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maDe's 2014 goals

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  • maDe's 2014 goals


    Now that my first year of poker of semi serious poker has come to an end it's time to get some real improvement and hopefully money going in 2014. I've switched from 25NL FullRing to 25NL 6max in the last half of december so in that aspect there is still a lot to get used to! My tournament play has been mediocre to say the least so I am going to focus on cashgames for the next year. I play zoom almost exclusively.

    Some info on me and my motives:

    I am a 22 year old student from the Netherlands. My study will be done in 1,5 years from now and my ambition is to give fulltime poker a shot after I am done with my study. I am doing my internship atm and though I enjoy working 40 hours a week a lot more then going to school I just don't see myself working fulltime for the next XX years after my study. Since I enjoy playing poker a lot and it can give me a way out, I am willing to give it a shot.

    I've set the following goals for myself for 2014:

    - Play a minimum of 450K cashgame hands
    - Get goldstar every month
    - Resist the urge to play tournaments and spend all my FPP on cash rewards instead of tickets (takes a lot of time which I don't have and hasn't been as profitable for me as cashgames last year)
    - Manage to play profitably at 100NL before the end of the year
    - Earn a grand total of 10K (not priority but wouldn't it be awesome if you could say "I've earned 10K in a year playing poker" )

    My guidelines for moving up/down stakes (Numbers are my bankroll, not my profit)

    >$1250 (3 tables 25NL - 1 table 50NL), drop back to previous when <$1150
    >$1500 (2 tables 25NL - 2 tables 50NL), drop back to previous when <$1250
    >$1750 (4 tables 50NL), drop back to previous when <$1500
    >$3000 (3 tables 50NL, 1 table 100NL), drop back to previous when <$2500
    >$3500 (2 tables 50NL, 2 tables 100NL), drop back to previous when <$3000
    >$4000 (4 tables 100NL), drop back to previous when <$3500

    I hope I am going to have a good year and I also hope to get some support in order to reach my goals!
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    Originally posted by maDe91 View Post
    - Resist the urge to play tournaments and spend all my FPP on cash rewards instead of tickets
    They always look so tempting with the big cash prizes, don't they? Am struggling with that too

    Best of luck with 2014!!


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      First few days have not been very good to me in terms of results. I lost $54 over about 5.7K hands. Did not play very well in my opinion, combined with being on the wrong side of variance kind of yields bad results I guess ^^. I'll be gone for the whole weekend on a trip with my football team. I've organized a pokertournament for the weekend so hopefully I can take that home. It will be a €10,- buying with 1 rebuy and 21 guys will play. It's mainly just for fun, but ofcourse I'd love to win! Should have a great shot as there are only a handfull of people who actually know how to play :P

      At least I started off the month good enough in terms of VPP (307 VPP) to make up for the lost poker time in the weekend so Goldstar is very much still on the menu this month.


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        Goal No.6 - make sure you fold when Spand42 is in the hand

        How many hands/month were you playing last year? I know you were playing FR so last year's total will be significantly lower than your average rate this year.


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          All moving to 6max!? Don't know if feel sad for being one of the few left in FR or celebrate the sharks moving away :P

          Best of luck for 2014.


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            @spand - I played almost 300K cashgame hands last year

            Well I am back from the weekend off. Was a crazy weekend with a grand total of 2 hours of sleep over 2 nights... I did manage to win the pokertournament which was nice and I could basicly drink for free the rest of the weekend (first prize was €125)
            I played a little bit today although not so much since playing while not being rested hasn't been the recipe for succes last year. My VPP total for January is up to 486 VPP now, so well on track to making goldstar. I'll try to give another little update later on in the week. The results so far haven't been very good but I am sure things will get better!

            Hands played: 6453
            Profit: -$56,94
            bb/100: -3,53
            VPP earned this month: 486
            VPP earned this year: 486


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              I haven't really had a lot of time to play so far this month. The rest of the month I will be quite busy as well, but goldstar shouldn't be a problem.

              Results this week so far have been slightly better. My AllinEV luck hasn't really changed. I am still down about 3 buyins this year so far based on AllinEV.

              I'll post another update sunday with the graph for the first 12 days of the year and some hands to review.

              Hands played: 10.264
              Profit: -$34,84
              bb/100: -1,36
              VPP earned this month: 721
              VPP earned this year: 721
              VIP cash rewards: 0
              VIP stellar rewards: 0

              Total profit: -$34,84


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                I am going to give a small update. I've also updated my first post now that I've set some more guidelines for myself for this year.

                Things have turned around quite a bit in terms of results. I still have some work to do in order to stay on track for goldstar though! I've been running really good the last couple of days and I haven't made any huge mistakes from what I can recall.

                Hands played: 12.658
                Profit: +$101,52
                bb/100: +3,21
                VPP earned this month: 882
                VPP earned this year: 882
                VIP cash rewards: 0
                VIP stellar rewards: $10

                Total profit: +$111,52

                Tommorow I'll give another update including a few hands for review and a graph of the month so far.
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                  So the first 2 weeks of 2014 have come to an end. I'd say my start to the year is going really well. I think I've improved a bit especially in the last couple of days by really getting away from ABC poker and mixing in some non standart lines to crush specific opponents. My volume has been ok in my opinion. It's a tough month for me time wise since it's the last month of my internship and I have quite a lot of work to do still for that. I am also pretty to close to getting my first shot at 50NL. My bankroll is at $1090 right now so getting close!

