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maDe's 100K NL25 challenge

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  • maDe's 100K NL25 challenge

    Well hello there,

    I've made a little challenge for myself a week or so ago and to keep myself motivated to keep going I am going to share the progress with PSO.

    I've set a goal for myself a week ago to become a profitable player at NL25 over a sample of 100K hands. My main goal is to win at least 4bb/100 or 2BB/100 over these 100K hands and with that proof to myself that I can move up to NL50.
    (I play fullring zoom almost exclusively)

    I've started a week or so ago and so far things have been pretty good. The results for the first week (little over 9K hands):

    Hands played: 9224
    Profit: $117,26
    bb/100: 5,04

    I'll post an update every week and with the update I'll also post a few difficult hands to get some feedback on.

    I hope you guys enjoy following the progress and can help me out on some difficult spots ^^.

    Greetz, maDe
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    So I guess it's time for a little update. It's been a really swingy week. I certainly feel like I didn't really bring my A game this week. I didn't really put in a lot of volume this week mainly because I didn't feel very well all week. In the end I am still well on track of achieving my goal mainly because I had a +100 day today.

    Hands played: 14.423
    Profit: $214,10
    bb/100: 5,94

    I kinda forget to save interesting hands during the sessions. I'll make sure to post a few next week and maybe during the week though!
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      3 hands from todays session which are kinda messy:

      hand 1: villain is a 17/12 over a couple 100 hands with 25 foldvCbet (50% of the 8 samples he raised vs Cbet). I think the flop call is fine as he can be raising some draws and probably some complete junk for sure. After that I am kinda lost. He's giving me a good price on the brick turn which probably should have tipped me off a bit that he could be more value injected in that spot. I just could not resist to look him up with the bottom of my range there. Your thoughts??

      Hand 2: Villain is a 14/12 with 2% 3bet, 100% flop Cbet and 33% turn Cbet over 700 hands. I think the biggest mistake here is calling preflop as I am flipping at best and get dominated by the rest of his range. Then I just thought... wth am I still doing in this hand on the turn as the only hand I would be good against (flipping) is AK since I doubt he would ever double barrel QQ in that spot. Imo I should have lost 0,75 in that hand.

      Hand 3: Villain is a 28/20 with 65% ATS, unknown foldv3bet, unknown foldvCbet over 120 hands. I think the 3bet pre is fine as it gives me initiative in the hand and is gonne be outright profitable most of the time. Then that flop happens... always so akward... I decide to Cbet it with the intention of shutting down if he calls. Then he decides to raise. I think his calling range pre consists of either overpairs (which I doubt he would check raise with almost ever) stuff with 2 overcards. I don't think he'll have a 7 in his range almost ever. Therefore I decide to shove, but unfortunatly he insta-calls with the exact type of hand I thought he'd insta-fold there... Really messy hand. Any thoughts on this one??



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