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Killeraxa's 2014 Challenge

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  • Killeraxa's 2014 Challenge

    Cash games

    Starting by 4 tabling zoom 6-max zoom starting at 2NL with 25 buyins
    5NL zoom 6-max when BR reaches $150 if I 10 buyins I will return to 2NL
    10NL zoom 6-max when BR reaches $500 if I lose 20 buyins i will return to 5NL
    25NL zoom 6-max when BR reaches $1125 If I lose 15 buyins I will return to 10 NL


    Avoid at all cost


    Will play 5 micro tournaments a week not including the VIP tournaments and special events if I have the BR to afford them.


    Yearly Goal

    Make a profit of $1000+
    Become a 25NL reg
    Avoid playing SNG unless its a satellite
    Beat Adohole and Kwolf in profit

    Monthly Goal

    Achieve Silverstar+
    Do a end of month HH session
    Qualify for the Big Bang
    Play Monthly VIP Tournaments

    Weekly Goals

    Make sure I'm on track with VPP's
    Watch 2 educational videos
    Review HH where $$ was lost
    Play VIP tournaments

    Daily goals

    A minimum of 2000 hands per day
    Atleast 2 hours per day of gameplay
    Take breaks away from poker when tilted or bored

    I am a recreational player who just enjoys playing the game, that and making a small profit are what matters. If I happen to go busto, Then I will reload and do it all over again. I will never give up on poker.

    EDIT: My starting BR was actually $32 I didn't deposit to get $50 lol now I have $101 after week 1

    Update #1 of Goals: I will be 8 tabling 5NL zoom with a $200 BR. The same rule applies for me to go 10NL, I need a BR of $500
    Last edited by Killeraxa89; Sat Jan 18, 2014, 03:16 PM. Reason: New goals since SNG issues occurred :)

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    best of luck m8 and keep on dreaming that youll beat me XD
    Triple Bracelet Winner


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      Really rooting for the two of you to crush the hypers this year - best of luck to you both!! Go go!! umbup: umbup:


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        Wow something dreadful happened that I will not go into, the challenge must be redone given the current state.

        More info to come


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          Ok I blogged about it but it wont be up until tomorrow, I will switch back to zoom cash games so inc edit button


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            Having just seen your blog, I can totally understand why you amended your goals to SnGs: Avoid at all costs. :O
            The variance in those hypers is incredible. Not for the faint-hearted, or terminally unlucky, that's for sure!

            Better luck in cash!
            Bracelet Winner


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              Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
              Having just seen your blog, I can totally understand why you amended your goals to SnGs: Avoid at all costs. :O The variance in those hypers is incredible. Not for the faint-hearted, or terminally unlucky, that's for sure! Better luck in cash!
              Yeah its a rough game, they say if you play around 10k games then thats a good sample to know how you will fair in SNG but I wouldn't survive that long I rather play cash games for now, btw I need to read your blogs on some 2NL tips and strategies for tonight umbup:


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                Played 3035 hands today trying to figure stuff out about this game. I learned that fish (including myself) will call you down with ace high so bluffing is a big no. I'm so noob cause yesterday I wasn't making the standard raise of 3x the BB ($0.06) at 2NL and was doing 2 times raise for normal hands and 3x for premium, that was a leak which I corrected thanks to Artys ABC guide umbup: So with terrible play and some luck I managed to make a tiny(TINY) profit. If I played good I'd probably have a profit of $12 or so but I have no complaints, Stars was very good to me today. Like in this hand even though I got it in good I got huge luck on the river umbup: EV line should be better in the future when I decide to stop chasing flush/str8 draws without good odds I will read more ABC guides tomorrow and continue improving. Can't wait until my day off from work to put in a high volume, maybe 12k hands in one day? jk


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                  Hi guys its just day 6 and I'm still learning alot about 2NL my graph shows exactly that I'm still making some huge mistakes, maybe cause I'm acting to fast 4 zoom tabling and making bad decisions lol I even folded AA once . I did experience some unlucky spots which I will post later. As for my hands played im around 13.5k hands played, still a very small sample maybe at the end of January playing over 55k hands will give me a better understanding of where im atumbup: Tournaments I think instead of saving FPPs for cash credits I will use them instead for tournaments(better than my cash roll) to play tournaments like the Sunday Storm 5fpp rebuy Silverstar VIP the Sunday Two Grand 50 fpp 10/20 FPP Bronzstar Turbo The Big Bang Once I get to $150 I can maybe include cash tournaments like the 1.10 NL Hold'em 6-Max-Turbo 1.35 Turbo Knock out


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                    Went deep in the Big Bang but in the end couldn't reach the FT . I lost a crucial flip with 99 vs AQ and later busted with only 4 BB left.

                    I'll ship it next time The good news is I'm way ahead schedule with this cash and I know for sure 5NL is right around the corner

                    PokerStars Tournament #842579681, No Limit Hold'em
                    Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00 USD
                    682 players
                    Total Prize Pool: $6820.00 USD
                    Tournament started 2014/01/11 13:00:00 ET

                    Dear Killeraxa89,

                    You finished the tournament in 13th place. A USD 51.15 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


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                      KA, that's fantastic - congrats!! umbup: Great to hear things are looking up with the move to cash


                      • #12
                        Nice goals! Keep it going!
                        Good job on your deep run in the big bang, hopefully you indeed chip it next time.

                        Keep that grinding in 2NL up


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                          Nice run in the Big Bang killeraxa!


                          • #14
                            Thanks guys Now when I woke up this morning I feel so disappointed I couldn't make the FT and possibly finish in top 3.

                            Funny thing I must admit playing the Big Bang, I was only looking to min cash then bust when I was around the 7k chip mark I avoided every hand except premiums and never called an allin for my tournament life until that bubble burst giving me my first cash in that tournament. That $10 excited me then I loosened up and accumulated chips and got lucky 3 times to make me chip leader with around 27 left.

                            But I have to give it to some of those guys I faced, they made unbelievable lay downs when I had the nuts one guy made it to 2nd place cause he knew I had him. Wish they were fish cause a 200k stack would have ensured my FT spot.

                            Anyway today I will use 100 of my FPP to try and qualify for the Sunday Storm and use $2 for sattys.


                            • #15

                              Cash games

                              Hands played: 15832
                              Profit: $18.75


                              Tournaments played: 31
                              Profit: $44.95


                              Bankroll: $108.14
                              Net Profit: $63.70
                              VPP earned this month: 432
                              VPP earned this year: 432
                              VIP cash rewards: 0
                              VIP stellar rewards: 0
                              FPP balance: 86

                              Played some games on Iphone when I requested a hand history from Stars so figures are slightly off. If only I can have a decent week like this every time to get out of 2NL by next week That's the only way I can get Goldstar if I put in the volume.

                              My HM2 extended trial will end tomorrow so trying to see if Poker tracker will give me an extended trial next. I just can't bring myself to buying this software since I only use it for stats and graphs



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