hard work and solid play. Just because they can make 7-2 profitable, doesn't mean you can - at least not yet.

    • Study Your Hand Histories: Use tools like Sit n Go Wizard, Poker Stove and Hold'em Manager and go through each hand you play. You obviously want to look for mistakes that you make, but don't forget to also highlight the things that you are doing well.

    • Have Confidence in Yourself: When you make a play, tell yourself that this is without a doubt the most optimal line you can be taking. Don't let the results of what you do tell you otherwise. You want to have confidence in yourself so you continue to make plays based on long term expectations.

    • Play for the Long Run: If a play doesn't pan out, who cares as long as it was made with positive long term results in mind. All plays you make should be based on long term results, not guesses or hunches. This will make it much easier to avoid or overcome results orientation seeing as how these plays should prove to be profitable.

    • Get Help from Other Poker Buddies: This is something that helped me quite a bit. If I made a play or did something that didn't quite work out and I thought maybe I screwed up, I asked a few of my friends to take a look and give me their thoughts. You'll find more often than not that what you did is not very different, if at all different, from what your friends would do themselves.

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    This is great. I was going to write a blog on this subject, but now I don't need to.
    Bracelet Winner


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      ^^ +1
      Bracelet Winner


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        I,ll delete it for you arty lol.

        I personally think to many players put the emphasis on results over the short term rather than the long term, we,ve all been there - ive recently played 3k games of hypers, 1st 1k 15% roi - last 2k break even. Were as i really need a 10k+ sample to see if im a winner.


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          I've gone ahead and written the blog anyway (with a link back to this thread), as I wanted to emphasise how much variance impacts results, and why I believe it's a mistake to "presume" you can keep winning at the same winrate forever.
          When approved, the blog should be available here:
          Bracelet Winner



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