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Nobody's goals for 2014 (NLHEFR)

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  • Nobody's goals for 2014 (NLHEFR)

    2013 is over, some goals have been achieved, something didn't go as fine, whatever happened it's in the past, now it's about time I start working seriously on 2014.

    I have clearly stated in the thread's title what type of game I will be playing, so if you're interested in talks about Hold'em No Limits Full Ring you are more than welcome, you are welcome anyway to discuss whatever, cinema is likely to show up from time to time, but I'll try to keep it on topic

    For those who don't know me, here is a blog post where I introduce myself and I give some pre-2013 tales, whereas here you can find my 2013 review.

    I still don't have a proper plan as I've done some last minute changes to the limit I play and I can't write some proper figures until I know for sure what kind of death I'm going to die, but will update accordingly, in the while there are some generic steps that I can put black on white.

    Initial Position
    Noobish player, solid ABC, tendency to tilt when having too many hands cracked.
    Bankroll around $300
    HEM2 license

    Yearly Goals
    Reach GoldStar
    Grow my roll to $1000
    Move up to NL25
    Attend a VIP Live Party (if there's another one in London or nearby, you know who I want to see)

    The first goal has nothing to do with poker, is personal, I need to sort myself out and reach a calm state where I stop breaking down, I have a personal history of depression and this I need to fix, as such I don't really the other goals are secondary to this, in 2014 I will keep playing until the end of the year, it will means I have finally reached my balance.

    All of the above doesn't mean I won't try to reach the others, they are secondary but I will work just as hard. I have proven in 2013 that I could move up to NL10 and achieve SilverStar, now is time to take the next step and move up another limit and reach GoldStar.

    How To
    The plan is simple, learn, learn, learn.

    Each month I will have a minimum time target that I will have to achieve, doesn't mean that I'll limit myself to that time, but that is the bare minimum commitment that I need to achieve; in case I have the time I will play as much as I want, if I have a busy week anyway I will find the time to play at least the minimum required. I will start in January with 8 weekly hours and will add 1 hour each month until I reach 16 weekly hours, a quarter of those must be studying and reviewing.

    I have currently 3 major flaws, first being the obvious tilt when facing cracked hands, downswings and bad beats are normal, they just happen, I have to accept them. I need to improve my aggression. I need to improve my hands reading.

    To improve tilting the only solution that I see is experience, I will put in volume and learn to accept that playing well in the long run produces good results. Doesn't matter how many times my hand gets cracked, keep playing well and I'll make them all back.
    To improve my aggression I will have a weekly push or fold session. This is something that was discussed some time in 2013 and I want to give it a try. Once a week I will open 4 tables at NL2 and pre-flop I will either raise or fold. The only one exception allowed is calling with minor pairs when the odds are good. Post flop will be game as usual.
    To improve my hands reading I will start to regularly post hands in the hands review section and will watch video reviews.

    On top of the above, each weel I will do at least an hour of reading, will start with completing the courses on PSO, will then move to reading Arty's blog and will keep up with all the blogs I am interested in, then will be the time to move on books.

    I also want to do some practice with tournament, for that reason I will start to plan my month around the Big Bang so that I keep the second Saturday of the month free in case I qualify, if not qualified I will play the $5,000 Tourney, plus I will play at least two $100K Privilege Freeroll a week. The Saturday's $5,000 Tourney will be played when possible, aside from the second Saturday which will be kept free, the other Saturdays will depend on whether or not I'm riding out with the club.

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    Reserved to collected monthly goals and results.


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      Reserved to collect Milestones.


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        January 2014 Plan
        At least 2 hours of weekly study and review.
        At least 6 hours of weekly play.
        At least 2 weekly $100K Privilige Freerolls.
        At least 2 hands posted for review.
        2 Weekly videos.
        Play the Big Bang.
        Play at least a $5000 Tourney.
        Weekly review here and, if possible, daily after each session.

        This month is dedicated to testing myself so I can't put tangible targets.
        These days I will test myself at NL10 and will see what kind of results I will achieve, once those are observed I will form a proper plan.


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          Good luck and glad that someone is on full ring!


