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Time to Buckle Down - 2014 Challenege

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  • Time to Buckle Down - 2014 Challenege

    2013 was a rough year for me personal and poker wise, nothing really went right.

    I won't go into my life, but here is a little bit about me. I'm a 29 year old Australian, recently married with 1 kid. I work full time (so not a huge amount of time for long poker sessions) but have always enjoyed poker so decided to make it a hobby on the side and like everyone else make some $$$.

    Poker wise last year i was all over the place, my bankroll management suck, i played zoom, tournaments, Hyper 6 max, Hyper 6 max Sat's, SnG, HU zoom, HU. So for this year i really decided i really needed to buckle down, improve my bankroll to a nice healthy amount (maybe cash some out for a nice present or 2 for the wife) to have a real tilt at a good pay off in 2015.

    I really enjoyed the HU zoom but i was nowhere near bankrolled to be playing it even though i did occasion. On the positive side of it i think it improved my bluffing game ever so slightly.

    Hyper 6 max were a blast, i would push to play them exclusively but i don't think i have the time to be able to play the volume needed to really be successful at them. In saying that i think i will still play a few as they are a good practice for push/shove game and with the high variance its actually reduced my tilt factor right off as i just got use to the swings.

    I only play off my mobile device and the rare occasion on my laptop, so that might slow my progress down.

    So goals for this year are going to revolve around bankroll management and focusing in on certain game types.

    Daily Goals

    Play 2 Hours
    Play a mix of Zoom and SnG

    Weekly Goals

    Play 10 Hours
    Update progress and post on PSO
    Watch useful poker videos and read any useful posts

    Monthly Goals

    Play 40 hours
    Play Monthly VIP tournaments if i can (time difference kills me with them)
    Qualify for Premier League
    Maintain Silver Star+
    Profit $100+

    Yearly Goals

    Make a profit of $1200+
    Make Gold Star at least once
    Play premier League Feb-Dec

    2014 Jan
    Starting BR $55.18

    Let the fun begin

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    Best of luck mate, nice goals you've got there ^_^


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      gl m8 looks like a tough challange though
      Triple Bracelet Winner


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        Week 1

        So it was a short week to start the year on (will be updating on Mondays). Due to being on holidays for the first few days i took advantage of my spare time and played quite a few tournaments. It started off with a bang -

        PokerStars Tournament #840210465, No Limit Hold'em
        Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD
        2013 players
        Result - 11/2013
        Prize - $15.09

        So after this result i went on a mad MTT rush but never ran deep again just a couple of min cashes and was putting in more than 10% of my BR a day into them due to the excitement. So in hindsight bad idea but it was a lot of fun, but i will make up for it throughout the year.

        I played 1 Premier League qualifier during the week but got shafted. Called an all-in to my initial raise with AA with the villain turning over 88, so i was thinking beauty a nice double up but got rivered with an 8.

        The rest of the week was just bit of 2NL zoom, which is what i will be concentrating on this week.

        Also i have opted into Pokerstars Daily Challenge which should be very easy to complete most days and hopefully will get a nice BR boost out of it.

        2014 Jan
        BR $43.57
        Bonuses $0
        Overall -$11.61


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          I was going to wait until my next weekly blog to post this up but I was to chuffed so i couldn't help it.

          So spent yesterday morning playing so FPP Sats trying to get a move value from them than just cashing in 1000FPP for $10.
          So i entered a 10FPP rebuy Sat to the Big $4.40 and took a rebuy straight up (don't know why everyone doesn't do this right away as it puts you well behind from the start). I managed to survive the push-a-thon that ran riot for the first 30mins while the rebuy option was still available and cruised through to finish with a ticket to the Big $4.40.

          As the Sat was one of the last to run before the Big $4.40 started up i got my seat just before the first break and as the Big $4.40 just runs at your standard blind levels i wasn't to concerned i had missed out on much.

          I ran card dead for most of the tournement and was stuck around the 10BB the bulk of the time, shoving when i got the chance and occasionally doubling up only to have the blinds eat away at my stack. Before i knew it the bubble was about to burst and managed to pick up a few blind steals to keep me going.

          The bubble burst and i was thinking beauty im ITM for only 20FPP so a min cash will be a nice profit. But know i had to show myself up and run fairly deep finishing 101/7777 for $28.30. I am kicking myself though as the hand i went out on i really shouldn't have pushed all-in on as i had the feeling i was behind.

