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My Poker Challenge for 2014

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  • My Poker Challenge for 2014

    Hy to every PSO members First of all let me introduce. My name is Igor and I`m 32 years old. I`ve been playing poker for quite some time but only for fun and hobby. I`ve played MTTs, SnGs and cash. So I`ve decided as of this year to make a poker plan to motivate my self play better and move up the stakes. GOALS: -be reg at 10NL zoom 6-max -be reg at $7 45man, also I˙m gonna play some 180man but 45 are my main play -achieve Silver star, if possible Gold star -raise my BR to $1000 for start PLAN AND BRM: Starting BR: $200 since my main game will be SnGs, I`m not gonna use aggressive BRM: $200-$350 $1,50 45man, 2NL zoom 6-max(2tables) $350-$600 $3,50 45man, mix two tables of 2NL & 5NL (move down at $300) $600-$1000 mix of $3,50 & $7 45s, play 4 tables of 5NL zoom (move down at $500) The reason of this cautionary BRM is because my life and work are taking to much time , so I find very little time for poker, but I will try. WEEKLY: -to play between 2-3k hands -to play 20-30 SnGs MONTHLY: -to play 10k hands -to play 100 SnGs So as of tomorrow, my challenge starts. Also I`m gonna try be as active here as I can, I will update this tread one or twice through week. Also to make my game better watch couple of videos, and attend to some live training, which this site makes it so great. Well for now this is it, good luck to everyone who made challenges and hope you`ll crush. See you at the tables!!!!!umbup:

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    You can do it.

    Good Luck!!!



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      Here`s a little update I have only played a little of 2NL Zomm 6-max HANDS:773 WIN: $4,53 BR: $204,53 I`m still long way from my weakly play but I`m going to try see it doneumbup:


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        Well it`s time to conclude the first week, I didn`t step up to much but I`m glad to have done my weeks plan. I have played one MTT, The Big $2,20, only because it`s early in the morning so I could have the rest of the day to focus on my primary goals. 2NL 6-max Zomm: HANDS: 3139 PROFIT/LOSS: +$8,40 SNG/MTT PLAYED: 21 BUY-IN/WINNINGS: $26,20/$22,46 PROFIT/LOSS: -$3,74 BR:$204,66 Had some rough start at $1,50s 45manmaking only one final table, but manage to took 2nd place at $0,50 180man, but only 21 games down so there is still lot of games to be played. Cash games went pretty good, thx to xflixx`s videosumbup:, but still there is some room for improvement. I should take one day to review some of hands and to post them here so I can here your opinions. All in all hope the next week will be better!


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          So, after two weeks I`m not really satisfied with my overall play. I played more of 6-maxzoom cash and some little of SnGs and MTTs. I hope I will get more volume into my play since what ever we play it needs volume to reduce variance.

          As of cash play, I have 4-table 2NL 6-max zoom, and even doe I`m in little profit I`m not quite satisfied with my play. I pull up my stats by position from HM2 and saw that I`m loosing on BTN position. I have image of that.So since I made to the chrome star and need some little until 150VPPs so I have access to all vids here at PSO, I˙ve decided to spend next week on getting my game better and see where my leaks are.

          My BR stands at $185, which is still good and quite enough to play but I need to sort this thing out so I can move up.

          That`s it for now hope I will improve and get better. Gl to all!!!
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            Hi everyone

            Played 10k hands at 6-max zoom, and I`m up a little here`s a pic

            As I said, I`m going to take some time to see where I`m at. To see what aspects of my game need improving. The good thing at these micro stakes is that you can really improve your game without hurting your BR to much.

            I`ve started to read "Mental Game of Poker", and it`s great. There is a great stuff in that book that can teach me to be mentally prepared.

            I`ve collected 150VPPs, so now I can watch all the vids in library, and I`m going slowly but steady start learning.

