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PokerIggy's goals 2014

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  • PokerIggy's goals 2014

    Last year was my most profitable year and the year where I made the most progress on cash games (also thanks to the TimeVault challenge) since I started to play poker. This year I'm going to continue my quest to climb the ladder beggining at 10NL. I'll be playing Zoom almost exclusively again as I like the format and can play just 4 tables and still achieve a nice hands/hour rate. I won't set my targets too high as I didn't manage to hit my target previous year and I think it would motivate me a lot if I see that I have set goals that I actually manage to achieve.

    Yearly goals:
    - Winnings: $1200,- in the year. As I didn’t manage to win $1000,- in 2013 I didn’t change this goal that much. I added another $200,- so it can be divided by 12 and I have a nice measurable goal for each month. As I’m currently starting at 10NL (instead of 2NL last year) so I think this should be achievable.
    - Focus on 10NL Zoom and climb to higher stakes with proper BR management.
    - 10k VPP (not setting a too high goal as VPPs and FPPs are just a bonus)

    Montly goals:
    - 20k hands
    - $100 (Should be doable for 10NL: 20k / 100 * 5 bb/100 * 0.1 = $100)
    - 900 VPP

    Weekly goals:
    - 5k hands
    - $25
    - 300 VVP

    If somewhere in 2014 I think I’m going to reach one of these measureable goals earlier than expected, then I will adjust my goals accordingly.

    As these goals only address my current ability I think I have to define some goals to actually improve my game. So therefore I will be working on both my A- and C-game.

    Working on my A game

    - Review session: Directly after playing (min: 15 minutes)
    - Analyze: post hands to HA forum (2 hands/week)

    Working on my C game

    - Leaks: Identify, Categorize, Fix. This goal is less measurable and leaks can change over time. To make it somewhat measurable I will identify my leaks (now just have to find out how) at the beginning of each month. I will work on the leak (watch a video, read an article, ask help in the forum or just search the internet about it) and try to fix these leaks in my game. At the end of the month I’ll have to see if I can find out if I fixed my leak or not. I’ll definitely need some help with this goal.
    - Tilt control: Work with a stop-loss. I’ll play 1k hands and review if I lost because of variance or not and decide if I’m in a proper mental state to continue playing or not.

    BR Management

    Starting BR: $500
    10NL: $400 - $1000
    25NL: $1250 - $2500
    50NL : $2500+

    As I've planned to make $100 amonth and I start at $500. I hope I can start playing 25NL somewhere in August.

    Some things I would like to work on in 2014:
    - 3-betting
    - Donkbetting
    - Value betting OTR

    So I think that's it. Hope this all works out as I expect and I can be playing 25NL by the end of the year and ofcourse still have fun doing it! I'll keep you al posted on my progress. Gl in 2014 to all of you!

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    Nice plan Iggy, best of luck for 2014 ^_^


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      Hey PI, these goals sound very similar to mine ... here's to hoping for a juicy 10nl pool in 2014 umbup: GL GL!!


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        PS: last I saw of you today you had a $50+ stack on 10NL! That should help you meet your January profit goal

        Roland GTX


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          Thanks guys! I'm feeling this is going to be a great year for me, poker wise!

          Originally posted by Roland GTX View Post

          PS: last I saw of you today you had a $50+ stack on 10NL! That should help you meet your January profit goal

          Roland GTX
          Well actually I had managed to make a $130,- profit the first week of Januari already. However!!!.... Then my downswing started to kick in AGAIN!! Losing about 25 buy ins and currently still running 8 BI -EV. Lost a lot of FH < Quads or Set < Set, etc!! Really sick! This totally blown away my confidence and I started to play a different style I noticed!! Luckily after taking some days of from poker, yesterday it all came back again and I played a good session again where I felt confortable at the tables. I decided to play deep again (as I used to do) and managed to get it in good a couple of times resulting in a nice 13 BI profit and me sitting with 400bb+ stacks at 3 tables , but i'll still have some work to do to make up this major downswing.

          Still have to figure out how to prevent these major downswings!! I'm planning on doing some database analysis to see if I can figure out where it goed wrong. Let's hope I can recover again and make some profit this month.
          Last edited by PokerIggy; Thu Jan 16, 2014, 10:48 AM.


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            Tonight I played the Big Bang on my mobile while I was on a birthday. Had to switch phones as my battery didn't last long enough. Exited in 10th place with a not so good shove I think with KTs into the chipleader (Sentras) holding AQo (if I'm correct). Should have had a bit more patient as a FT was in reach and my stack was actually not that bad at all. Next Time!! I did quite well for a cash player I guess and the extrfa $70,- are welcome ofcourse!! Congratz to Sentras!!


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              Well done m8 we tangled twice if I remember

              What did you have when you 3 bet me? I had pocket 10's


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                I think the hand you are reffering to is KK or maybe even AA. I'm not quite sure anymore. But it was a premium hand I know for sure! GG m8! umbup:


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                  Nice run in the BigBang!


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                    I'm starting to lose some confidence as I'm now playing losing poker for over a week. It looks like my loosing sessions are actually mostly on specific days of the week: sunday, monday and wensday.

                    I'm also not winning as much as I probably should on the CO:

                    So I was already 8 BI -EV. Today I added another 7 BI -EV. I'm really struggeling to make any money during these sessions and then I also play -EV. Really hitting my BR each time.

                    My graph of Januari now looks like I'm playing about break-even after quite some hands:

                    I really have to figure out what is going wrong here, but actually don't know where to start. So any suggestions are welcome!! Now just let us hope things turn around soon!!


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                      I was a bit done with 10NL tonight. Decided to treat myself with a shot of 50NL for all my hard work I've done the last couple of months. It turned out that my (lately) losing strategy at 10NL payed itself back at 50NL. I played 1 table and took my time for all my decisions and this all resulted into me running hot at 50NL.

                      Really don't know why I have so much trouble beating 10NL the last couple of weeks and just printing money at 50NL? Maybe because I 1 tabled? Or maybe I played tighter to prevent me from spewing money? Or was I just running really hot? I don't know. I just played my normal game and this time with success. Now lets see if I can take this play back to 10NL and start beating it again.
                      Last edited by PokerIggy; Wed Jan 15, 2014, 02:20 AM.


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                        Com'n not again

                        When am I going to run this much +EV?? Well I'll just keep on grinding and there should be a time that variance is on my side. Also played some Hyper FPP satties to the storm. Added another 100 T$ to my account


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                          Wow very impressed with your results! I am a slow starter and didn't even start playing poker this year yet, except for one big bang and one OSL.
                          Seems like we'll have another supernova at the end of the year
                          p/s one of the images you posted is not visible anymore, did you try wordpress to host the picture files? it works well for me. Cheers.
                          Time Vault Champion 2013


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                            Originally posted by mr mendes 20 View Post
                            Seems like we'll have another supernova at the end of the year
                            lol. Supernova? haha. Noooooo. I'm playing a lot of poker this month, but I'll probably lower my volume the coming months. At least I don't think I'll have the time to keep up with this volume.

                            My results are really volatile. And I've still trouble with getting a solid win rate. Did lower my tables back to 2 again since yesterday. Just to be able to be more focused and make better decisions. As soon as I feel confortable again, I'll start adding tables to increase my volume again.



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