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2014 Challenge ( 20$ to unlimited )

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  • 2014 Challenge ( 20$ to unlimited )

    2014 Challenge
    I was working on this plan the past moth so im gonna try to explane it.
    This time im not gonna set a number of $$$ that i wanna reach with this challenge bcs i dont wanna be under preasure.I'm gonna take carre more on the number of games that i should play on day,week and moth.Here are some things that i worked on them the past moth.

    1.Starting Bankroll
    I will start with a 20$ bankroll.Thats the ammount of $$ that i can afford to lose so even if i go broke i will be able to realod my bankroll.

    2.Type of games
    I'm going to play MTT sit n go tournaments,im starting with 0.25 45pa and 90p and 0,10 360p
    My bankroll rulles are gonna be really tight this time and im gonna stick to them all the time.At least 80-100 Buy ins for Non-Turbo games and at least 200 Buy ins for tubo game.

    Level 1 20$ - 100$ (0.10 360p , 0.25 45-90p)

    Level 2 100$- 200$ ( 1$ Non Turbo 45p, 0.50 90-180p)

    Level 3 200$-500$ ( there will be time to think what games to play till then )

    and so on.....

    Ok this is my problem This is the part that i was working a lot and i will still work.Evrtime that im gonna be on big Tillt im just going to take a break from the tables that day, punch some boxing bag or whatever, just dont play untill im ready to play my best game.
    Also im gonna restrict the limits on my account јust in case really BIG tilt come so i wont disrespect the rulles and play some hihger limit tournament.

    On the days that i dont play poker , i will try to watch or read some things about the tournaments i play. Also i have some free softwares that are really good for reviewing my games.By reading the other members that made challenges i'v seen how often they do this and how important is.

    5.Playing Time
    I'have all the free time on the world now but in 1 moth i'll be 21,probally gonna find some job imediatly so im thinking that my play should be around 4 hrs a day, and maybe more playing time on free days and on the weekends.

    Ok so this is it , i will start to play in 3-4 days , i will try also to write here how im going one or two time at week.
    I hope it will be interesting to you guys to follow , good luck all and happy new year.

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    I started my challenge today, it was pretty good begining , i played around 35 tournamnets mostly 45p 0,25 and mixed it up with little 360p 0.10 ... i end it up with 7$ profit.
    I had some really sick bad beats like this:
    The good things is that this time i didnt carе about it,like i did it in the past.I continued to play my best game without worry.


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      Good spike on your graph, looking great.

      Good Luck!!!



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        Thank you. Good luck to you too.

        I'm happy that i started with an upswing and not a downswing, after 50 games i'm 10$ profit.
        I will update here how i'm going at the end of the week when i would probally played more tournaments.

        The graph that i posted it's updating by it self, probally because i posted it like a link and not like a picture....


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          Played few sessions today, end it up with 6$ profit.
          The sad things is that i had 2 final tables from 90p 0,25cents and i had more then average in chips but it taked so much time so i kinda a started to play bad , try to finish it faster and end it up on 7 and 9 place.
          So i will avoid this games theres no point to play them if i dont play well in the finish when its most impornant.
          More then 100 tournaments played
          Bankroll: 36$


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            Good start man, keep up the solid play and you'll be climbing the limits in no time!


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              Thank You , i will give my best to it

              Today i played one session , i played around 20 tournaments 45p and 10 tournamnts 360p.
              The 45p tournamnets didnt go well, i think that i had only 3 final tables and finished 9 , 7 , and 5 place.

              Aces didnt hold really good today:
              (He was all in evry hand and lost all his chips 3 hands after this )

              I didnt let the bad beats to affect me, so i continued to play my game as good as i can, this is the most important thing that i'm really wanting to improve and its going prety well....Also i hit a final table on the 360p , i finished 3rd, and after all the bad play and bad luck i finished the session with losing only 1$


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                One week passed since i started to play here are so far how im going:

                Week 1
                Game Played:201
                AverageRoi%: 36%
                AverageBuyIn: 0.22$
                ITM: 23%


                For the next week i'll try to repeat it , to play at least 200 games like this week or even more.


