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challenge idea: play a bunch of FPP sats

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  • challenge idea: play a bunch of FPP sats

    I have just noticed that I have collected a over 2200 FPPs

    Obviously I can just go for the 2250FPP $25 bonus.

    But I used to play 70FPP sats with some good results (actually my current bankroll as been built up from 0 just starting from some FPPs I had left in my account when I bust)

    So my idea is to play a certain number of sats and see if I manage to make it more profitable than the 2250FPP bonus

    for 2250 FPPs I can play
    30x 70FPP sats
    or 68x 33FPP saturday micro sats
    or 150x 5FPP sunday storm sats (1rebuy+1addon)

    anyone here has experience with these?

    should I just mix all the types up or stay with one?

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    Did not play much of fpp but try several 10 and 20 fpp for bronze star.

    Better to try several and stick to the one you find it soft to play and put notes on players.

    Good Luck!!!



    • #3
      235fpp hyper sunday storm sats are the nuts


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        Originally posted by birdayy View Post
        235fpp hyper sunday storm sats are the nuts
        I have heard this before, but:
        a) I have not as good results in hypers as turbos
        b) they have greater variance and higher buy-in so I am afraid I'd need much more than 2250 FPP for these.


        • #5
          ok first session

          840566340, 5FPP+R Sunday Storm Sat
          this one is an intense donk-fest

          (all of these were agains the same villain that keeps rebuying)

          after end of registration, but before the end of rebuy:

          at end of rebuy I am #74 out of 180 players left 18 get paid


          next hand

          final hand:

          out in #55

          840566695, 33FPP Saturday Micro Sat #71

          session summary:
          spent: 33FPP + 5FPP + addon 5FPP = 43FPP
          winnings: $0
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          • #6
            Not sure if this is my thing, but I will do a few more sessions before giving up


            • #7
              Do not play 150x 5FPP sunday storm sats (1rebuy+1addon). it is way too crazy donk fest. My favourite are 15fpp+r to The Big $5


              • #8
                In my opinion those 70ffp hypers are very good value, you will get a far better return for you money in the long run playing those rather than cashing in for money - but short term they could have less value.

                ie - i like to play those when i have 200 times the buy-in/14000fpp,s

                14000 fpps is roughly $200 cash back - if you can cash 37% in the 70ffp sats you should roughly get back $245 - thats over 20% extra.

                Although i play sats regular so i now my ITM finishes, hence i can work out my return, so just make sure you now what ITM finishers you can attain over a decent sample before commiting, otherwise there probaly is more value cashing.

                All the best Impactpoint.


                • #9
                  Have you checked out the steps 60fpp 100 man satty's, theres only 1 or 2 games run a day but you can get a good return for your points top 10 get step1 tickets and the winner gets a step2 ticket. You can build them up over time you can then hit step1's and build up step2 tickets for $27 mtt or go on to play for step3 tickets. Also at the right time of year when events like wcoop and tcoop are on there are lots of mega path satty's and you can grind fpp's like cash and build them up, and can then play fpp sattys to bigger buy in events or go mad in the store. Im saving my fpp's for these sattys umbup:umbup:


                  • #10
                    tanks for these suggestions, I will look at these.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by birdayy View Post
                      235fpp hyper sunday storm sats are the nuts
                      Tbh I normally just buy a ticket direct with FPPs from the store but I might give these a shot, it's so high variance but probably +EV.


                      • #12
                        840547325 big 2.20 sat 5+R 2rebuys
                        840566928 saturday splash sat 2+R
                        840567145 sunday million sat rd1 140fpp

                        157FPPs spent


                        • #13
                          this is not going well.

                          840556331 70FPP Sat to $10K Garanteed 10+1 #29 (15 get paid)
                          840556332 70FPP Sat to $10K Garanteed 10+1 #58


                          • #14
                            after a hiatus in these

                            one more failed 70FPP Sat TT losing to a KT rivering a higher str8.

                            and one success:

                            #860056470 1FPP rebuy hyper-turbo sat to sunday storm, unregistered for 11 $T

                            so challenge summary so far:

                            spent: 411FPP
                            earned: 11 T$

                            This is a value of 2.676 cents for each FPP, and is much better than the bonus which gives 1.111 cents / FPP

                            Sample still way too small to draw too many conclusions, but already things look much better!


                            • #15
                              one more 1FPP rebuy hyper-turbo sat to sunday storm
                              2 double rebuys 5FPP in all no win



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