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Going for Gold in 2014

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  • Going for Gold in 2014

    jeez i think i gave away my goal for this year

    plan on achieving gold status before the end of the year by playing 400 $15/45s in a month when the bank roll and the skill level get there.
    the bank will have to be 100 BIs ($1500)before i try it.

    secondary goal of play in cash for a profit and jump 2 levels from 5nl


    - play 400 sng s and mtts staying at my average itm of 20%

    - play 3000 hands of cash at profit

    - play at a profit of 8%


    - make time for studying
    - do a real analysis of game and hands played
    - go to the classes i sign up for(DOH)
    - take breaks

    more may or may not be added dependent on my attitude or success

    gl y all
    6 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Good Luck...

    Have a Prosperous Poker in 2014.



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      Nice one Moose! Best of luck for 2014!

      How much do you plan on playing cash to net 3000 hands a month? How many tables do you play?


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        Originally posted by powerdegre View Post
        Nice one Moose! Best of luck for 2014!

        How much do you plan on playing cash to net 3000 hands a month? How many tables do you play?
        only play 1 or 2 tables at a time when the mood stikes me. not my main focus but something i am working on because i think it will help my sng game in places
        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          More doesn't mean better, so if you like it like that, why not? Was just being curious about your plans


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            GL Wetmoose!! umbup:


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              gl gl wetmoose umbup: I am confident you are very capable of achieving your goals - stay focused Ed
              4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                mid month check up

                it s the middle of january and time to report. i must have calculated something wrong cause i have 1200 vpps already this month and i ve played 250sng s and 2k hands of cash.

                the cash was going alright till yesterday. penny zoom is pretty much a cash cow and 5nl 6max is profitable. 5nl zoom is a bit of a challenge but i ll plug away at it.i still havent figured out ya gotta pay attention to every hand in cash or you ll lose all your chips

                mtts and sng are going sorta ok. i m running at 23%ITM and a 15%ROI playing 45s and 180s. even wet my feet in the $15 pool( 22 games )and came out ahead.

                stts still giving me a hard time 30 % itm and 17 % bubbles only 45 games but still i m down 2 BIs.

                more play required
                l8r y all
                6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  nice work so far, keep up the grind umbup:


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                    well whats it take to get to gold status??
                    for me it s about 600 sng s , 50 tourneys,and 5k hands of cash. that makes about $400.00 in rake and fees.
                    that along with questionable BRM at times(ok last 2 days very little BRM 300 vpp in 1 day)got me there
                    now i don t need to do paper work for the rest of the year and can just play and have fun OR i can come up with some more goals

                    gl y all
                    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      decide to switch things up this month
                      i m going to try and play 15k hands of cash and only 50-100 mtts

                      so far its been going pretty good . 2500 hands in and sitting at 34/100 playing 5nl

                      part of the reason i m doing this is cause right now tourneys and mtts are treating me like the door mat. still running a 20% ITM but only getting min cashes so losing BR like crazy .

                      guess i ll try somemore later
                      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        up to 9 k hands and down $9.cant seem to do anything right or the dealer really hates me.
                        mtts still suck between stupid plays and bad beats.
                        time for a week off soon methinks

                        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                          haven t been here much lately recovering from burn out caused by going gold and playin 15k hands of cash. gone on "serious poker" holiday!! only playin what i want when i want and only for the joy of the game. in short it s a game have fun!!!! did well in the Micro millions almost FT one 17 outta 3k or so. the PSO monthly series was great . i topped the leader board for day 1 in march umbup:umbup: i also ended in top 15 despite playing 1/3of the games of almost everyone ahead of me. so i m stayin close to even in sng s and mtts, i suck at cash or just won t play like i have to win i can live with that gl y all
                          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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