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$150 to sne

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  • $150 to sne

    Edit: Couldnt stay away from 10bb sats so the challenge adapted to playing them from the initial $150. See post for details.

    The 2014 100 Buyin "Never Looking At My Graph For A Year" Challenge (Take 2)
    After running over 300 buyins below EV playing FullTilts 10bb games, I was finally convinced to come back to PokerStars. Although I was supposed to come back to play the 25bb hypers I played before, I still liked the 10bb games.

    In 2013 I did a 100 buyin challenge for 2 months and felt a little disappointed when I decided to do something new as I never really got to find out how high in stakes I could have played. I guess I will finally find out this time.

    As before I will move up when I get 100 buyins for the next level. Starting with $150 I will have 100 buyins for the $1.50 hypers. Once up to $350 I play the $3.50s, $700 the $7 hypers, and so on. As before I will be cashing out the rakeback/bonuses as my "pay".

    I spent some time in December 2013 playing the 10bb hyper sats and found it very easy to get in mass volume in them. I am currently 14 tabling them profitably. Although probably not optimally as I am too aggressive in the micro hyper sats, where I think a little more patience would yield a higher roi. So, to get out of the $1.50 and $3.50 hypers a little quicker, I will play a few hyper sats every day to bump up the cashier so I can move up quicker.

    I would consider it a failed start if I have not played some $15 hypers by the end of January 2014. I hope to make the $7s within 10 days by mixing in some hyper sats.

    As I will be moving up and down in stakes by the cashier balance, my graph and statistics are really unimportant. I either play one stake or another based on my bankroll. As a result I do not see the point of looking at my EV graph as it would little purpose. I would either think "Damn, I'm Lucky" or "Damn, I'm unlucky". Would either help me? No.

    All in all, it might be a boring challenge to watch as most people like to see graphs.
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    Good Luck mate and Happy new Year.



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      haha cashier update is fun aswell :P best of luck m8 you can do this!
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        To be fair I've stopped looking at my EV graph a long time ago, was just depressing me, I still look at the graph without the EV value, in a way it helps identifying downswings in sessions and I have a look at what was going on in those hand to see if it was me or just bad luck, but to each his own ^_^

        Best of luck with the new year mate.


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          Originally posted by fifithecat View Post
          All in all, it might be a boring challenge to watch as most people like to see graphs.
          It's interesting to read your blogs because you work so hard - sometimes, that helps me to get going when otherwise I might be tempted to take a nap, etc GL GL fifi - am sure you'll be at the $15's in no time!! umbup:


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            Day 1

            Not sure how often I will update on how my challenge is going, but probably whenever something interesting or important happens.

            Day 1 was always going to be important. Would I remember how to play 25bb hypers? Would I go busto?

            It was a good start.

            Cashier at start of Day 1:

            Cashier at end of Day 1:

            I started off playing some $1.50 "normal" hypers and mid morning when the micro hyper sats started kicking off I played a few of those. Mid afternoon I played a few more "normal" hypers and then just finished off the day with some hyper sats. A few more days like this and I can see me getting out the $1.50s a lot sooner this time around.

            Day 2, please be as nice as your buddy, Day 1.


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              Thanks for the good lucks from everyone. Happy New Year to you all.

              That graph wouldn't do much good for me to look at. As I am planning on marking hands and reviewing no matter how I am doing it doesn't matter. Problem with hem1 is whenever you click graph the redline is always there and you then have to uncheck it. But its back again next time.

              Come on adohole, see how easy the micros are!!

              Nap?? Haven't you learnt to play poker while you sleep yet?


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                Good luck with the challenge dude - im sure they will be as profitable as last time you played them.


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                  wow nice first day m8 one more day and the 3.50's ar there
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                    $150 to sne

                    Edit: New 2014 Title - $150 to sne

                    I started the year with all the good intentions of sticking to the 25bb hyper format. I was trying to change back from 10bb games to the "normal" hypers, but I couldn't do it. I love the 10bb game too much. I am addicted. I wake up and the first thing I do is fire some up, well, after my morning pee of course.

                    What does this mean for my 2014 goal? I still started as I did with the $150 but on 8th January I couldn't take not playing the 10bb games as much as I wanted to. Restricting myself was killing me. I decided to jump "all in", and I have never felt better about poker. It's like admitting I have a problem. Standing up in an Alcoholics Anonymous and saying "my name is John and I'm an alcoholic", only I'm at a poker degen conference and am saying "My name is fifithecat, and I can't stop playing 10bb hyper satties".

                    I told myself on the 8/9th that I would just play around 700 games a day until the 15th and build up a roll to play the 3.75s, the next stake up. Looking at the cashier earlier I saw over $800 which was nice after being bored and dropping 30 buyins at the $3.50 normal hypers in the first few days of the year. I will now try and maintain this volume of 700 p/day at the $3.75s for the next 5 days and then check the cashier. Once over $1,500 then I will start adding in games from the next level up, the $6/$7.50 games. I hope to be there by February. I will look to build up a bit more of a roll to start adding in the $9.50/$12 games as soon as possible.