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            Cheers! We're indeed a rare beast playing FR on PSO


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              Paul plays full-ring too umbup: Using rewards is a new thing I'm trying out this year to try and keep the morale high. Have been trying to think of other stuff too, like adding at least one hand that makes me happy into my folder of hands that don't (Am trying to keep the way I talk about hand history more positive, thanks to Profess Awe noticing how negative I was about them ... guess it takes a while to change habits sometimes ) What are you going to get as your treats powerdegre? Your goals sound very achievable - I can see you doing really well this year


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                Well, seems achievable if I don't keep screwing up like I'm doing!

                I've set my eyes on a few things in the shop and I'm of a mind to put in some hard time to get them, first thing as mentioned above I would like to participate to one of the VIP parties, which at Silver are already affordable, then probably go for a tee or two to add to my massive collection, at that point add another leather jacket and I'm done ^_^
                Problem is, my game has really deteriorated while on break, so I either step up or I'm not getting even a sticker.

                Mostly, the reason why I don't want to spend in tournaments now is because I don't have experience, which is why I want to start playing some freerolls.

                Anyway, review.

                On the good side, thanks to the Jumpstart promotion I feel happy for having reached Silver, so I can get a nice extra 125VPP, plus I've joined in the January Daily Challenge, quite a few of those challenges are something I can take part and they reward tickets to this funny all-in tournament, once I'll have confirmation for opting in I'll see if they give anymore details about it.

                On the bad side, I am playing, and I am playing bad. I don't know how I could have reverted to such terrible game, I am doing all the mistakes I corrected almost a year ago, not letting go of the Rockets, tilting, I don't know... could be that inactivity messed me up so bad? I am giving myself to the end of the week, if by then I am still behaving like a retard I'm packing things and moving back down, because I can't play NL10 while doing this silly mistakes.


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                  I thought that having a problem I should address it directly and show some nuts instead of whining like wuss, apparently it worked, but I still have a long way to go.

                  The main change is in the mentality, until yesterday I was simply whining, I think the problem was that I was sitting down with a negative attitude, more focused on having a problem than about fixing it, so today I sat down with a positive attitude, simply focused on my A-game with a particular attention to the weak spots I have displayed these days, it helped a lot because I wasn't focusing on the problem, but on how to fix it.

                  In the end I still closed the day with a few mistakes done here and there, especially in one hand where yet again I couldn't let go of my Aces, but the session was positive as I limited my mistakes a lot.

                  Another thing that I want to do to improve the overall quality of the game is to keep sessions short, being that one of the issues is tilting after too many a bad beat, I will keep sessions within the hour which should make it less likely to face a bad series. After an hour I will close the tables no matter what, then if I have time for more I will reopen them only after I've taken a break of at least 15/20 minutes doing anything non poker related. I've just recently discovered Scrubs, an episode should fit in the break just fine.

                  A nice to thing to notice is that at NL10 surely I will have no problems keeping SilverStar, I'm doing a little over 30vpp per hour, which means that at the pace I want to keep for January will work out in between 1000 and 1500 vpp. For GoldStar I suppose I'll have to wait for NL25 as at my rhythm would mean doing over 17 hours a week at NL10, and I'm not sure I want to push that hard this year, but I guess we'll see.

                  To close, looks like the January Daily Challenge promotion got processed fine and I've got my first ticket for making a deposit yesterday, already enrolled for the tournament that will be in the afternoon, considering the lottery type of the tournament is possible that I might not even to log and will just wait to see if I get a mail with a reward. Also fixed today's challenge by playing a SNG that went horribly wrong immediately and got eliminated with AQvsKT, I shoved on the turn with AKxx on the table and the river gave him another K, I guess January isn't really my month, but at least I've got my second ticket.


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                    Happy Festive Freeroll everyone!

                    This was my first hand in, hopefully I stand some chances today ^_^


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                      Haven't recognised any of the names, is anyone actually playing the Festive Freeroll?

                      For the curious:


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                        Good luck with your challenge Powerdegre Whenever I feel I'm not playing well I just dig into the library of training videos on PSO. It always works umbup: I couldn't get into the festival freeroll - already passed the S&G quiz


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                          Festival Freeroll didn't went bad, at least I've got ITM, but I've got unlucky right at the first coinflip, forgot to save it, anyway, MP min-raise and I shove with 66, he shows AJo, flop is 234, with the 7 on the turn I was already believing it, river is A, time to go home.

                          Can't complain though, $10.50 to boost my roll mauled by the terrible game of the new year, everything is welcome.