            Gl and see you at the tables!!!
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              The Zoom vids in the library are awesome!! They taught me everything I know Really liked The Mental Game of Poker too - GL with your grind! umbup:


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                Thx Trusty, gl with your plan! A little update. Haven`t played much recently. This is my January graph for 2NL 6-max It`s not much of a volume but still I`m learning and there is a whole year in front of me to get better and go up the stakes. So for the February, I`m setting my self to try and play around 20k hands. The start of this month was pretty rough with 2 hands where I lost my whole stack.
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                This one is pretty standard, only 8 is betting me and he has it. Well that`s poker.
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                This is second, and I fell like I should have get it all-in OTT. I have some work to do with setting my HUD for 6-max. If anyone have some points of direction on setting it up, I believe that there is Arty`s blog about types of players and how to color code them, so I`m gona look at it. That`s it for now, and gl to all of you!umbup:
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                  Hy all, here is a recap of this week. I`ve made my HUD and it is helping me a lot, just need more time to read the stats properly. I`m really getting the hang of the 6-max cash game and I`m hoping that with hard work and learning, soon I`m gona try and shoot to 5NL. So I have the last week graph As you can see I had two really bad days where I made some huge mistakes(which I will show you), but after that the good thing is that I realized what mistakes I was doing and the next two days I`ve managed to make a good run. Even though I have BR to take a shot at 5NL I don`t want to rush myself unnecessary until I grasp all that I need to know(getting used to my HUD, reading stats properly, etc.).I do hope that after about 40k hands at 2NL I will have better understanding of has my play got better, and could I move to the next level. On to some hands:
                  Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                  Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                  Here are the two hands that IMO I`ve butchered them. And these two shows how to play them differently. In the first hand IMO I should only call a 3-bet being IP, I would have saved my self a lot of $$$. In the second,I should have folded to 5-bet push, without the proper reads on how tight/loose he is I should treat his push as AK,KK+ therefore I should fold. But never the less I`m still learning and I`m glad that I˙m aware of my mistakes which I can then resolve. For the last here is I think the biggest win at the table. It was a tough call, but his huge bet on the flop left me
                  Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                  In conclusion: # of hands: 14 811 BR: $185,53 Gl to all, and I hope you will have a prosper February!!!


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                    30k hands

                    Hy every1

                    I`ve played 30k hands of 2NL 6-max Zoom, and here is an update of that.

                    This is the January graph:

                    February graph:

                    I was all over it here

                    30k hands overall:

                    I think I`ve played well, but not great. There are still some leaks that I need to work on. I˘ve made some awful mistakes which I think I˛ve resolve.The Zoom cash games are really high paced games and they have a high variance to which I need to adapt.
                    But I`m glade that I made mistakes on these lowest limits and that I`m aware of those so I can resolve them before I move up the stakes. Even though the game is different as you go up the stakes I think that resolving my leaks is best at those lover stakes.
                    I`ve set up a goal to play 50k hands and hope I will end up shoving a good profit after I will then take a shot at 5NL.

                    Played also some .50c SnGs and made some FTs, so all in all felling good about myself and hope that BR will continue to go up.

                    Gl at the tables!!!


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                      Hy every1

                      Here is a recap of February and up to date play:

                      : 44 764
                      Profit: +$59,51

                      I can say that I`ve did get better, thx to videos, trainers and all PSOers who are always here to help. Still a lot things to do, and videos to watch to get even better.
                      Here is a February graph:

                      It`s a steady growth with some bumps on the road

                      For March the goal is to take shot at 5NL and see how will it go.

                      That`s it for now in the next post I will put some miracle rivers hands!


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                        Miracle rivers Miracle river #1 Miracle river #2 Miracle river #3 All this hand were played yesterday, and I must say it is pretty hard to not tilt, but I`ve learned that if I feel that I`m going to tilt and make bad plays is to end session and get back when I`m calmed down lol Gl at the tables and hope you`ll run good!!!


