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One Week For The Philippines

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  • One Week For The Philippines

    Hi PSO. For those who don't know me (almost everyone XD) I'm a semi-regular cash game player at stakes 2NL - 10NL. I saw Pokerstars' appeal for typhoon relief donations and wanted to help, so I'm dedicating one week (7 days, not necessarily consecutive) of my cash game play, and donating any and all profits at the end of day 7 to the relief effort starting tonight.

    I'll be playing for about 2 - 4 hours nightly, playing anywhere from 10 - 20 tables of mostly 5NL with some 10NL and 2NL mixed in. I'll post updates to this thread, and maybe some hands for analysis if I can find the time to dig through them. I appreciate any and all feedback.



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    Day 1

    Starting bankroll: $107.83
    Ending bankroll: $119.08

    Played pretty bad tonight, if it wasn't for plain luck I think it would have been a net loss. As it stands total profit for the day is $11.25. Winrate for the day was actually a nice 13.5 BB/100 but that was due only to nice results at 5NL. I was getting absolutely destroyed at 10NL, so I think I'm going to stick with the plan for one more day, and if that trend continues I'll be dropping the 10 NL games for the remainder of this 7 day run. Hoping for bigger and better things for tomorrow.

    Here are the numbers:

    Hands: 2283
    Profit: $11.25
    Winrate: 13.5 BB/100
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      On behalf of Philippines, I say THANK YOU SIR!!
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Day 2

        Getting prepared for day 2. Looking to play more conservative tonight and a bit more aggressive. Made a bunch of bad calls last night, need to avoid that tonight. Lost value in a few spots trying to check-raise, need to pay more attn to my opps, and pick better spots for that.

        Starting BR: $119.08

        Still not playing very well. Losing bad at 10NL still, but +25 BB/100 overall at 5NL, so going to drop the 10NL and play strictly 5. Down about $2 right now on the night, and about to go back for another quick session before calling it a night.

        Ok, wrapping it up now. Will give more of an update tomorrow, but looks like profit for the night will be somewhere around $9.


        Wow, last night got pretty bad after going back for the 2nd half. The luck from day 1 definately wasn't on my side again. Twice I hit a flush (using both hole cards) that was beaten by a bigger flush, TPTK ran into set, and KK all-in preflop against 2 opponents with A8o and TT was actually the worst hand by the river. I was actually running an overall net loss (for both days) for a bit, but put in an extra couple hours and managed to bring it back.

        Here's the numbers:

        Day 2:

        Hands: 2324
        Winrate: 13.5 BB/100
        Profit: 9.14


        Hands: 4587
        Winrate: 13.6
        Profit: 20.37

        (Just realised that these numbers don't add up perfectly, I think day 2 includes part of day 1 that I played after midnight.)
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          nice results so far and really nice that your doing this. best of luck
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            Great idea for a great cause. Let's hope you have plenty of rungood!


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              Day 3

              Thanks for the support guys!

              Getting prepared for day 3, coffee is on and feeling good. Wanted to get an earlier start, but really needed the extra sleep. Between overtime at work and poker I've been sacrificing a lot of sleep lately. Glad I'm actually going to get one full day in for this, lets see what I can do...

              Current BR: $128.20

              (In Progress)

              First session was pretty squirrly, down 5, then up 10, now down 0.50. Going back for another.

              Down about $17 on the day now. Tilt started kicking in, so shut down my tables for now. Can't seem to hit a hand without being beaten by a slightly better hand. Been dealt KK 31 times since the start of this and have lost $4.50 with it overall.

              Tried again more bad beats, and bad play, and subsequent tilt. Whole day has been terrible, now down something like $32 on the day and $12 overall. Still confident I can turn it around, but going to take a break for a bit.

              Back pretty close to break-even on the day, down about $2.50 only now. One more session tonight I think, then I have to get ready for morning.

              Shutting it down for the night, up $30 on the day . Will post a more detailed update tonight.
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                Day 3 Update

                Ok, thought I'd throw in the graphs today, since after day 3 it probably sounds like I'm just making stuff up for dramatic effect .