          All in all i can't complain.
          Entry Fee - $0.20 (20FPP)
          Winnigs - $28.30
          Profit - $28.10


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            Week 2

            Okay a mixed week. First up i'm under a different account due to forgetting i had another old account so everything got merge into one.

            Week started well with my 20FPP cashing in the BIG 4.40 for a nice $28.30. Rest of the week played a lot of cash games, tired my hand at bunch of other sat's to bigger tournaments but nothing of note there. But in chasing my goals i think i became a little reckless in my games.

            So in saying that i am tweaking my goals so that it is more gradual and less pressure on myself to perform if i hit a cooler session on two in a row.

            New Goals -

            Daily Goals
            Play 2 Hours (5 days a week)
            Play a mix of Zoom, SnG and premier League qualifers

            Weekly Goals
            Play 10 Hours
            Update progress and post on PSO
            Watch useful poker videos and read any useful posts

            Monthly Goals
            Play 40 hours
            Qualify for Premier League
            Maintain Silver Star+
            Increase Profit each month by 10% (Jan aim of $50)

            Yearly Goals
            Make a profit of $1200+
            Make Gold Star at least once
            Play premier League Feb-Dec

            The main one have changed is profit. Originally i just thought of overall year profit and divide that by 12. Really making $100 in jan at 2NL compared to 10NL in Dec is very different. So starting with a $50 profit aim in Jan and trying to add 10% each month means will end the year with $1000+

            2014 Jan
            BR $72.15
            Bonuses $10
            Overall +$16.95


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              Do you sometimes play 10nl zoom, your new avi looks familiar ... GL GL with your goals!! umbup:


              • #8
                Yeah i have played 10nl alot in the past.

                Generally concentrating on 6max hypers atm


                • #9
                  Gonna add in my other post... to many to deal with -

                  Time to overhaul my 2104 thinking. Originally started out with a bunch goals broken right down into weeks but i still wasn't focused enough and ended up pulling myself in so many directions.

                  6 max Hypers are my fav, but my initial thoughts were i couldn't play enough volume of them to really make an impact. I have since thrown that out the window and decided to focus on them and enjoy my poker time instead.

                  So i am only going to set 1 Goal-

                  500 games a week (100/5days)

                  Thats all, gives me time off and realistic easy enough to achieve. In saying this i'm happy to go over the 500 its just it will be the minimum i want.

                  So starting out at $1.50 is what ill be attempting. Will do both a mix of satties and normal.

                  Starting BR $82.95 and moving up when have 100 buyins on next level

                  So the last few days go myself into gear, keeping records etc.

                  Will update this as i go in 100 blocks -

                  6 Max Hyper $1.50 | Wins | Second | Profit
                  1st 100 Block - 18 | 19 | $4.14
                  2nd 100 Block - 21 | 14| $5.82

                  BR - $80.91
                  Cash - $80.91
                  Tourny - $0

                  Let the games begin and lets see how far i go
                  Well has lost track a bit here

                  Current BR - $99.43
                  Cash - $69.10
                  Tourny - $30.33

                  Been playing both sattys and normal hyper 6 max, sometimes been playing well above my buyin level but im doing okay. But should really concentrate on $1.50 thought my record for $3.50 is better (ITM 49%).

                  Wekk played a few tournys as had some time off with best results being $23.40 in 60 Cap: $3.30 NLH [6-max]. Also cashed again in this tourny later in the week. Rest tournaments were heads up and hypers (prob where alot my winnings have gone).



                  • #10
                    Well haven't updated this in a while, mainly because my poker playing was so all over the place that i didn't know what to concentrate on. I was jumping to different games and up and down stakes. It was a mess .

                    Decided to wipe the slate clean, i used pokerstars responsible gaming feature and forced myself into bankroll management. No more tilted moving up a stake to get some quick $$$.

                    Was playing 6max hypers which i was breaking even in but think caused me a tilt a little but also i have come to terms with im better suited to slow style of play, so i'm back to mainly running cash tables at 10NL.

                    Im better news it wasn't a goal for the year but i final tabled a MTT last night, but not only that i won it . It was a $2.20 NHL with field of 242 players, no guarantee though so prize money wasn't huge. But 4.5 hours later and $93.05 for the win and im not complaining.

                    2014 Feb
                    BR $144.30
                    Bonuses $20


                    • #11
                      Forgot to add that i will be converting all FPP into 6max hyper sunday storm satellites (235fpp) as i get way more bang for my points than converting straight to cash.

                      2014 Feb
                      BR $163.19
                      Bonuses $20
                      FPP 235 ($11T)



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