                    I maintained an average of 700 games for the past week and do not want to ramp up the volume too soon. I want to build slowly so I get there on a sustainable level. I know a lot of sattie regs just play 1,000 games a day, 30,000 games per month. I am planning on building up to this myself, and maybe more. Just not too fast - if by the end of January I can increase to 800 a day and maintain it healthily I will be happy. February can handle the increase to 1,000 satties a day.

                    I did some basic maths and worked out that if I could get to the $37/$74 hyper satties by August then I could hit sne this year. Would I make it? Doubtful. Will I still try? Absolutely.

                    While playing the hyper satties for the past few days, I kept having motivational phrases pop into my head I had heard in the past. Things like, it's time to put up or shut up, it's time to put your c*ck on the block, its time to go hard or go home. My subconscious has been getting me fired up for the challenge. The net outcome is I am feeling happy about poker and the year ahead.

                    Now I just need to work how to change my thread title...


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                      thats the spirit, dream big i like your style, keep it up umbup:


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                        gl gl fifi would be awesome to see you hit sne, and i wouldnt mind racing you through the stakes me in the normal hypers and you in de sats, that would be awesome. first to hit the 60's? gl gl :P
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                          $150 to sne update

                          In my last post I was sitting on around $809 if my maths is good (adding cash to T$ in the screenshot). I was going to play the $3.75s for 5 days and go for 700 a day.

                          I played them for 5 days but only played 3,007 instead of 3,500, which tells me I only averaged 601 and a bit. Mainly because I dropped tables to try and play better so I could get to the next stake quicker. The next stakes are the $6 and $7.50 hyper satties which I will pay once over $1,500. Starting with $150 I didn't expect this to be quite soon, probably February.

                          This is the cashier atm:

                          I think that's around $1,546.27 which means that today I get to play the next stake already. A little earlier than planned. I doubt each stake level will be kind to me, but as long as I can make it to the $74 satties by August I have a shot at sne. Would be awesome if I could get to the $9.50s and $12 satties in February.

                          I still have the feeling that everyone I know on skype thinks this is a somewhat pointless pursuit. Not one thinks it is possible for me to achieve. Kind of makes me laugh that no one has any faith in me. I hope to prove everyone wrong, and maybe, just maybe, make them think about their own goals and how much bigger they should be thinking.

                          Anyway, enough pondering. The next 24 hours will involve me playing some $6 satties when they run and the $7.50 TCOOP satties whenever my balance is over $1,500. At the end of the day if it is below $1,500 I will just knuckle down and do another 5 days at the $3.75s, check my cashier after the 5 days, and hopefully have over $1,500 to take a bigger shot. But before that, I got to reward myself with a little taste of the next stake, right?

                          $6 to The Hot $16.50 running from 1530 - 1830
                          $6 to The Big $16.50 running from 0530 - 0830

                          and the

                          $7.50 to TCOOP event run all day but very rare off-peak

                          I have my target satties in sight. Will have to mix in some $3.75s today for volume. Got my fingers crossed, got my toes crossed, and after pulling a hernia doing some exercise a couple of days ago, I might as well try crossing my testicles too. Anything for some extra luck...


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                            nice start man if the shots are nic to you should ba walk in the park this :P yeah i do aswell think that SNE is ambit ambitious but why not try if you dont make it you still got next year and youll still make (hopefully) a ton of monye :P
                            and your such a sicko that i just might see it work
                            Triple Bracelet Winner


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                              New Stake Update

                              So I moved to some new stakes today. Volume was a serious disappointment for me though. At one point there were no $7.50s loading so I thought balls to it and joined the $9.25s, which were 6 reg games. 6 regs who have played there before too. At times I was 4 tabling to get an idea of how they were playing, and at times I was 10 tabling after getting a bit used to the new found aggression my opponents seemed to have.

                              Volume for the day:

                              A little disappointing to finish on only 444 games, but after playing sessions I also ran some hands to get a quick idea of what the regs were doing. I mean, they don't play "fifi-style" like me, they're all icm guys, and I very rarely look at icm. I probably did more work in holdemersources today than I did in all of last year.

                              I finished above the magic threshold required to keep playing the $6s and $7.50s. I will avoid the $9.25s until I have built a larger roll. I might even wait until I get it to $3k and then play the $9.25s and $12s. Lol, look at me thinking I will beat the $6 and $7.50s already!! Optimistic much?

                              Cashier at end of day:

                              Tomorrow, I will carry on where I left off - mixing in the $2.55 and $3.75 TCOOP sats with the $6s and $7.50s as required.

                              As mentioned in an earlier post, I will do an update when something significant occurs. So, either expect a crash and burn back to $3.75s or a run up to the next stakes. Which post is more entertaining? I might lose just to keep Rut and Toni happy.



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