                Day 3:

                As you can see it was a crazy day, thankfully things turned around.


                Despite the valley of doom that was day 3, I'm still pretty much on course with my results from day 1 and 2. I know I'm capable of more than this, and I'm really hoping I can bang out some more of the 15+ BB/100 runs that I see regularly. I honestly thought that playing without the pressure of making money for myself would result in a much calmer state of mind, and better play. Turns out, this might be even more stressful for me than my regular day to day cash game play. BTW, me and pocket kings are back on speaking terms now, as they've now won $25 for me since day 1 .

                Here are the numbers:

                Day 3:

                Hands: 5404
                Win-rate: 4.47 BB/100
                Profit: $29.53


                Hands: 9991
                Win-rate: 8.65 BB/100
                Profit: $49.90

                Edit: Was waiting for laundry, so went back for a few more hands. Made a few more bucks, nothing really substantial.
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                  Day 4

                  Thought I would be working today, but that's not the case, so it looks like I'll be able to put in one more full day for this. Looking to avoid some of the mistakes from yesterday.

                  Starting BR: $159.67

                  (In Progress)

                  Slow start, down about $1.50. Trying not to get frustrated with the crazy play I'm seeing.

                  Was up about $50 on the day, then ran into a player at 10NL with 80/27/17 stats. Got my AK all in against his A5, board came 4J768. Tilted right there and got into a few more hands with him. Next big loss was on a J7s bluff. Board came K6AA9 I bet>bet>shove and he calls the river with T6, my hand couldn't have looked any more like AK or KK. This stuff makes my head spin, I have over a quarter million hands on stars and have never had a run like this guy was on, yet somehow I see one of these guys on every other table. Still up about $3 on the day, taking a break for a bit.

                  Played a few thousand more hands and still sitting around $3 up. It's been another crazy day for sure. Going back for one more quick session, then calling it a night.

                  I'm out for the night. A bit of a disappointment today, but still made some profits at least.

                  Day 4:

                  Hands: 8591
                  Win-Rate: -0.10 BB/100 (Actually winning at 10NL now, and losing at 5NL)
                  Profit: $10.67


                  Hands: 19667
                  Win-Rate: 5.24 BB/100
                  Profit: $64.41
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                    Taking a couple days off from this. Will probably finish days 5/6/7 on weds/fri/sat.


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                      Another long night, no CG tonight.


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                        Day 5

                        Thought I would be busy tonight, but turns out I'm not. Will try to play a little tighter tonight pre-flop, and also tighten up my range for calling down the more agro players post-flop.

                        Starting BR: $212.21 (Got a bit of a BR boost from what will most likely be my last stellar reward for the year. Profits remain the same as last posted.)

                        Lost $30 quick, but brought it back. About even now. It's amazing how fast you can lose money in this game compared to how long it takes to make it, lol.

                        lost $7something on the day. Total profits for this are now $57.03
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                          Good Luck Today!!! Thanks for the generosityumbup: PH .


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                            Day 6

                            Thanks PH.

                            Was going to skip tonight after another long day at work, but think I have enough energy to put a few hours in. Tomorrow I'll be finishing my 7 day pledge with another full Saturday of CG grinding. Not going to say I'm going to play tighter tonight b/c I know I won't listen to myself anyway .

                            Starting BR: 204.83

                            (In Progress)

                            Another losing night, about $3 down. Not going back for more tonight, going to get some rest and try to finish this thing with some better results tomorrow
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                              Day 7

                              Here we go, last of my 7 days of cash games for Philippines typhoon relief. Not going as well as I hoped, but still in the green with $54.10 total profits to date. From the graph, I basically leveled off a bit after my last big slide, and have been playing break even poker since. Hoping to turn that around today.

                              So far the numbers are:

                              Hands: 23740
                              Win-rate: 3.18 BB/100
                              Profits: $54.10
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