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A sequel of Challenges

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  • A sequel of Challenges

    So, I started my blog mostly to answer a question I had.

    Is it possible to get from $2 to $20 in less than 2 months?

    Before I came to PSO I've read a few things about poker and about how pro's could easily start off with $1 and get it all up to around $1000 in a year or so.

    So I decided to check if it was actually possible for a beginner to do it following a certain set of rules. I've searched around and got myself landing on the PSO website where I found the tools and the means to start my challenge.

    I'm now sitting at around $20 only 13 days after I set my challenge (which I thought would take a month to get to).

    Now I'm starting my next challenge $20 to $100 I'm hoping I can get there in 2-3 months times if I keep playing as regularly as I've been and also I hope to give my BR a boost by starting to play some SnGs.

    I'd like to have some feedback on some of the hands I'll be playing but mostly on how to move up the ladder on Poker.

    Here's the link for my blog: Next Challenge $20-$100

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    Hey there!

    So I added 2 more new posts, I'm almost posting a post a day, because for me atm everything is exciting and alot of things have happened.

    I'm trying to keep it simple and also I'm trying to make it so that I pass the more important lessons I've learned so far.

    I'm not a pro yet and I still consider myself close to a fish, but a lil' bit better than those, since I'm actually able to generate some profit, not as much as a pro would be able to but I think it's been ok.

    So, to resume what has happened in the last days: Yesterday I went on a tilt loosing a lil' bit more than half of my bankroll, from the $20 to a miserable $8, mostly because I started playing thing that my current level of poker doesn't allow me to, mostly ZOOM and a few tournaments that I wasn't prepared to play because of my disposition. Today, I reviewed my mistakes of yesterday and decided to go back to the beggining, sitting at the tables with $1 and firing up 4 tables. Following the lessons provided by PSO and adding some readings on my opponents I was able to put my bankroll to an healthy $15, this took me quite a few hours, around 4h of cash game plus 3 more for a 25c 45man tournament which I placed in 4th.

    That resumes the last 2 days of excitement at the tables


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      Hi man, good luck with your challenge! I'd recommended to play SNG $0.25 90 man with such a bankroll. You can play 40-50 per day with a good profit!

      Good luck at the tables!



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        Thank you for the tips! Just read your resume of the year. Hope I can have some of those results myself!

        Unfortunatelly I can't play 24 tables at the same time like you, cause of my screen size but will for sure buy HM2 once I get some decent earnings.



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