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                  I played around 100-130 games this days. The begining was not so good i had so much games without cashing any money , but i stayed focus , taked some breaks and back to play when i was ready to play, and the end was good.I end it up still with small profit.

                  Here is one interesting hand on the final table :
                  "A bad fold is better then a good call"
                  Last edited by Manowar1800; Wed Jan 15, 2014, 10:38 AM.


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                    Graph at the moment:

                    I'm thinking to make a little mixing up. When i hit 50$ i'll start to add one tournament 1$ 45p in in evry 10games 0.25 45p i play. As my bankroll go up 60$ i ll add 2 games , 70$ 3 games and so on... But first i ll wait untill hit 50$ then i ll start with the mixing up.
                    Last edited by Manowar1800; Thu Jan 16, 2014, 09:13 PM.


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                      Week 2
                      This week i played just like the past like, around 210 tournaments.
                      Here is how my graph looks so far:

                      I cashed in also in some tourmanets with 10 FPP buy in.
                      Bankeoll: 47$

                      For this week like i sad in my last post im starting with the mixing up with 1$ game in evry 10 0.25c i play. If i had bad luck and bad sessions and my bankroll go down to 40$ im stoping to add that 1$ game in evry 10 games.If my bankrol go to 60$ im adding 2 games from 1$ in evry session and so on.With a little luck if i hit one of these in my first trys , it will be easy to go to LEVEL 2 100$.
                      Also whenever my bankroll is more then 50$ im playing 0.55tournaments 500playesr CAP. This fit in well in my bankroll rules .

                      Good Luck to all next week


                      • #12
                        I think mixing up the stakes was a bad idea , i'ts to much difirence between 0,25c and 1$, so i tried to mix with 0,50c but they didnt go well either and had a little downswing, so no mixing with higher sit n go any more until the bankroll rulles allow.Beside 0.10c and 0.25c sitngoes im playing also sometime: MTT 0.55 500 Cap , 0.10 50$ added , 100kPrivilege freerol and 10fpp 500$ added.

                        After the downswings i backed in wining track again today , my bankroll is 51$ now.
                        Here are my statistic so far in the sit n goes:

                        My challenge for the next days will be to have a number of 1000 games played ,500 from 0,10 and 500 from 0.25
                        so i'm gonna need 343 games from 0.10c and 114 from 0.25, i will post my stats and my graph again then.


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                          Although I play cash, my move up to 10nl was super rough - but I did get there eventually. Your graphs look really solid - am sure you'll be moving up stakes soon enough ... GL with the grind!! umbup:


                          • #14
                            Thank you TrustySam good luck to you too.
                            I know it will be hard and rough to move in limits,but i dont think about that now , i'll do it when i feel ready and when my bankroll allows me of course.
                            For now im feeling really good playing the 0.25$ and 0.10$ games, i ll keep playing them untill i have a 2000 games played ,(1000 games of each).
                            Also im really happy because i dont have titlting problems anymore and im looking at the game with other view then before .

                            I didnt play so much games this week because i was busy and i played only when the trafic on the games i play was low.I'll play more games this week.

                            Bankroll: 57$


                            • #15
                              Here are the statistic so far from the challenge:



                              It's good that my ROI at the 45p 0.25$ games ,it's evrytime between 25-30% so far after 572 games played,i hope that will continue like that and will be at least 20% after the 1000 games of these.

                              Yesterday i had good runs in the 0.10$ 360p games , i hit 3 final tables, finished 4place to both of them and one 6 place. After reviewing the final tables i notice that i played them terrible ,i folded so much hands that i needet to shove... i ll keep that in mind in the next FT i hit, to play just agressive as i play before the FT and not waiting to the other players to knockout each other, bcs they are often playing too tight.

                              T0day and tomorrow are the last days of this moth, and i have played 846 sit n go so far.
                              My mini challenge will be to play 154 games this 2 days so i can finish the moth with excatly 1000 games.



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