                          Also done 2 sessions, 1 two tabling zoom for the Challenge, the other one 6 tabling regular FR table. Zoom went bad, to be fair I just didn't got involved in many pots, with the 2 biggest ones being AAvsSet, and when I finally get my set with someone betting on Ahigh dry flop I am against set of Aces. This games hates me.

                          To be fair, the second set there was nothing I could do about it, he would have played the same with any high Ace, the first tricked me as he raised only on the river, with nothing significant and I thought he was just bluffing, where instead he's had the set since the flop.

                          The session at the regular tables went better, mostly I've had less variance playing against, I've had to give up a few hands when the table turned all sorts of nasties, but at least closed positive.


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                            Week 1 Update Wiiiiiii! Couldn't go any worse! Mind me, I have actually improved the game from the past few days, I've done less mistakes today, I just couldn't win a hand, but looking at the bright side at least the game has improved. I'll see how it goes next week, but if it goes like this I will have to step down. BR: 242.01$ (-57.99$) Cash: -89.06$ BB/100: -9.38 Hands: 9,493 Tournaments: 12.57$ Bonuses: 20.00$ VPP: 514.37 Weekly Plan: At least 2 hours of weekly study and review At least 6 hours of weekly play At least 2 weekly $100K Privilige Freerolls At least 2 hands posted for review 2 Weekly videos I have done my study and review, mostly works out that the biggest losses were either due to tilt or simple bad luck. In the top 8 worst hands where I've been stacked I find 2 tilted hands, 1 AAvsSet and 5 set against higher set, I just couldn't win those, but the tilted hands... Oh. My. God. I am so starting to leave the tables if my stack reaches 1.5BI. For the lower losses I believe the only major issue is that I might be chasing draws too much relying on implied odds, whereas the fact that he does have a stack behind him doesn't mean he'll shove it if I hit, might want to start taking it easier on that side. On the bright side my aggression has improved and it shows at times, I am choosing my spots a bit more carefully now and I'm taking home some extra non-showdown pots for that reason, but need to be reviewed and improved. Played a bunch of 100k Freerolls and actually got ITM in a couple of them, nothing major, but a couple of ITM out 5 tourney is not bad for me to begin with, I'll see to keep up and see how it goes. 2 Videos watched, considering my week I have picked Big Pairs and Bad Boards #2 Part 1 and 2 by Dave, no comments on them. No hands for review as the vast majority of stuff that I have reviewed doesn't really require an external eye, I've either been an idiot and I know what I did wrong or was an honest bad beat and there is nothing to say about it. Will need to get into the habit of marking the hands that make me curious right at the moment, or I'll never find them again. Now, as per my habit, best and worst hands, and this week is I should be ashamed of myself. Best Hand 1
                            Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                            This was pretty straightforward, the original raiser is a very loose player, we haven't played many hands together but he was going in more than every other hand, hence I'm good to call with 78s. The 3bet comes from a gambler, 30/14 stats with 10 3bet, he could have probably done the squeeze with anything so it's not even really convincing, I call being in position and having UTG boosting the pot. The rest is pretty obvious, for once I managed to hit my outs. Best Hand 2
                            Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                            No comments required. Worst Hand 1
                            Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                            This is my first tilted hand. Session was going already bad and I messed with the buttons, checking instead of giving a good shove on the flop, here was probably the case of giving a pot/over the pot raise as I had all kinds of draw. The Turn is a scare card, I decide to bet anyway and here comes the raise, I knew he had it, he's a reg, I just got upset because I just couldn't get a hand to hold and shoved in anger, paid it dearly. Worst Hand 2
                            Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                            Tilt. Villain was known, when he called that flop I gave a thought to whether he might have or not pocket Tens, or even Sevens, he couldn't have more as he would have raised it, so it was a serious possibility. On the Turn I decide to let him lead to raise and see where I was standing, I should have folded to his raise, but again, just got pissed off, raised in anger and lost another stack. I really need to rein this in... haven't done it since thought, baby steps.


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                              Definitely cutting out those tilt shoves/calls will drastically improve your game. It takes so many hands to recover from one, which in my opinion gets depressing. I hate the feeling of grinding back up after making a call that you knew was bad, you knew you were beat, and yet still made the call. I'm in a small downswing myself and i guess patience will be the only way to get back in the right direction. Seems like you already know what needs fixing which is good. Good luck this year and I hope your graph turns around soon. umbup:



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