                  Some hands to review (share your thoughts!)

                  Villain is a persumed passive fish

                  Villain is an unknown

                  Results for the month so far:

                  Hands played: 16.373
                  Profit: +$128,51
                  bb/100: +3,14
                  VPP earned this month: 1094
                  VPP earned this year: 1094
                  VIP cash rewards: 0
                  VIP stellar rewards: $10

                  Total profit: +$138,51
                  Last edited by maDe91; Sun Jan 12, 2014, 07:52 PM.


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                    Another week has come to an end. This week has been quite a rollercoaster ride with multiple swings. In terms of volume I am still on track to hit goldstar this month. The results were really swingy. I lost some big flips which was pretty frustrating, but yesterday made up for a lot of it with a big upswing.

                    Hands played: 25.399
                    Profit: $130,49
                    bb/100: 2,06
                    VPP earned this month: 1645
                    VPP earned this year: 1645
                    VIP cash rewards: 0
                    VIP stellar rewards: $20

                    Total profit: $150,49


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                      Time for another update!

                      The week has gone really well for me. A lot less swingy, just a lot of solid winning sessions. I feel like I've played good poker this week.

                      I am really close to goldstar, I kinda hoped I could get it before saturday so I could play the goldstar freeroll, but I didn't manage to get it in time. I am still 270vpp short but I should be able to get that done fairly easy next week.

                      Starting tommorow I will be playing 1 table of 50NL and 3 tables of 25NL (all zoom). My bankroll is at $1236 right now, with 20vpp short of a $10 stellar reward and 1600fpp short of a $75 cash reward. This really excites me as I thought I would be playing 25NL for a bit longer then a month. It's a great step towards the goals I've set for myself this year and it also means I will get vpp a little faster. Hopefully I can do well at 50NL too and move up to 2 or maybe 4 tables at the end of next month.

                      Hands played: 35.728
                      Profit: $287,67
                      bb/100: 3,22
                      VPP earned this month: 2222
                      VPP earned this year: 2222
                      VIP cash rewards: 0
                      VIP stellar rewards: $20

                      Total profit: $307,67


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                        Summary of January
                        January has come to an end. I think I did really well considering this was likely to be my most busy month outside of poker for 2014. I only had 10 days of prior 6max experience going into the year and my 25NL FullRing results were pretty mediocre.

                        All in all I am just really glad I had such a solid month, and enough VPP to get my goldstar. I was hoping I could get at least 4bb/100 this month as kind of a side goal. It's too bad I wasn't able to make it, but if you look at my AllinEV I probably should have hit the 4bb/100 mark if that would have been breakeven.

                        I also took my first small shot at 50NL. I ended up being very a bit unlucky in the few hands I've played on 50NL, although I definatly didn't play my A game by far. It was kind of hard for me to just simply get used to the numbers and the fact that I didn't really have a lot of hands on most of the players.

                        Another reason I think my shot went terrible is because I changed my game a lot for my 50NL shot. The reason for this being that I play a fairly nitty and value injected style on 25NL. Compared to 25NL there are just less fish on 50NL. I basicly started playing 50NL with the mindset of fighting back a lot more against regs and being a lot more agrresive then I was at 25NL. Looking back at that I should have just played my 25NL game, maybe with some small adjustments instead of trying to go from a TAG style to a LAG style all at once while not being comfortable being really aggresive.

                        My next 50NL shot is nearing though so then I'll have a second chance to do it right and hopefuly don't run my AA/KK into sets on boards like T422 ^^

                        Hands played: 555
                        Profit: $104,75
                        bb/100: Neglectable due to small sample size

                        ***no graph due to small sample size***

                        Hands played: 40.374
                        Profit: $336,35
                        bb/100: 3,33

                        Graph for 25NL:

                        Hands played: 40.929
                        Profit: $231,60
                        bb/100: 2,78
                        VPP earned this month: 2585
                        VPP earned this year: 2585
                        VIP cash rewards: 0
                        VIP stellar rewards: $30

                        Total profit: $261,60
                        Last edited by maDe91; Fri Jan 31, 2014, 10:37 PM.


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                          So this week has been a crazy one for sure. As soon as I started playing 2 tables of 50NL and 2 tables of 25NL I just git an incredible upswing (I actually went positive for 18 sessions in a row for a total of $750) and then the last session of the week I kinda ran out of luck (also the first session I played 4 tables of 50NL zoom). I Got stacked 2 times by a 3 outer onthe river and hit some unlucky rivers in smaller pots and actually ended the week with a -$140 sessions. I am still happy with my play in the last sessions though, just didn't go my way which simply happens from time to time.

                          results after this week:

                          Hands played: 56.088
                          Profit: $692,26
                          bb/100: 3,93
                          VPP earned this month: 1213
                          VPP earned this year: 3798
                          VIP cash rewards: $75
                          VIP stellar rewards: $40

                          Total profit: $807,26
                          Bankroll: $1716,35



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