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                          Originally posted by delta2109 View Post
                          I`m just preparing to take a shot at 5NL, and right now I`m working on my HUD and some ranges. What ranges do you use and did you color code them? Did you use some references?
                          Hey Delta, figured I'd come visit your thread for a change Those hands up above are hard to look at, but cool to hear a week later things are going so much better you're about ready to check out 5nl umbup: Yeah, I've been using the recommended ranges they give in the Leak Buster program - although, the VPIP figures seem a bit high? Think they're the only ones I've been making a bit tighter, but all the others yeah, that's what I've been using for color coding my HUD, just like they give. These are the ranges they give for play at 5nl 6-max Zoom:
                          vpip: 19.6-28.9 pfr: 14.1-20 af: 2.3-4.1 pfr/vpip ratio: 72.5-91.2 early up pfr: 9.2-19.5 middle uo pfr: 14.8-22.4 c/o uo pfr: 25.1-33 d uo pfr: 35.8-52 sb uo pfr: 25.4-41.4 steal%: 31.2-40.2 bb reraise steal: 7.6-13.6 sb reraise steal: 7.5-12.4 bb fold to steal: 65.8-83.9 sb fold to steal: 78.2-88.6 squeeze%: 4.5-7.6 3bet%: 5.9-9.1 4bet range: 1.6-2.8 vs 3bet call%: 14.6-31.6 pf pos. awareness: 1.7-3.1 flop cbet%: 59-79.1 flop cbet% success: 41.8-55.4 flop fold vs cbet: 45.9-63 turn cbet%: 38.3-55.3 wtsd: 23-28.2 w$sd: 50.8-58.6 w$wsf: 44.1-52 river call efficiency: 1.7-2.5
                          The color coding's sometimes helpful with monitoring my own play too it seems - like when I start to get impatient with being card-dead and start to monkey around by playing silly cards in late position, then sometimes my stats'll start to creep up in a way they shouldn't, stuff like that lol GL GL with 5nl!! gogo delta, hope you crush!! umbup: umbup: PS. Eh ... tried to make the numbers neat, but they wouldn't show right May try to neaten them up tomorrow ...
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                            So basicly under those stats are tight/nitt players and above loose/fish players? You use 3-color codings.
                            I`m playing a little bit to what colors and ranges give for each player style, but also trying not to complicate to much.

                            Ty for support hope the shoot will went well!


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                              Yeah, exactly - except for the ones that are the other way around, like fold to c-bet, etc. My HUD for 5nl was a lot different than it is now - here's a pic of one from last year, but the AF by street was a recent addition that I wound up taking out pretty soon after:
                              Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                              The hands you posted in HA look good - like your fundamentals look really solid, and like you're ready for 5nl umbup: umbup: Have some notes I made last year while I was supposed to be busying grinding with some observations of the different levels - they're not very detailed, so I went looking through some old hands, but am too embarrassed to share them ... my game was sort of rough at the time Anyways, not sure if this list'll be very helpful, since there's not much there, but thought I'd share it just in case.
                              Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                              Comparison of Play at the Different Stakes Since it's the middle of the year, I've taken a break from the tables this week to do a big picture assessment of stuff. And as part of that put together a bit of a description of the play at different stakes of 6-max zoom. It's still in point form, but it might be interesting to hear how other peoples' experiences compare Updated: July 26, 2013 2nl General Description of the Player Pool   • lots of loose passives - limpers, callers Skills to Have/Learn   
                              • ABC poker - betting strong hands (and learning that TPTK isn't oftentimes strong hand by the river when playing 100bbs deep)
                              • pot odds - like that TPTK only has about 5% equity versus a set on the flop, or that a flush draw plus over by the turn only has about 25% equity. Also pot odds for really wet boards where everybody's on a draw
                              5nl General Description of the Player Pool   • people are tighter, have a fold button   • aggression levels are higher Skills to Have/Learn   • 3betting for value is more common with a wider range of hands than just AA and KK (especially from the blinds)   • blinds stealing is much more prevalent (since people are more capable of folding)
                              • c-betting is also more common (since people fold more, and blinds stealers are relying more on position when opening with that wider range)
                                    • but it's maybe a lot of 'one and done' type?   • floating/bluffing seems to be more common in response?   • hand reading as well becomes more important, once people start playing that wider range       • but at this point, ranging in terms of holdings like 'straights', 'flushes', still seems to be good enough?   • folding 2nd best hands starts to become more important, since tags are only continuing with strong hands as well   • improved bet sizing
                              Also, my move up to 5nl was at the same time as a promotion that was taking place at PSO, called the 'Full Ring, 6-Max Challenge', and one of the requirements was that we were supposed to post updates of our play in this one thread - we all started at 2nl, but most of us who signed up for the promo were just getting ready to try out 5nl, so it was kind of cool to be able to see hands and stuff from other people who were in the same spot. Variance played a BIG part so, that was interesting to see ... Here's the link to the progress thread where a bunch of us posted updates on our shot at 5nl in case you might find this interesting too: Team 6-Max results and comments thread GL GL delta!! umbup:



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